Digital Minutes

General meeting or a meeting in the office using a whiteboard or projector to display the material. Often, the presentation should be recorded by a court reporter as detailed as possible so as not to forget. Unfortunately, no records are often overlooked. Some parts of the presentation, such as charts or pictures, also difficult to record. For this reason, the device comes documentation copyboard as the solution presentation.

Incidentally we had products PLUS C-12W-shaped blackboard (whiteboard) medium size (length 180 cm). Because of their size, the product is suitable for the room that was not too big. This series is an improvement from the previous model. Improvement lies in the drawing area is made wider in order to get comfort in the presentation. The screen is made of special material for her writing can be erased easily apart can serve as a projection of the projector. Section, meeting in the office also involves the projector to display the data from the computer as a complement to the information in the meeting.

In this case PLUS C-12W has one interesting advantage which can be projected from the projector was also recorded (with the help of the included software) to be stored in a digital file. Thus, the appearance of the projector that was imbued with a scribble on a blackboard can also be directly incorporated into an image file that can immediately be distributed to meeting participants. This method clearly allows meeting participants to concentrate on the display without the hassle of constantly meeting record details in their notes.

Copyboard of this Plus do not forget also include any direct connection to the printer in order to view the presentation can be directly to the printer (inkjet or laser). Users can also adjust the thickness of the printing and choice of modes of B / W or color that is available via the navigation bar. But if you want more information can also be added footnotes, automatically print the company logo, choice of saving a file (PNG, JPG, PDF), and the limitation of color printing to save ink. This is possible provided that access to this presentation is controlled through a PC or notebook that is already installed applications "Plus ToolBox" are available in the package.

Copyboard operation is actually very easy even without reading the manual. To obtain a digital file simply press the "Save" after plugging the flash and it takes about 27 seconds to produce a resolution of 1536x1196 pixel PNG file. But you should not scribbled lines / pictures that are too thin because the scans sometimes can not scan it with perfect shading. For offices that often do presentations and have documented the C-12W Plus this will give many interesting solutions.

Port Connection
Provided two connections, one for the printer and the other for connection to a PC that offers more complete control over the Toolbox Plus application.

Button beside the display panel is very user friendly to use. The "Feed" is used to mengulung or change the display panel to be shifted horizontally.

Bottom panel USB port is used to save files to the flashdisk. Without going through the software, the image will be saved in PNG format.

Plus: Easy to use; copy a presentation to a printer or flash; record the projection of the projector; options print density.

Minus: Over the maximum specific markers; can not use just any printer.

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Samsung N210

It seems that Samsung is still "groping" in presenting the netbook market in the first quarter of this year 2010. Section, the manufacturer from South Korea is still classified as a new player among other brands. That's why, from some of the available models, Samsung has included two series as an opener in Indonesia, N150 and N210. Given the current specification is sufficiently uniform netbook, netbook Samsung presents them with some charm to be able to attract customers.

In this series N210, Samsung relies on his physical appearance so that consumers can be impressive when first seen. One of them by covering the cover with the lid transparent acrylic material. This makes the front look shiny. The entire body of this netbook was made from solid plastic that is strong enough to hold collision / scratch your nails. My own experience proves that the body often have scratches caused netbook other objects or from falling.

Like other netbooks, Samsung brings the screen 10.1 "anti-reflection with LED lighting is bright but sparingly. Basically, the resolution offered is 1024x600 pixels. However, Samsung apparently allow you to increase the resolution up to 1152x864 pixels. However, this quantity makes the display look flat.

Samsung N210 also incorporates a lot of supporting applications, ranging from utilities, antivirus, recovery, and also guide the software or driver updates. One unique application is "Chargeable USB" which allows the USB port on the netbook act as though the gadget charger port netbook is switched off.

Another advantage is the presence of N210 package dual boot system. In addition to the default operating system (Windows 7 Starter), included also a system called Instant-on Phoenix hyperspace. This will display a fast boot applications where dealing with an Internet connection such as a browser, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Gmail, and also the file browser. You can decide where the default system that will open the first time, Windows 7 or hyperspace. This is the facility that we think the most interesting among other netbooks.

Although regarded newcomer, N210 packages that are available in black and white was regarded interesting and able to compete with other popular players. Design, comfort wear, plus a dual boot system and supporting applications to make them look cool. Good again, Samsung designed the power consumption is very frugal with the support 5900 mAh battery. For normal use only, such as typing and browsing, this device is able to last for seven hours. This operational time survive even longer if the profile is made more efficient battery (Green Mode). Even endurance N210 Samsung claims could reach 12 hours.

Not wrong if we recommend this netbook users who need to use the netbook in the long term. This includes consumers who want immediate access to the Internet without having to wait for the process of loading the operating system.

Testing Results
Besides netbooks with a large battery like the Samsung N210 (5900 mAh), there were products from MSI, the Wind U160 (5800 mAh), which is also our try. Unfortunately N210 by default only has 128 MB of graphics memory that made him less qualified to run 3DMark session.

Samsung immerse Phoenix hyperspace operating system to boot the system quickly and instantly access the Internet. The facility is very helpful you are to get to the Internet without having to go into the operating system.

With a capacity of 5900 mAh battery, a netbook can be used any longer. Consequently, the weight reached 1.34 kg. This battery mode can also be arranged separately on the operating system to suit your needs.

CyberLink YouCam With the included applications, you can record video itself in a funny style / creative.

Plus : attractive design; resolution can be improved; support diverse applications, long battery life.

Minus: The price is less competitive.

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tools parse javascript to html

may be difficult to easily search the web or blog tools provider for the purpose of changing the parsing html to javascript code, or vice versa .. Now you can change the html code into javascript, or vice versa on my blog

usually for the purpose of changing the ad code like google adsense, Bidvertiser, adbtite, etc.
Please copy and paste your script that will parse the box below

then click parse

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Asus u30J

UL Continuing the ever popular series, Asus brings new levels of U-class processor performance. This product is designed for those who need a balance between speed and durability of the battery. One of the series, U30JC, have a choice in all lines of Intel's latest Core (I3, i5, and i7). Incidentally, the model we received was wearing i7-620M CPU clock to 2.66 GHz. At least this is the main capital for a good deal of activity, ranging from office to multimedia.

Due to the U series is intended to work fast at the same time can save power, dispensing Asus Super Hybrid Engine technology that essentially optimize performance without sacrificing to the irritants in terms of power consumption. Inevitably frill "eco" in each component in cuatkan any way possible. One way is to use two similar components having different characteristics. What are they?

The first is the use of two graphics chip (GPU). Usage-based chip onboard Intel GMA 4500HD is the default option in saving mode. If you need more capabilities, like graphics for gaming, graphic process can be modified to 310M GeForce chip is a little more hurried. This method is possible thanks to Optimus nVidia technology that allows transfer between integrated graphics with a separate graphics on the mainboard. Implementation of both applied to the disk. The first hard drive (320 GB) discs use a more economical 5400 RPM hard drive while the second (also 320 GB) using a 7200 RPM disk speed.

Ultimately, such hybrid systems can indeed provide a wider choice for the user. They can choose whether you want the notebook to work more ferocious or want to emphasis on the durability of the battery. Unfortunately, two-mode system like this makes the price of notebooks become more expensive due to additional components that are available. Asus also offers a work setting "Power 4 Gear" that affects the battery consumption (performance, entertaintment, office, saving). This feature generally is beneficial to adjust rhythm / notebook user activity.


Asus U30J nearly perfect, both in terms of features and performance. Unfortunately there are some features missing such as the absence Express Card slot, FireWire port, and the positions of key indicators of the less fit (when viewed from the top). In addition to these things, U30J quite capable running various computing activities. Moreover, the hybrid system in usungnya indeed bring useful benefits. If you are indeed often require different performance profiles (such as office work or multimedia, U30J series could be one of the best options.

Testing Results

In this table, the test is performed only on the mode "eco" by using the default configuration (GMA 4500HD graphics chip and hard drive 5400 RPM. M60J Series wearing 820QM and i7-240M GeForce GTX graphics as the comparison looks more superior in scoring 3D (except if performance mode is activated, where the score graphic will look almost equivalent). In our opinion, more interesting U30J series with a performance slightly superior office and use the power (battery) that much longer.

Icon Indicators
Menu changes display mode and display settings icon in the middle of the screen moves. It is unique and fun.

Altec Lansing
To support a more perfect audio output, Altec Lansing speakers implanted with SRS technology, which is pretty good.

Battery Durability
Optimization of energy-efficient components that make the battery only needs to supply the lower voltage (average of 15 V) to turn on the notebook.

Plus: High Performance; complete facility; hybrid system; express boot mode, the battery efficiency.

Minus: The indicator light rather difficult to read; without Express Card; expensive price.

Assessment Score
Performance: 4.7
Facilities: 4.5
Use: 4
Price: -
Total Score: -

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Netbook, Still Growing Up 2014

Enchantment netbook had expected soon faded as notebooks and tablet drowned. However, consumers are apparently still buying a netbook.

