what is ipv6?

IPv6 is a new generation of Internet Protocol standard that was established since 1994. IPv6 addresses have a combination of as many as 2 ^ 64 ^ 6, enough to give every person in this world with a unique IP address. This allows each household to obtain the IP address of each. In addition, IPv6 also has better security features than IPv4. IPv6 network structure is more flexible than the current structure, because each point can allocate the address of each.

Why IPv6 is important?

Trends in the Internet today is the increase in connections that are always available (always on), increase in equipment that uses IP addresses, IP addresses need for public / global, and reduced connection fees. This trend will result in the IP address the crisis, which then resolved with IPv6 technology.
As a brief illustration, if each household can have an IP address of each and participate in a secure communications, then open business opportunities for many types of new services. The implementation of IPv6 technology in the equipment will not experience serious obstacles, because IPv6 is the result of development of IPv4 technology that has been used since the 1980s.

Japan's electronics industry are faced with three challenges: the Internet service will not provide IPv6 services before there are enough applications and users; manufacturers of electronic goods do not want to make products compatible with IPv6 without adequate coverage and users, and end users will not use this technology if expensive .

The three challenges are creating a chicken and egg situation. Each of these depend on each other. To break the cycle, then some of the initiative to implement IPv6 began intensively conducted. One such initiative is the implementation of IPv6 on the network at ITB.

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Basic Introduction to Computer Networks (Networking) For Beginners

Hearing the word computer networks or computer networking, perhaps in the minds of some people is a complicated thing. This is probably because there are explanations in the literature using high-level technical language that is difficult to understand by the layman. For that, I'll try to explain about the basics of computer networks by using imagery that is more easily understood even by lay people though .. 

Local Area Network (LAN) 

Also called a local computer network, because commonly used in the scope that is not too broad, such as in offices, schools, hospitals, etc.. LANs can also be called a private network (private network). LAN can be likened to such a housing complex, where there are several housing units in the complex. Each house must have a home number, right? Well, this term is a house number IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) or IP address, or commonly abbreviated as IP. IP containing an array of binary digits (1 and 0) along the 32-bit (IP address version 4) which is divided into 4 sections (WXYZ). So each section consists of 1 octet or 8 bits or 1 byte. 

Giving IP address is divided into several classes: A, B, C, D, E. For the local network using a class C, where the first octet is worth 192-223. The first three octets (WXY) is used as a network identifier (network marker). While the last octet (Z) was used as host identifier (host markers or computer). 

How to read binary numbers (binary): 
eg 0101 binary digits (4 bits), if translated into a decimal number, the result: 
(2 ^ 3) + (2 ^ 2) + (2 ^ 1) + (2 ^ 0) 
= 0 x (2 ^ 3) + 1 x (2 ^ 2) + 0 x (2 ^ 1) + 1 x (2 ^ 0) 
= 0 + 4 + 0 + 1 
= 5 
so, 0101 (binary) = 5 
note: the sign "^" == rank 
Then, why in one LAN maximum number of hosts is 255? 
Answer: The host identifier to the IP class C size of 1 byte (8 bits) == 11111111 (binary) if it is translated: 
(2 ^ 7) + (2 ^ 6) + (2 ^ 5) + (2 ^ 4) + (2 ^ 3) + (2 ^ 2) + (2 ^ 1) + (2 ^ 0) 
= 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 
= 255 
Housing units in the above illustration is called the host. And each host has a name or a hostname (can be described as a house, for example the house of Mr Anwar, Pak Dedy, etc..). To access in and out of the housing is usually through a portal or gateway. In terms of networking, the gate is called the Gateway. 

Giving an IP address can be either static or dynamic. Each has advantages and disadvantages. With a static IP, we are more easily identify or document the list of computers on the network. Dynamic IP requires a DHCP server function to assign IP addresses to hosts that request, so that in the host or the client is not required because the network configuration settings will be done by the DHCP server automatically. 

Wide Area Network (WAN) 

In a city of course there are some residential complexes. Inter-housing complex could be related to each other. Illustrations are used to describe the WAN, the computer network within a larger area than a LAN. WAN is a collection of several LANs. To be able to relate to each other, it needs a device called router. The router is what will set the policy (regulation) necessary for a LAN can be connected to another LAN. The device is the physical router can be a hardware or software that is installed on a PC (or called PC Router). WAN area is practically unlimited, other than between regions within a city, can also inter-city, inter-island, even between countries. 

Hopefully with a little explanation of the above can add your insights about the world of computer networks (computer networking).

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Your Cash Advance Source

It is becoming harder and harder to people make ends meet and to provide for their families than ever thanks to the economic recession. There are more people out of work, losing their jobs, or facing a reduction in hours. With the federal unemployment benefits ending soon, even more people will be left struggling to make do with less. If you are seeking extra money to pay the bills or help you live until you get another job or source of income you have probably already looked for ways to make or get money. This can be a very frustrating experience for most people – more competition for jobs means it is harder to find a job, and banks will often refuse to lend money to people who cannot prove they have a stable source of income. One solution for people who only little some money to get them through a hard time is a payday loan, also called cash advance loans

Cash advance are short-term loans that you do not get from a bank, but from a private company. Unlike loans from banks, these are loans are due in a lump sum with interest, instead of being spread out over months or years. A cash advance loan is very convenient, but you need to consider the terms as well. Will you be able to pay it all back at once? Will you be able to pay for the interest? If you are unsure, many companies will be happy to answer questions for you and may have alternatives that you can consider as well. The other issue to consider is how much the interest will be – most companies will have very high interest rates (much higher than you would get from a bank) for their services. It may be helpful to you to write a list of your needs and the issues to consider in paying back the loan before you apply for one so you can go in prepared. You may also wish to compare rates from different companies online before you go in, and do some basic research as to what to expect in your state or form the specific company.

When you need money because you are between paydays and you have a financial emergency, such as a medical emergency, you might want to consider getting a  Payday Cash Advance. A medical emergency can’t wait until your next payday. Financial emergencies can occur without warning and when they do, your best option might very well be a cash advance payday loan. They can provide the money when you need it the most.

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