Research firm ABI (Allied Business Intelligence) Research Inc. estimates that global sales volume of netbooks will keep growing until 2014. ABI Research to admit, the global market in 2010 netbook is getting fed up. The reason is that more players in that market, while netbooks on the market penetration of advanced high enough.

However, ABI Research confirms, emerging markets are still aggressively adopting netbook. Therefore, ABI Research believes the global netbook sales volume in 2010 will increase by about 23 percent to 58 million units. Most products are absorbed in developing countries with low levels of computer penetration.

"Penetration netbook varies in different countries. In developing countries, consumers are still buying netbook netbook because the functionality is still enough to meet everyday computing needs," said Principal Analyst, ABI Research Inc. Jeff Orr.

Despite the netbook market is still promising rapid growth, ABI Research cautions, netbook makers proved the greater challenge. Because, at this netbook manufacturers grew more and more. Netbook market began to invade when ASUSTeK Computer Inc. released the world's first netbook, the Eee PC, in 2007. In 2008 Acer Inc., one tail. Because, in 2008 producers are still a little netbook, Asus and Acer dominate any market. ABI Research confirms, Asus and Acer in 2008 each able to acquire about 30 per cent share in the global netbook market.

However, ABI Research reveals, in 2009 the competition began to change. Facing the fierce assault from competitors that more and more, at 2009 Asus lost half share of the possession in the global netbook market in 2008. Asus was captured share of new entrants like Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co., Dell Inc. and Lenovo Group Ltd..

"At this point only the Acer is able to maintain its dominance in the global netbook market. Because, Asus has captured market share of HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Competition in the global market place netbook fierce but balanced," said Orr.
Thanks to the netbook, Acer is able to achieve great success in the marketplace PC (personal computer) globally. In the third quarter (July-September) in 2009 that Acer is displacing Dell as the second largest PC manufacturer in the world thanks to successful Acer netbook. Until now, the title is still gripped Acer.

Research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) rate, Acer is growing rapidly due to very aggressive release a netbook be affordable. Because Acer netbook netbook very dominant in the market that are less than $ 500 per unit, research firm Gartner Inc., Acer is even dubbed as the 'King Netbook'. Research firm iSuppli Corp., adds, success could even make the Acer netbook Acer netbook as the largest producer in the world in 2009. iSuppli reveals, Acer was able to sell 9.8 million units in 2009 netbook and mastered 37 percent share in the global netbook market.

Although not a pioneer Acer netbook, iSuppli rate, Acer is able to outperform the Asus that pioneered the netbook because Acer has a wider distribution network and capable of selling products at prices cheaper than the Asus. As an industry pioneer netbook, iSuppli added, Asus is ranked second in 2009. iSuppli explains, Asus netbook become the second largest producer in the world in 2009 because Asus only able to sell 5.5 million units of the netbook. As a result, the share of Asus in the global netbook market in 2009 fell to 21 percent, from 37 percent in 2008.

However, thanks to netbooks, Asus share in the global PC market becomes increasingly significant. Thanks to the growth of very high sales volume, the share of Asus in the global mobile PC market in the first quarter (January to March) in 2010 jumped to 8.8 percent, from 5.9 percent in the first quarter of 2009. As a result, the share of Asus in the global mobile PC market during the period closer Toshiba Corp.. Gartner explained that the difference between Asus and Toshiba's share in global mobile PC market in the first quarter remained 0.5 percent in 2010 only because Toshiba's share in global mobile PC market during this period decreased to 9.3%, from 9.9 percent in first quarter 2009 .

Because global sales continue to grow the Asus netbook, Asus became increasingly strong in the PC market global.pada second quarter (April-June) 2010 Toshiba Asus able to displace as the fifth largest PC manufacturer in the world. Gartner explains, because Asus is able to subvert Toshiba Asus in the second quarter 2010 share of 5.2 percent over the global PC market, while Toshiba's share in the same period only 5.1 per cent. Gartner asserted, Asus global PC sales volume in the second quarter 2010 increased 78.5 percent per year to 4.3 million units, from 2.4 million units in the second quarter of 2009.

Gartner highlights, Asus is the highest growth in the industry. In fact, when compared with average growth, Asus is able to record achievement for the global PC sales volume in the second quarter 2010. Gartner reveals, Asus 20.7 percent average growth per year to 82.9 million units, from 68.6 million units in the second quarter of 2009. Toshiba pressured by Asus in the second quarter of 2010 because at that period the volume of Toshiba's global PC sales grew only 27.5 percent per year. Based on data from Gartner, the global PC Toshiba can sell as many as 4.2 million units in the second quarter of 2010, from 3.3 million units in the second quarter of 2009.

Other producers netbook is a great success thanks to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.. iSuppli reveals, Apple Inc., Samsung could displace as the seventh largest PC manufacturer in the world in the first quarter of 2010 thanks to successful netbookSamsung. In fact, in the fourth quarter (October-December) 2009 Samsung is still the ninth largest PC manufacturer in the world. iSuppli explains, Samsung is able to sell 1.9 million units globally mobile PCs in the first quarter 2010.

Approximately 50 percent of these Samsung mobile PCs, iSuppli asserted, is a netbook. iSuppli found, especially hot-selling Samsung netbook in Europe because there Samsung sell netbooks in cooperation with local mobile operators. Because the charm of visiting a netbook not fade, iSuppli had to make a revised estimate. In early 2010, iSuppli estimates that global sales volume in 2010 netbook will grow 25.5 percent. But now, iSuppli estimates that global sales volume in 2010 netbook will grow 29.8 percent

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HP Notebook with 5220m ProBook Thin and Lightweight Design

Indonesia launched the HP laptop HP 5220m ProBook, Business Notebook series with the latest thin and light design. Probook HP 5220 has a thickness of only 2 cm and weighing just 1.5 pounds with battery installed. 12.1-inch screen sizes with aluminum casing makes this HP Probook 5220m looks increasingly slim

HP ProBook 5220m is equipped with innovative features to enhance user performance, such as HP QuickLook 3, the feature to access email, calendar, HP QuickWeb, contact information without having to boot-up first, and Features HP Power Assistant.

Probook HP 5220 looks sleek with 12.1-inch LED screen with 1280 x 800 resolution. The available features include: three fruit slot USB, Webcam, card reader, Wi-Fi, supports up to 4 GB RAM, 7200rpm hard drive with operating system Windows 7, and using the security system regocnition face (face recognition users).

In general, HP Probook 5220m specs are as follows:
- Processor Intel Core I3-350M Processor (2.26GHz, 3MB L3 Cache, 1066 FSB)
- Operating System Windoes 7 Home Premium
- Memory 2GB DDR3
- Hard Drive 500GB SATA HDD
- Optical External DVD Combo Drive
- HD Video Card Mobile Intel Graphics
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- Webcam 2 MP Webcam
- PC Card Slot SD / MMC Slot
- Battery 4-cell Battery

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Axioo Mimo IHT review

First look at, to be honest we were somewhat underestimated Axioo Mimo this IHT. With the casing volume 1 liter, we thought he was no more a simple desktop PC that's just the lure of the price. But after the turn, we found that this device provided an Intel Core i5 650 (two core, 3.2 GHz, 4MB L2 cache). This is quite surprising because the core i5 650 has a TDP (Thermal Design Power, or the heat that must be removed by the cooling system) of 73 watts; indicate if the processor is issuing a fairly high heat. That's why this class processors are rarely placed in a small casing like the Axioo.

We also wondered whether the casing is adequate to accommodate the "savagery" Core i5 650. The research we do with how to run a burn-in test (burdening the system with maximum load) for one hour using Everest software. From the report processor sensor, visible when the temperature reaches the maximum number of processors 70o. Given the limits on the i5 Core temperature was 72.6 o, cooling system inside the casing was apparently able to reduce heat Core i5. What also should be noted, the voice sounded softly while fans keep the system in a state of full-load.

Use of Core i5 650 processor made for ... PC performance was seen hurrying. If compared to other PC we've ever tested, the Axioo Mimo can even compete with top-class PC Gateway FX6830; at least in testing Sysmark 2007 and encoding video / audio processor that relies on speed. Unfortunately for the graphics, Mimo is still relying on the onboard graphics chip in the Core i5 650, the Intel GMA-HD-speed 733MHz. As a result, Mimo graphics performance just enough to play games lightweight class.

In terms of facilities, standards appear Mimo. On the front side you will find the DVD writers and memory card slots for CF, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MMC and SD cards. While on the rear panel, you'll find the video-out in the form of VGA and HDMI, as well as six USB ports. If you're still using a mouse / keyboard is old, has actually available port PS / 2. But since its only one port, you can only use one.

But there is one facility that stands out, namely its LCD monitors. Not just because of their large size, but also a full-HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). Picture quality is quite satisfactory, with high brightness and wide viewing angles. So if you enjoy the hobby of HD movies, this monitor can be a proper solution. Moreover, the PC is equipped with a 500GB hard drive capacity to accommodate your collection of movies and songs.


Do not judge anything from the wrappings, so the sage advice. The advice that came back to him after we tested this IHT Axioo Mimo. Although performed with a simple design, this PC's performance turned out to not be underestimated. If only more powerful graphics performance, Axioo Mimo can be a total entertainment solution for the family. (Wisnu Nugroho)

Testing Results
Actually, for processor-based testing, performance Axioo Mimo IHT classmate who uses the Gateway FX6830 Core i5-750 (4 core, 2.67 GHz). But because they still rely on the onboard graphics chip in the processor's performance is mediocre graphics.

There DVI
Mimo Axioo connections provided fairly complete, including a DVI video-out type. However for the type of keyboard and mouse PS / 2, you can only use one.

Windows Experience Index scores show number 4, which caused a lot of mediocre graphics capabilities. In fact, the ability of the processor, memory and hard drive much better.

Memory Cards
At the front there are slots for all popular memory card types, ranging from the CF, Memory Stick, SD card, until the MMC.

Plus: Compact size; 500GB hard drive; good performance.

Minus: The performance was not very good graphics.

Assessment Score
Performance: 4
Facility: 3.75
Use: 4
Price: 4.2
Total Score: 3.95

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Great contest! Radeon HD5800 & HD5700


The presence of five series graphics card ATI to mark the return of the battlefield. Armed with the support of DirectX 11, this product is the opposite hard for a graphics card from Nvidia.

At the end of 2009, ATI launched its new line of graphics cards as well as launch a new generation called the Radeon Radeon series 5. Unmitigated, within the adjacent direct ATI graphics card launched four series as well as to direct the market to fill the upper and middle classes, each in a series Radeon 5800 and 5700. ATI Radeon series of five is certainly bringing new and better specs than the previous series. Not only that, some new technologies were also included in this latest series.


Birth of the ATI Radeon series of five is certainly accompanied by new technologies to provide more benefits and convenience for the user when the use of it. From the eye-candy, the main thing that most will find the ATI is its support for DirectX 11. This is to follow the DirectX 11 support Windows operating system promoted 7. It should be noted, ATI Radeon 5800 and 5700 is the first generation of graphics cards that have been fully supports DirectX 11.

Moreover, in this fifth series Radeon, ATI is also introducing a new multi-monitor facility is called ATI Eyefinity. This facility allows users to configure the monitor as many as a maximum of six units (when the graphics cards using CrossFire configurations or two graphics cards). This is possible because now the ATI graphics card is able to handle three monitors per graphics card. And to make it more flexible, available some configuration mode monitor which can also be arranged according to taste.

Specifications HD 5800 and HD 5700

Currently ATI has launched a four-series graphics cards for the Radeon series ranks fifth. The fourth series is divided into two classes, namely HD 5800 and HD 5700. The difference is in the specification and the intended class. Radeon HD 5800 is positioned in the upper class, while the HD 5700 was in the middle class. For details more details, we will describe one by one from each series.

ATI Radeon HD 5800

Cypress has a code name, the Radeon HD 5800 series was first introduced to the public in September 2009. On that day, the direct ATI launched two series at once, namely the Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850. Both series of graphics cards is projected to replace the Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850.

Both series graphics cards are now equipped with high-speed GDDR5 memory and the memory interface width of 256-bits. Both are also equipped with as many as 1600 units of stream processors of fruit.

In accordance penamaannya, ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card which is much faster than the HD 5850. Design reference standard graphics card is very long and large. Eutectic forms also a big box of the same size with long length of the card.

Radeon HD 5870 is equipped with a standard speed of 850 MHz, GDDR5 memory with a set at the speed of 4.8 GHz. And being able to work optimally, this graphics card need a big enough power. Hence this graphics card has two ports PCI-Express power.

Are slightly below it, the Radeon HD 5850 can be likened to replace the Radeon HD 4850, but with the improved performance was enough. Radeon HD 5850 accelerator is equipped with a speed of 725 MHz, slightly lower than the Radeon HD 5870. This graphics card is also equipped with GDDR5 memory which also slightly lower than the Radeon HD 5870, which amounted to 4 GHz.
ATI Radeon HD 5700

Not until a month ago since Cypress introduced and launched, ATI also launched two series of graphics cards continued to complement its new product line with the code name Juniper. Juniper family made ATI RV830-based graphics accelerator and consists of two series, the Radeon HD 5770 and Radeon HD 5750. Both graphics cards are placed on the middle class that offers good performance, but still the price is still affordable and relatively low power consumption.

ATI Radeon HD 5770 has 850 MHz speed accelerator, while the Radeon HD 5750 700 MHz speed. Similar to the Radeon HD 5800 is faster, both HD 5700 series is also equipped with GDDR5 memory. Radeon HD 5770 has amounted to 4.8 GHz memory speed, and Radeon HD 5750 amounted to 4.6 GHz.

Although both equipped with GDDR5 memory, the Radeon HD 5700 series has only a memory interface of 128-bit only. The interface is only 128-bit is clearly going to affect the overall performance of the graphics card itself. But if you only run it at standard resolution, the performance difference will not be too pronounced. Do not forget that despite the lower power requirements, both the Radeon HD 5700 graphics card is an external power supply and equipment needs of your PSU.


For the latest generation graphics card in the upper classes, the Radeon 5870 and 5850 provide excellent performance. With bright GDDR5 memory with 256-bit memory interface, the second graphics card is very convenient to run DirectX 10-based games, even still show a decent performance while running at high resolutions. And for mainstream classes, the Radeon 5770 and 5750 is sufficient for most users. Its performance is also not inferior to the series 5800. Unfortunately the use of 128-bit interface to make its performance a bit stuck. However for use at standard resolution, the Radeon 5770 and 5750 was more than enough.


The four graphics card is a very attractive offer for those who are looking for a graphics card or who want to upgrade. Bid prices are also quite reasonable given considering that the price war going on now is more intense than the first. Overall, we recommend four graphic cards as a priority choice. But which one is right for you? We give some results of the four performance tests for the graphics card then you can consider according to your needs.

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Create Instant Hotspot Anywhere

Create Instant Hotspot Anywhere

Create a wireless network hotspots can now be done anytime, anywhere. The roads to the tourist attraction or hanging out in cafes, you'll now be able to share Internet access with friends.
Simply relying mobile devices owned by each, either a laptop or mobile phone. If everyone should be capitalized, usually WiFi or USB modem access, now no longer necessary. Condition, please bring Modem Router DIR-457U HSUPA myPocket G 3.75 D-Link output.

As the name implies, this one router that can function both as a modem. This tool is very easy to carry anywhere because of its physical form tiny. Dimensions 11 x 6.5 cm with a weight of just 103rd grams. D-Link router was deliberately designed so they fit into the pocket of the user.

D-Link DIR-547U to work on 3G networks and WiFi connections are supported. His download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. On the sides, there is also a SIM card slot that can be used when minimal WiFi connection.

"Not only to make wireless connections while on the go, the D-Link DIR-547U can also be useful as a storage medium thanks to the availability of an integrated microSD slot," said Desmond (Marketing Director of D-Link International Pte. Ltd.) In a press release.

D-Link DIR-547U is able to share services to 16 wireless clients, include computers, mobile phones and game consoles. About security in public areas, do not worry. You see, this device features WPA and WPA2 encryption. Sufficient durability as well as lithium-ion powered batteries that can be recharged using a USB cable.

D-Link not to mention the price for this new product. But, you can find a new existence in the market starting next September.

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Behind Intel Core i5 661

information about their processors with 32 nm fabrication has circulated several months ago. Now Intel has begun marketing the processor with 32 nm fabrication process.

Core i5 661

While still wearing a i5 Core, Core i5 661 (code name of Clarkdale) which does not really have too many differences with the previous Core i5 using code name (code name) Lynnfield. The most visible difference is the Core i5 661 is a dual-core processor while the Core i5 750 is a four-core processor (quad-core processor as others who joined in the line of processors bernamasandi Clarkdale). Besides, this is the first processor that successfully integrate graphics processing into the "home" processor. The rest is the same for both Lynnfield and Clarkdale was built on the Nehalem architecture.

As seen in the physical appearance of this new processor, IHS behind him there are two of the core, which one is the core processor, while the other one is the core of the graphics processor.

With graphics processors placed in the processor, indirectly the number will decrease as processor core is occupied by the graphics processor core. But to still have a reliable performance, Intel ranks Clarkdale equip this with Hyper-Threading capabilities and Turbo Boost (except for the Clarkdale "junior" as Core I3 / without Turbo Boost and Pentium G6950 which also has the smallest of L3 cache).

Core i5 661 that we tested here has its own privileges. If you look at the table, Core i5 661 has the fastest graphics processor speed compared to his brother. It would also have an impact on its TDP is also higher among other Clarkdale processor.

Own graphics processor is an Intel GMA with DX10 support specifications that are similar to the GMA X4500 integrated in the Intel G41 chipset.

Here we do two kinds of tests. The first is pure performance testing of the Core processor vs. Core i5 661 i5 750. The second is the integrated graphics performance between the Intel Core i5 661 vs. G41.

As the operating system, we use the Windows Vista Ultimate SP2. There also is our test application:
- PCMark Vantage Pro
- Sisoft Sandra 2009 SP4
- 3 Expression Encoder 3.0.1332.0 (video encoding)
- DBpoweramp 13.3 (audio encoding)
- Sysmark 2007 Preview 1:05 (image rendering)
- Cinebench R10 (3D content creation)
- 3DMark Vantage Pro 1.0.1 (performance preset)
- STALKER: Clear Sky Benchmark (3D gaming)

PCMark Vantage Pro
  • Description: PCMark Vantage most applications built using Windows Vista. The software is divided into three suites: PCMark Suite, Windows Vista Consumer Scenario Suites, and HDD Suite. Used in this test is the PCMark Suite which represents the overall system.
  • Results: Although the core i5 661 has a higher speed, it seems Core i5 750 is still disadvantaged by the number of its core processor.

Sisoft Sandra 2009 SP4
  • Description: SiSoftware Sandra 2009 is a Windows-based system analyzer. The process of benchmark tests were conducted to test the CPU arithmetic and multimedia side. Benchmarks are also found in the module named Memory Bandwidth choice. When executed, Memory Bandwidth will measure the system's main memory bandwidth. The test is divided into two, Integer and Float. For the record, this is a test of synthetic (not using real applications), so it does not necessarily result in line with real applications ..
  • Result: Same as in PCMark Vantage, i5 750 i5 661 is still superior for some theoretical test by SiSoft Sandra.

3 Expression Encoder 3.0.1332.0
  • Description: With the help of this software, we convert an avi video file with extension into the extension wmv.
  • Results: In the video encoding test, Core i5 750 with four still benefit from its core. Performance differences go far enough.

dbPowerAmp 3.13
  • Description: Measuring performance in converting the audio processor
  • Results: For the first time, here winning the Core Core i5 661 i5 750. Apparently, this conversion program is more important than the number of processor core speed.

Sysmark 2007 Preview 1:05
  • Description: Software test aimed at measuring the performance of an overall system. Tests carried out using real applications and usage models are popular and considered to represent the majority of users. Applications used include Windows Media Encoder 9, Photoshop CS2, Word 2003, and 3DS Max 8.0. 20 SYSmark 2007 Preview is divided into four usage scenarios such as: E-Learning, Video Creation, Office Productivity, and 3D Modeling. Each shows the performance of the system at the relevant usage scenarios. While the rating results show SYSmark 2007 Preview overall system performance.
  • Results: showed that the superior Core Core i5 661 i5 750 in some tests and finally came out as a faster processor in this test Sysmark 2007. Again, the i5 661 speeds seem much help in the application that has not really able to exploit multi-core processors.

Cinebench R10
  • Description: This software is based on Cinema 4D - animation software that is widely used in studios and production houses in 3D content creation. Cinebench R10 test the system performance in rendering 3D content. The test used is specific to rendering using multi-core processors.
  • Results: As expected, if the application is capable of using multi-core capabilities optimally, i5 750 with four point forward in the front left i5 661.

3DMark Vantage Pro 1.0.1 (performance preset)
  • Description: Aims to evaluate the performance of a system running the DirectX 10 3D games. 3DMark did not use real applications (real 3D games). However, this tool has a number of principles that help meet these goals. Here's integrated graphics core i5 661 was tested and compared with existing integrated graphics solution on the chipset.
  • Results: Values obtained far enough difference, we suspect this is due to the system used (processor and memory) have an effect on overall results.

STALKER: Clear Sky Benchmark
  • Description: Test performance of 3D Gaming officially released by the developers of this game. This benchmarking tool has been fully supports DX10.
  • Results: Here is seen a fairly significant difference in performance between the integrated graphics processor. Armed with a higher speed, Intel GMA 661 Core i5 on graphics cards that have outperformed the G41.


From the test results, the processor core i5 661 has a fairly competitive performance compared with Core i5 750. With a high clock speed and the ability of Hyper-Threading, the impact of the loss of 50% of the core is not too large. Graphics processing capabilities are not yet reliable for serious gaming (although the speed is high enough), but more than enough for everyday use. Solutions integrated graphics processor is also an interesting added value now that the ranks of Clarkdale, the solution to the all-in-one computing can be realized to be more concise.

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ASUS WL-500W integration into LAN

If you have a LAN setup and internet connection to use telkom-speedy, such as the following:

  1. Client computer connected to the switch
  2. Switch connected to an ADSL modem using a cable
So to integrate the ASUS WL-500W router to the network with the aim of expanding access network / Internet and the increasing number of clients that are connected in a network / Internet, configuration changes can be made as follows:
  1. Client computer connected to the switch
  2. Switch connected to an ADSL modem using a cable
  3. ASUS WL-500W router is connected to a switch by using a cross cable.
With the intent that if the router ASUS has many constraints, only the computer connected to the network using the wireless to be hampered and the computer connected to the switch via UTP cable can still access the internet.

Some simple steps you can try to integrate your ASUS router, namely:

  1. Use a laptop where the available LAN ports and wireless LAN port
  2. Setting the IP Address and DNS Server in the second Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection to "Obstain an IP address automatically" and "Obstain DNS Server Address automatically"
  3. Connect ASUS WL-500W router (eg via a LAN port) with a laptop using a cable.
  4. ASUS WL-500W router is connected with the model using the ADSL cable.
  5. Install ASUS Utility contained in the default router ASUS CD.
  6. Run the utility EZSetup
If the wizard appears EZSetup do not forget to do:

  1. Step 1 of the wizard that is pressing the button for 3 seconds ezsetup contained behind a router ASUS section until the power LED blinking on the router.
  2. Step 2. click EZSetup
  3. If everything was connected properly, will run three processes, namely detection of routers, configuring routers, and wireless activation.
  4. If all ok, then we will dimingta to enter the Wireless Network name that we will create and password (minimum 8 digits), the others follow the default options.
  5. For the choice of ISP Settings, select ADSLdan static IP, then input the IP for the router, the default, and if it clashed with the setting Speedy Can you replace such a, subnet mask, gateway
  6. To control input the appropriate IP gateway settings on the speedy eg
  7. Remove all connections to laptops
Fox network configuration as follows:

  1. Client computer connected to the switch
  2. Switch connected to an ADSL modem using a cable
  3. ASUS WL-500W router is connected to a switch by using a cross cable.

Good luck, hope you are ready to use your wireless router.

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Tip: Creating a Wi-Fi Network

You can make your home or small office network without using access point or hub / router. Like peerto-peer network that uses the NIC on the network. Not only that, the network peer-to-peer with Wi-Fi can be done with more than two computers and with much greater speed.

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
The most important first step is to prepare your wireless network device and activate it. How to enable Wi-Fi feature on each computer quite diverse. There is a need to press a special button and then active. There is also sufficient to activate it via your Windows screen. To activate it through the monitor screen, open the Control Panel, Network Connections, the Wireless Network Connection icon, right click and select Enable. After that, right click again and select View Available Wireless Networks. If the screen there is a wireless connection available, you simply select and then press the Connect button.

2. Create Your Own Wi-Fi Network
But if Wi-Fi connection is not available, you do have to create your own. Especially at the very first computer that will be used for networking. The trick is to go to Control Panel, select Network Connection. Then on page NetworkConnection select Wireless Network Connection. Right-click and select Properties. After that, open the Wireless Network page. On this page give a check in the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings. Then press the Add button at the Prefered Networks.

3. Call connection
The second step is naming your wireless connection will be created. Connection name can be given up, typing the name of the connection made in the SSID box. If you want to have the password for this network, the options The key is provided for me automatically remove the checkmark. Then in the Network Authentication drop down menu, select Open or Shared to use network WEP key or WPA-None chose to vote using WPA network key. WPA is better, but not all devices support it. Then insert the key in Network key and Confirm column network key.

4. Give a WEP Password
If you choose to provide the password or key manually, then on the next screen you will be questioned password. When you use the password WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is no rule to use, that is only allowed 5 or 13 characters for the writing of passwords that use only one type of character. For two types of characters (numbers and letters) are only allowed as many as 10 or 26 characters. Keep in mind that the more lengthy and complex passwords, the better.

5. Give your WPA Password
You can also provide the password WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). On the use WPA password rules must be adhered to is the number of characters that can be used between 8 to 63 for one kind of characters and 64 characters for more than one type of character. Once finished, you can print this password is then used to add computers to the network later. And need to be reminded that the use WPA key is not always applicable in every computer. There are some wireless network devices that can not accept WPA key.

6. Ad Hoc
One more to be done is to make the Ad Hoc network. Ad Hoc network is a network that only connects the computer to computer without going through a hub or router as an access point. For a home wireless network or small office network is using this type. Therefore, one should not be missed is to provide a check on the option "This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network, wireless access points are not used. This option is located on the bottom of the screen Association. When finished press OK.

7. Start Create New Network
The next step is to create a new network using an existing connection. The first step in making your network simply follow the wizard is there to make normal tissue. do I go to Control Panel. Then select the Network Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions given. At the time the wizard starts, you will be asked to review the network devices that will be used. Is it complete or not. If it is complete you can continue. If not confirm in advance all the devices are mounted and installed properly.

source: PC MEDIA

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Computer Science Network

Computer Science Network

Network of computer science - computer network is very necessary to be studied below are some things that might be useful for you the money want to know what a computer network and how it works

Communication initially relied on transportation: roads between cities, between provinces / states and between countries / continents. Then communication can occur remotely via the telegraph (1844), telephone (1867), electromagnetic radio waves (1889), commercial radio (1906), Television Broadcasts (1931), and then through television, the world became smaller because people can learn and gain information about that happening in other parts of the world. In telecommunications, the information conveyed through the signal. There are two kinds of signals:

Kinds of kinds of signals

1. Digital: specifically refers to information that is represented by two
state 0 or 1. Digital data is sent with only two conditions are represented by 0 and 1.

2. Analog: continuous signal by varying the strength and quality. Eg sound, light and temperature which can change its strength and quality. Analog data is sent in the form of a sustainable, continuous electrical signal waveform TV, telephone and radio are telecommunications technology that uses analog signals, while computers use digital signals to transfer information. However, the current digital signal is also used for voice, picture and combination thereof.

On the other hand, the computer that was originally used as calculating machines and data processing, is used as a means of communication since the computer networks. Computer network computer network is a set of computer numerous separate but interrelated in performing their duties. Two computers for instance say if both are mutually connected
exchanging information. Forms of connection can be through: copper wire, fiber optic, microwave, satellite communications.

In a computer network: The user must explicitly:
- Entering or log in to a machine
- Gave the task of remote
- Move files
- Handle themselves in general throughout the network management

Computer networks became important to humans and their organizations because the computer network has a goal that is beneficial to them. Computer networks objective is to:

1. resource sharing / sharing the source: all programs, equipment and data that can be used by any person on the network without
influenced the location of the source and the user. For example: Staff Academic BUREAU send new students to the library list in the form of a printout with the printer to print directly from computers in the library of academic BUREAU. Or get directly opposite the library staff of new students a list of files stored on your computer BUREAU academic staff.

2. high reliability / high reliability: availability of alternative sources whenever necessary. For example in banking or military applications, if one machine does not work, the performance of the organization is not disturbed because the other machine has the same source.

3. save money: build a network with small computers cheaper than using a mainframe. Data
stored in a computer that acts as a server and other computers that use the data to act as a client. This shape is called client-server.

4. scalability / scalability: increasing performance by adding
server or client computer easily without disturbing the performance
computer server or an existing client computer first.

5. medium of communication: possible cooperation among the people far from each other through either a computer network to exchange data or communicate.

6. broad access to information: access and obtain information from remote

7. communications person-to-man: used to communicate from one
person to person

8. interactive entertainment

In the introduction to computer networks, discussion of views from two aspects:
hardware and software. In recognition of hardware including type of transmission, and other forms of computer network or topology. While the discussion will include the composition of its software protocols and data travel from one computer to another computer in a network

Hardware: Computer Network Classification There are two classifications are differentiated based on computer networks and distance transmission technology.

1. Transmission Technology
Broadly speaking there are two types of transmission technology:
a. broadcast network
has a single communication channel shared by
all the existing machines on the network. The messages are small,
called a packet and delivered by a machine and then accepted by
other machines. Section contains a description of the address on the package
about to whom the package is intended. When you receive a package, the machine will check the address, if the package to the machine, the machine will process the packet. If not then ignore the machine.

b. network point-to-point
consists of several individual pairs of connection machines. For
go from one source to the destination, a packet on the network of this type may be through one or more intermediary machines.
Often must go through many routes (routes) that may be different
distance. Therefore, the routing algorithm plays an important role in
network point-to-point. As a general grip (although many exceptions), smaller networks are geographically localized and tend to use broadcasting, while the larger networks generally use a point-to-point.

2. Distance
Distance is important as a measure of classification because it required different techniques for different distances. The following table describes the relationship between distance and the processor is placed in the same place

Here is limited and briefly described a simple LAN, MAN, WAN and Internet.

a. LAN: connecting personal computers in the office
company, factory or campus: LAN can be distinguished from type
other networks based on three characteristics: size, transmission technology
and network topology

b. MAN
Is a larger size version of the LAN and normally uses technology
The same with the LAN. MAN capable of supporting voice and data, and can even connect with a cable television network. MAN has

c. WAN
Covering a wide geographical area, often include state or
continent. WAN consists of a collection of machines that aims to implement programs (applications) user. This machine is called HOST. HOST linked by a communication subnet or simply called SUBNET. Subnet task was to carry messages from one host to another host. In most of the WAN subnet consists of two components: the cable transmission and switching elements

d. Internet
There are many networks in the world, often with hardware and software are different. People who are connected to the network often expect to be able to communicate with others who connect to other networks. This desire requires the relationship between networks that are often not compatible and different. Sometimes using a machine called a GATEWAY as a translator between incompatible networks. Collection of network-connected internetwork or Internet called. INTERNET common forms is a collection of LANs connected by WAN

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Netbook Better than iPad?

Info Computer technology will discuss an option that is quite difficult for my friends all that is better than Netbook iPad?. Production of a tablet from Apple says is revolutionary in this technological gadgets. However, there was a survey which says that in fact the user would prefer regular netbook or laptop than iPad.

A survey from market research firm, NPD said that about 51% of respondents claimed to prefer a netbook than Apple iPad. Even from his own apple consumers would prefer to swear like a macbook than iPad product.
IPad potential customers to see this device more as an electronic device or more of its Internet access capability. By seeing what people plan to use iPad, not difficult to understand why people who find capacity similar to other devices like the iPod Touch, netbook, notebook, do not want to spend money of U.S. $ 500 or more for similar devices, "said Stephen Baker, vice president of Industry in the NPD.
Well, I posted an article this computer to find out opinions from friends all do better Bener choose netbooks and the like than the iPad?

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Choosing the Best Modem

Choosing the Best Modem

Internet is now available everywhere, at school, college, internet rental, cafeteria, bars, hotels, government offices use both the free (free) or pay.

For a free course not as free as most people think, including me. not possible given free Internet access for granted there must be a prerequisite. Usually in a canteen for example there are banners reading Free WiFi, free of course is not for everyone but is free for visitors canteen itself so reckoning equally beneficial.

Benefits for the owner of the canteen is to provide free Internet access facility can improve its visitors canteen, as well as the visitor's own canteen, while waiting for food or drink orders, a visitor canteen can do an activity on the internet of course by obtaining a username and password from the cafeteria manager.

Little of this article is to describe the use of free internet in several major cities in Indonesia as a form of service to the consumer.

And what about home-based internet users who use the Internet connection using a modem? Where is the best modem, or modem Which of choice. Is the modem CDMA, GSM is the best?

According to my experience while using either a modem or a modem cdma gsm modem, it's about access speed depends on the speed of access are available on each modem. The greater the faster the access speed Internet access is also performed.

Problem cdma or gsm modem should have some things to consider before buying a modem cdma or gsm like.

1. Signal to access the Internet using a modem cdma. Suppose you plan to buy a modem cdma flexi cards, of which note is whether the signal is in place you simply need to access the internet.
2. Select cdma cards that match your area of residence which has the highest signal for internet usage even though there just are not disrupted disturbance.
3. Before choosing cdma or gsm card should conduct a survey of modem usage fees for each card. Surveys can be done by asking colleagues who've been using both CDMA and GSM modem or can also seek information as possible on the internet.
4. Make sure that the speed Internet access to a modem that you purchase is in conformity with what is written in such a modem box 3.6 Mbps or 7.2 Mbps.

Hopefully a bit of information from the above study Computer Science could be useful for visitors

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Folder Protection Windows Without Special Software

Folder Protection Windows Without Special Software

Important folders and confidential so as not easily accessed by others should be given special attention in the form of protection for the safety of existing data in those folders. Moreover, this protection to protect the rights of a child's access to specific folders adults.

How to protect folders on your windows is easy enough just by using commands from the prompt drive or Command Prompt.
Already know What is the command prompt? if you already know but continue to the next paragraph if you do not know what it is command prompt the following definition by Blog Learning Computer Science is a command prompt are commands that can be given to the computer through command prompt drive such as DIR, COPY, VER, SYS, REN, MD , CD, CLS, FORMAT, FDISK etc..

Here is the command to protect a folder on windows xp. And in practice this time I am using windows xp service pack 2.

Previously apologize because this article is not equipped with a drawing for ease access for following this blog and how to protect folders from being accessed by another computer user.

Run Command Prompt by clicking Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt.

as an example we will protect the existing DATA folder on drive D, then the command is:

cacls d: \ data / p administrators: n

then press ENTER

the question arises "Are You Sure (Y / N)?

Y type stating Yes and then press ENTER

by running the command above the existing DATA folder on the D drive is protected and can not be accessed again.

To grant access or open the folder DATA DATA folder protection must be running cacls commands as follows:

cacls d: \ data / p administrators: f

with the command above, so that once protected the DATA folder will be accessible again.

The weakness of protection orders through the command prompt folder is easily accessible again if the computer user already knows this folder protection command (cacls).

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TIPS optimize the computer performance


Computer performance will drop dramatically when you're done loading and running applications and data files with sizes larger than can be borne on a computer memory. To optimize it is to set its virtual memory. To find the virtual memory settings, right-click My Computer, choose Properties, and click the Advanced tab. In Windows 2000, click the Performance tab of the Options after pressing performance.untuk Windows XP, right click My Computer, choose Properties, and press the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the Performance Options choice, the way the setting ENTER THE SAME VALUE FOR BOXES MINIMUM AND maximum ( RECOMMENDED 384 for both) I suggest using three times the memory capacity RAMnya


In Windows XP, Me, and 9x, users can free up memory by removing unwanted applications and automatically run when Windows starts. To find out how much this kind of program that is residing in the system, Click Start, Run, and type MSCONFIG, and press ENTER which will show SYSTEM KONFIGURATION Utility, click the Startup tab to see what programs work automatically when Windows starts. To prevent the program running at start-up, mark the box next to the left of the name of the program. If you are not sure what that program, see the name of the folder where the file is located. This information will be found to the right of the box, usually provide bookmarks.


Windows allocates a small amount of memory or storage cache as a buffer to disk, CD-ROM drives and other storage devices. Reducing the cache that is allocated to devices that are rarely used, such as CD-ROOM drive, will free up memory that might be more effective when used as RAM. Conversely, increasing the cache size of the device often used to accelerate the performance of existing devices facilitate tersentu.untuk Use Software Cachemen 5.


A clean hard drive is the drive you happy. Running Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter on a regular basis can speed up computer performance, especially if you frequently use applications / programs that frequently access the hard drive. In melakuka Disk Defragmenter on a large-capacity hard drives take a long time so do as you will not use the computer. How: in most versions of Windows, we can activate it by opening My Computer, right click on the drive, and select Properties. Select the Tools tab and click Defragmenting Now. Be careful with defragment not done too often because when using this utility on the hard drive heads will work hard, so try if you can at least one time a month, not every day because it will reduce the life of the hard drive on our computer

Another method to minimize clutter on the hard drive is by menhapus files that are no longer needed and the UN to INSTALL software that has been unused

5. / Burn CDs BETTER

If the CD-RW and CD-R drive does not burn a disk with optimal speed, meaning the PC does not feed a constant stream of data to a CD burner. To fix this through:

- Stop Competition: before trying to burn a CD, we should disable Anti-Virus Software, Screen Saver, or other programs that scramble your PC resources.

- Master Your Area: multiple CD-RW drive a new model that supports bus mastering technology that provides a pathway for data bound Expres with CD-RW, if using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and CD-RW come with the system, the bus has mastering enabled as a default on the drive. Meanwhile, for Windows 98 or ME, bus mastering may not yet activated. To find out, right-click My Computer, and select Properties. Click the Device Manager tab, double click the CD-RW drive in the Settings tab, make sure the box labeled DMA is dicentangi, thereby masteringnya bus has been activated.

- Buy a CD with a good quality.

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10 Tips Buying VGA Card

If we see, the development VGA graphics card or the current was so fast. Several new variants are always popping up from both ATI and Nvidia camps along with the latest teknologi2 adopted by their latest VGA. For a layman who wants to buy the VGA must be confused with VGA varian2 number offered by the various graphics card manufacturers.

1. Do not be tempted amount of memory
Buying a Radeon X1300 VGA-type card with 512Mb of memory ability is not as good when compared with type Radeon X1600 with 256Mb memory. Why? Because determining the strength is as a feature VGA Card GPU support. From some testing, VGA cards, Memory 512Mb only 256Mb jack up 10% dr

2. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
When it is hot ni VGA battle between two vendors of the ATI Radeon and NVIDIA DEFORCE. Each "product is divided into three categories namely VGA low-end, mid-end, high end. As a price comparison for VGA "low-end types can be bought with a price below a mid-end jt jt 1-2, to high-end 2 jt s dr / d 8jt. High-End Type clearly a best class yet high enough in terms of price, besides many such variants jg GT, GS, GTX, XT, and XTX who is the highest, usually distinguishing these variants of the shader level, clock speed and number of pipeline owned.

3. Clock Speed VS Pipeline
No user contemporaries saw lg dr Clock ratenya VGA only. Jg user should note is that the number of existing pipeline intramural every graphics card. Beneficial to see if the user feels a new pipeline to buy middle clas VGA & upwards. Typically middle-class graphics cards have been buried 8 to 12 pipelines. Create a class who are usually embedded flat "16 pipelines. Eminence clock speed certainly a plus tp jd if gamers want to spend some time before buying & compare between clock speed and pipeline, the user will be more fortunate. Remember this "It's better to have eight pipeline with a clock speed of 400MHz, instead of four pipelines with a 500MHz clock speed."

4. Vista & Direct3D 10
Vista includes DirectX 10, the version of Direct X. The most Anyar Direct X 10 is not alone, because the plan would be in one after another with the release of the latest version of 3D direct dr. DirectX 10 will eventually divide the functions of CPU and GPU which is more heavy workload placed on the GPU

5. Wait timeliness
NVidia & ATI jd enemies who will never stop competing. The advantage almost every 12-18 months 1x users will find the graphics card with chip "latest. Each release of the product, the graphics card vendors will include a variety of new features such as high definition video and increasing clockspeed. Make sure the user really "sure about the graphics card users who buy. Do not let the user regret, because the receipts issued is not small. If not too concerned with new products just find the old type of graphics card with a maximum work. Usually the price is quite oblique, let alone VGA coupled with the release of new models, old graphics card would drop the price.

6. No need to 5 million
GeForce 7900 GT is a graphics card Hight-end class with a price <3Jt. The most recent graphics card users who can search on a certain price ditoko 5Jt. if gamers looking for performance-price 2-3Jt, bsa users get quality graphics card. Honey money 5Jt if only used for VGA only. Users can compare the price of old & new type VGA. If indeed the price difference is not too far select the new course. But if too much why not just choose the cheap?

7. Note the Power Supply
Power Supply is the most important factor computing devices, dr. I used Power Supply is no third choice when buying a PC user. But now, because of new hardware being hectic require huge resources. For class graphics cards are usually equipped with low-end 300-350watt power supply. But mid & high clas VGA requires a minimum of 400-450 watts. Type of VGA card ATI Radeon X1900XTX Crossfire even need a minimum 550 watt power supply.

8. Select AGP or PCI Express?
PCI Express is a best choice. PCI has replaced AGP as the VGA slot who have been long enough.

9. SLI and Crossfire
Who have a more special budget can get a VGA card with 4 GPU at the same time by buying a GeForce 7950 GX2 dual-card graphics card's tough in terms of price, but satisfied in terms of quality. Mother Board Notice of GS to be consistent.
With dual-card graphics cards who want to buy there second choice is Nvidia's SLI or ATI Crossfire dr. Both graphics card vendors usually have to include the appropriate brand motherboard with a graphics card made out of the release. If confused just clay are normally written from the spec motherboard with CrossFire or SLI support or tdak. The price varied depending on the existing features on the motherboard

10. Budget mediocre with onboard VGA?
The limited budget sometimes there is no other choice. VGA onboard who have had limited ability plihan jd. To work on Word and graphics applications are quite simple. But playing games on the middle class do not expect to be comfortable. Essentially gamers should buy a new VGA Add ON with good specifications.

Material Considerations

High resolution monitor?
If your monitor's resolution is only 1024 × 768 pixels, a bit useless to buy a top-class graphics card. middle-class graphics cards such as Radeon HD2600 or GeForce 8600 to be sufficient

DirectX 9 or 10?
Though DirectX 10 based games are still rare, there is no harm in you from now on choosing a graphics card that supports DirectX 10.

It took a bundle game?
Often the price of a graphics card because of too many bundles or completeness of the included games. In fact, you may not need it. So, carefully before buying.

anyone else want to share tips about buying VGA, please comment

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Tip 2010 Assemble PC

For those who've followed the tips for assembling a PC that is already three years running, this time will publish tips techno assemble pc in 2010, given the highly technological changes take place quickly so that we are required to become more intelligent in the use of a PC, its specialized in assembling a PC, because this involves a cost that you need to assemble the PC.

Maybe PC gamers can be categorized with a PC all in one, able to do all your work quickly include playing games, but maybe some of you there who want a PC only for office work and not run the game aja heavy game therefore assemble pc tips 2010 was finalized.

1. OS - operating system
Talk about Operating System, there is no stopping us constantly talking about Microsoft, Linux, and Apple. Because the OS has been running continuously to facilitate the development of a user. There are several considerations that can be classified to select the operating system, especially Windows and Linux, while for Apple maybe you need special hardware.
What OS should I use?

The answer is quite dependent on the pc memory you have.


If your memory is less than 2 GB then you use XP, if you are more than 2GB of memory (eg 4GB) Use windows 7 64bit. Why not use Win 7 32bit, Windows applications are increasingly thirsty with memory, if you use maximum 2GB memory only, the next time you use Win7 with other heavy applications, you might feel you will slow down your pc performance.

Pros and cons
Windows XP
Until now, Windows XP (sp3) is still supported by microsoft at least within the next five years, and many applications that still fully supports this OS, you can still enjoy the game the old games that even the newest, latest DirectX can be supported on this OS. Currently this OS is an OS that is very fast, stable, and easy to use, setting the setting is very easy to configure.

His affection for the safety and security issues for this OS you should use antivirus tools are complete and secure in order to avoid the attack of various kinds of viruses that spread across the internet, and we think when testing this OS, this OS seems to look very hard if you use Office 2007 especially Outlook 2007.

Windows 7
Because the capability of 64bit, then you can hold a lot of memory and applications smoothly and easily, besides the OS is also the same light hamir it with windows XP but with a better interface display, more stable and safer than the previous OS, it unfortunately has not many applications you can install and enjoy with this OS, several tools developed for some older applications to run on Win 7 but it was still less than comfortable in use it.

What about XP 64bit?
Unfortunately we have not been able to test its OS is because the OS does not have the resources to conduct trial tests, but theoretically, might be available, if XP 64bit 64bit windows 7 will be less attractive?

Skip Vista
The reason significant enough for you to not choose vista, it is better for choosing XP or Win 7 At the same time, that in fact has a better capability.


If you choose Windows 7, select the above version is home premium.

When his acting linux, ubuntu was the continued vigorous expansion, many new OS OS linux distro developed through Ubuntu, you name it google chrome, this OS was developed through Ubuntu, for those of you the users desktop user, do not be doubtful with the many types of linux OS , basically the OS Linux distributions developed from earlier in the design for specific tasks and to your computer / laptop specific. So if you are a general user who wants all the functions, do not say no to ubuntu.

Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Currently Apple already has the latest OS X version 10.6, called Snow Leopard, if you buy a mac, of course, this OS will be in the bundle directly to you for free! and for its old version as well, you can upgrade to a new OS that is only paying 18USD or 180,000 IDR, very cheap.

If you want your PC to be able to run assemblies this OS, then you should analyze the types of hardware, motherboard, which is supported by this OS, of course, you can not be free to choose the type of hardware you'll use, because Apple has limited drivers to recognize your hardware.

More detail the PC in Mac OSX
If you truly want to use this OS, but you have a limited budget, take it easy, by assembling a new pc with the specs that are recognized by OS X then you can use this OS, the following is the hardware you should use:

* Casing with 500W Power Supply (ANTEC Sonata III 500)
* Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P Intel P45 ATX Intel
* Intel Core 2 Quad 3.0GHz LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor
* GeForce 9800 GTX + 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16
* Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory x 2 (total of 8GB)
* Western Digital caviar WD10EADS Green 1TB SATA 3.0Gb / s 3.5 "Internal Hard Drive
* Pioneer CD / DVD Burner Black SATA Model
* 10 / 100 / 1000 / 2000Mbps PCI Copper Gigabit Network Adapter (Remember: the motherboard onboard Ethernet, usually there is always a problem, using external Ethernet card, very important).

2. Motherboard

The main components of the motherboard before power supply

Choosing a motherboard is the most significant thing for your pc, because in choosing a motherboard will determine what features and functions which you can enjoy from the motherboard, but in general you need to know in choosing a motherboard is:

* Processor type that can be used eg (Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo)
* Support Dual Channel Memory (what it is dual channel memory can be found in articles upgrade tips)
* Ability its FSB (ex: 1333/1066MHz)
* Support a maximum memory capacity (eg: 8GB)
* Support memory (eg: using DDR2 800)
* Number of memory slots available (for an upgrade in the future)
* The availability of slots for PCI Express x1 and PCI Express x16

Long socket motherboard (Intel 775) with DDR 3
What if you bought the old motherboard (socket 775) with DDR3 capabilities? This may be a solution and its own tricks, but there are some advantages and disadvantages of using this old motherboard are:

The advantage of course you get a low cost solution for motherboards with DDR3 support so you can lower your priority to the purchase and upgrade to DDR3 is it at another time, but the less you will not be able to use the latest processor and you have a specific limitation to upgrade the processor if you plan to his upgrade.

In our opinion, this solution is not maximal, where you can not upgrade your PC components as a whole because of the limitations that existed at the generation of processor, but all that remains of your choice when we want to cut corners, of course, this solution becomes extremely profitable.

Choosing the best motherboard in the years before it (this year)
For those of you who are not so keen to use the latest PC, selecting the best motherboard on this year is a very interesting idea because you can maximize the ability of your PC with a budget that you have in the bag will be more friendly.


If you assemble a PC with a motherboard of this year, maximizing memory capacity of your motherboard into a very high priority, given the fluctuations in the price of memory is very important as when the memory becomes scarce, then prices will rise.

Here is a list of 5 best motherboards in the year 2009 for AMD and Intel (source: squidoo).

Intel Motherboard

1. Abit IP35 Pro LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard *
- CPU Type: Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1333/1066MHz
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 4 × 240pin
- PCI Express x1: 1
- PCI Express x16: 1 x PCI-E x16, 1 x PCI-E x16 (x4 bandwidth)
- Model #: IP35 Pro
- Item #: N82E16813127030

2. BOXD975XBX2KR Intel LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard
- CPU Type: Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1066/800MHz
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 4% uFFFD240pin
- PCI Express x16: 3 (1 electrical x16 or x8, 1 electrical x8, 1 electrical x4)
- PCI Slots: 2
- Model #: BOXD975XBX2KR
- Item #: N82E16813121059

3. XFX MB-N780-ISH9 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI Intel motherboard
- CPU Type: Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1333/1066MHz
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800 (up to DDR2 1200 with EPP 1.0)
- Number of Memory Slots: 4 × 240pin
- PCI Express 2.0 x16: 2
- PCI Express x1: 1
- Model #: MB-N780-ISH9
- Item #: N82E16813141005

4. GIGABYTE GA-G31M-S2L LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
- CPU Type: Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1333/1066MHz
- Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 2% uFFFD240pin
- PCI Express x1: 1
- PCI Express x16: 1
- Model #: GA-G31M-S2L

5. GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Dynamic Energy Saver Motherboards Intel Ultra durable II
- CPU Type: Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
- FSB: 1600 (O.C.) / 1333/1066MHz
- South Bridge: Intel ICH9R
- Number of Memory Slots: 6% uFFFD240pin
- Memory Standard: DDR3 1333 / DDR2 1066
- Maximum Memory Supported: up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory up to 8 GB DDR2
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- PCI Express x16: 1
- Model #: GA-EP35C-DS3R

AMD Motherboards
1.DFI LANPARTY DK 790FX-M2RS AM2 + / AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard
- CPU Type: Phenom / Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 2600MHz Hyper Transport (5200 MT / s)
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 4% uFFFD240pin
- PATA: 1 x ATA100 2 Dev. Max
- PCI Express 2.0 x16: 3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots - 2-way or four-way CrossFire at x16/x16/NC bandwidth - 3-way CrossFire at x16/x16/x4 bandwidth - 2-way CrossFire + Physics at x16 / x16 bandwidth
# Model #: 790FX-M2RS

2.MSI K9NGM4-F V.2 AM2 + / AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 7025 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
- CPU Type: Phenom / Athlon 64 X2 / Sempron
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1000MHz Hyper Transport (2000 MT / s)
- Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 2% uFFFD240pin
- PATA: 1 x ATA100 2 Dev. Max
- PCI Express x1: 1
- Model #: K9NGM4-F V.2

3. M3A-H/HDMI ASUS AM2 + / AM2 AMD 780G HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
- CPU Type: Phenom FX / Phenom / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2
- FSB: 2600MHz Hyper Transport (5200 MT / s)
- South Bridge: AMD SB700
- Number of Memory Slots: 4% uFFFD240pin
- Memory Standard: DDR2 1066
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- PCI Express 2.0 x16: 1
- Model #: M3A-H/HDMI
- Item #: N82E16813131289

4. M2n ASUS-SLI Deluxe AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard
- CPU Type: Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- FSB: 1000MHz Hyper Transport (2000 MT / s)
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Number of Memory Slots: 4% uFFFD240pin
- PATA: 1 x ATA100 2 Dev. Max
- PCI Express x1: 2
- Model #: M2n-SLI Deluxe

5.ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard
- CPU Type: Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64
- FSB: 1000MHz Hyper Transport (2000 MT / s)
- Number of Memory Slots: 4% uFFFD240pin
- Memory Standard: DDR2 800
- Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB
- Dual Channel Supported: Yes
- PCI Express x16: 2
- PCI Express x4: 1
- Model #: M2N32-SLI DLX WIFI

Choosing a motherboard latest release?
If you decide to select a new motherboard, new technology, of course, you will need a special strategy for buying this motherboard, because terbaru dengan buy your motherboard will have the opportunity to extend your PC umur, this can happen because you will have the opportunity for him upgrade your PC to maximum.


Buying a new motherboard will not be ideal with the pocket in your wallet, of course, the price of this motherboard will be very expensive, so the priority of which you can choose to purchase its components are, GPU, Memory and hard drive, you can lower the priority of this component to get a better price cheap, because you can upgrade it at another specific time was when your bag is secure.

Socket Motherboard
Last release socket for Intel motherboards are socket 1156 socket motherboard that excel in these three won by Asus Maximus Formula, socket processor already supports USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, DDR 3, and also support the latest Intel Core processors and the Core i7 i5 while for AMD , select Socket AM3 is a wise choice.

To know the type of CPU socket type you can see the table through wikipedia.

Latest Motherboard our selection:
Currently Asus is much better score in every review, do not be surprised if Asus won many awards from various sources.

For Intel you can use 3 Asus maximus formula or Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L a bit cheaper, while the Asus Crosshair AMD formula will become your faithful friend and Asus M4N78-SE to be a cheap solution.
References for you:

Here's a reference to see the technology that uses the Intel chipset motherboard (from wikipedia)

3. Memory
Selecting memory, this time there are special tips for you let alone Intel processor users, because DDR3 will start to decline significantly in price this year 2010, this causes the next generation memory starts to rise slightly, therefore, if you decide to assemble your pc using DDR2 memory, you should optimize your motherboard with the memory slots are currently available, consider upgrading to DDR2 in the year 2010 is an idea that is not good for your pocket.

If the price of DDR3 memory will decline in 2010, then your chance to lower the priority to buy the memory in your PC assembly, thus, you can upgrade your memory with DDR3 will be the price where it is being dropped down, and you take advantage of this momentum for the opportunity to upgrade .

4. Processor

Intel Socket 115x

Processor is the brain to your computer, if I talk about the processor, we can conclude a leap of processors continues to grow rapidly, but there is no clock speed that can exceed 4ghz, either AMD or Intel tried to outsmart the parallel processing method, hope hope to shorten the execution time.

Core i7
This processor later in the year 2010 I was popular in the community, as some part of you using the latest motherboard with a socket 1156, which will be accompanied by his brother-core i5, these two processors will continue to adorn you in 2010. While the processor core 2 duo processor and the looming shadow of previous generations as one of the low-end product solutions.

While AMD later in the year 2010 will focus on four core processors up to six cores, during the year 2010 you will enjoy the quad core processors from AMD, for those of you who need a high processing speed, AMD istanbul will be your answer by giving a six-core technology and for those of you desktop users AMD shanghai ordinary that will fill the four core segments.

AMD's Roadmap to 2010

5. Power Supply
Choosing a power supply becomes very significant today, particularly if your PC is very thirsty for a raft of power, one vote power supply can cause your pc not live at all, because electricity can not lift loads that are owned motherboard. Considerations when choosing a power supply is dependent on the amount of hardware you are using, especially if you use a standard PC with two hard drives fruit, a fruit dvd rom, and a fruit graphics cards, then the 430 watt power supply will suffice your needs. Tip! Based on our experience, some How to choose a good power supply we've ever met is: * Avoid power supply at a price below 250 000 rupiah - Usually this kind of power supply has a component that is not good, you have a 50% chance if your power supply will stand at a certain time or not. * Compatible with the ATX12V-was used for the PCI Express bus graphics cards as well as additional resources. * Having a low noise level - this is very important, component of a good power supply will usually be very heavy, and has good heat registers. * It has a MTBF rating of an ideal - usually to determine the quality of a power supply, you should avoid a power supply with active period of his ability under 20.000 hours, a good power supply can typically last up to three years with continuous use. * Having a complete and a lot of connectors - you need to calculate the number of connectors of each of the power supply, the more will be more ideal for additional components to your computer.
A good power supply:
Some examples of good power supply includes:

Logisys 550 watt

Ultrax3 with 1000 watt

6. Graphics Card
For those of you who are not gamers you probably can skip this section, but for those of you who want to use graphics cards in particular to be able to enjoy games on your PC so we have special tips on how wisely you buy a graphics card.


Buying a graphics card with the current price is above the 600USD not be worth it for you to buy much less if only to play games, why not? Since you already can buy a gaming console like PS3 than buy a very expensive graphics card, Unless you use these graphics for other purposes, such as 3d processing, rendering and apart from other games.

Of the most powerful graphics card (click to enlarge picture)

Ati or Nvidia ?
Between Ati and Nvidia are now almost the same, you need to consider is the price and specification of graphic card you wish to buy, the rest is a matter of price. That thing you should know in buying graphics card is to figure out some kind of specification components from the graphics card which consists of:

* Interface (AGP, PCIe, PCIe 16x, or 16x PCIe 2.0) - this interface is very important to know for your note, you must check the type of slot connector (interface) what is contained in your motherboard.
* Memory - You must know the amount of memory, and specifications of the memory type used, for example, graphics with 1GB memory will certainly cooler easily process images 3d rather than the 256mb (in terms of the capacity) or too graphic card with 1GB memory type GDDR3 would process the data faster than the memory capacity with the same type gDDR2.
* Core clock - this is a unit of the numbers in your graphics card determines the processing speed of your graphics card, usually a high core clock speed and determines the ability of your graphics.
* DirectX and OpenGL support, make sure your graphics card already supports DirectX and OpenGL last last, what's that DirectX and OpenGL? both are of a standard library in the process scope 3d whether in the form of games, or the application, the second libray will be a bridge between the OS - Library - Graphic card.


You need to know when you buy a graphics card, core clock unit may not always be displayed in your graphics card box, for that, you should view and look for references to your graphics card specs before you buy it.

Adequate graphics card for your use:
  • High-end gaming, you can use: Asus ENGTX285 Matrix or HD5870 XFX respectively attached to the price of 300 thousand (300 thousand asus cheaper), but if you are careful, you can use the sapphire HD5850 will suffice.
  • Video editing specialists should use a specific graphics card, using a gaming graphics card does have a high performance, but not perfect, if you want a graphic card for video editing and 3d processing / rendering then you should use a quadro graphics card.
  • For middle-class gaming, but you can still play a heavy game with a reduced quality, you can use the power Leadtex Sapphire HD5770 or GTX260
  • For low-class, onboard graphics are now strong enough to maximize the long game and run your game.
7. Harddisk

2TB with Green Technology

When its current era of green technology, the tau taunya PCs today are not so friendly with the environment, such as thirst for electrical power, thermal effects are highly exaggerated, and others, causing the pc components must also contribute in green technology, usually for hard drive business we hope to choose a fast and large disk, between the rapid, large proportional to the expensive.
Efficient way to buy hard drives?

Practical and economical way for you to buy the hard drive is by paying attention to some of the following points:

  • 1 Drive = 1 this function means, you should use a disk based on function, because the price is now low-cost disk, then there are good you classify function for example:
  • For the OS, you need very fast disk, but does not require a large capacity, so you can find a disk with a large cache and high rpm, but the capacity (gb) is enough to fulfill your OS just like 80GB, thus you may be able to using new technologies such as SSD for this disk.
  • For data, you only need the disk that is not too fast, the cache is not too high, this of course many options.
  • Disk with green technology? Why not? disk is of course not very expensive, and besides this disk has a clever feature, for example, will be off when idle, or also uses very low power, although you will experience a little delay when this kind of wake-up disk but it does not matter which great for you when you can save energy up to 2-5 watts per hour is not it?
8. Monitor
To monitor the problem, in addition to considering the level of brightness, the number of colors, and inch LCD response speed, which should be your consideration this time is some support for new technologies, such as connectivity interface, and will support HD technology, and also some additional features that existed at monitor you want.

Viewsonic usually cheaper with adequate technology

Choosing the size of the monitor, you better use a higher resolution (1024 × 768 above), thus you can enjoy movies or games on your monitor screen better. Ideal for current monitor may be 19-24 ". Your monitor screen size depends your needs, if you already have a HD tv with a big size, you certainly do not need a big pc monitor, but if you want to maximize the use of the pc you are using a large size.

To speed response time, usually used for many gamers, they usually need a monitor that has a very fast response speed as such, some of the products we have found is the BenQ E2400HD and also ASUS MK241H, which is the LG Flatron W2361V best.

While the best monitor in terms of performance, design, for you non-gamers can use ThinEdge ViewSonic VP930B 19, a solution for simple, cheap and good.

maybe that's what I can explain ... and maybe you can ask to leave a comment below this post

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