Digital Minutes
General meeting or a meeting in the office using a whiteboard or projector to display the material. Often, the presentation should be recorded by a court reporter as detailed as possible so as not to forget. Unfortunately, no records are often overlooked. Some parts of the presentation, such as charts or pictures, also difficult to record. For this reason, the device comes documentation copyboard as the solution presentation.

Incidentally we had products PLUS C-12W-shaped blackboard (whiteboard) medium size (length 180 cm). Because of their size, the product is suitable for the room that was not too big. This series is an improvement from the previous model. Improvement lies in the drawing area is made wider in order to get comfort in the presentation. The screen is made of special material for her writing can be erased easily apart can serve as a projection of the projector. Section, meeting in the office also involves the projector to display the data from the computer as a complement to the information in the meeting.

In this case PLUS C-12W has one interesting advantage which can be projected from the projector was also recorded (with the help of the included software) to be stored in a digital file. Thus, the appearance of the projector that was imbued with a scribble on a blackboard can also be directly incorporated into an image file that can immediately be distributed to meeting participants. This method clearly allows meeting participants to concentrate on the display without the hassle of constantly meeting record details in their notes.

Copyboard of this Plus do not forget also include any direct connection to the printer in order to view the presentation can be directly to the printer (inkjet or laser). Users can also adjust the thickness of the printing and choice of modes of B / W or color that is available via the navigation bar. But if you want more information can also be added footnotes, automatically print the company logo, choice of saving a file (PNG, JPG, PDF), and the limitation of color printing to save ink. This is possible provided that access to this presentation is controlled through a PC or notebook that is already installed applications "Plus ToolBox" are available in the package.

Copyboard operation is actually very easy even without reading the manual. To obtain a digital file simply press the "Save" after plugging the flash and it takes about 27 seconds to produce a resolution of 1536x1196 pixel PNG file. But you should not scribbled lines / pictures that are too thin because the scans sometimes can not scan it with perfect shading. For offices that often do presentations and have documented the C-12W Plus this will give many interesting solutions.

Port Connection
Provided two connections, one for the printer and the other for connection to a PC that offers more complete control over the Toolbox Plus application.

Button beside the display panel is very user friendly to use. The "Feed" is used to mengulung or change the display panel to be shifted horizontally.

Bottom panel USB port is used to save files to the flashdisk. Without going through the software, the image will be saved in PNG format.

Plus: Easy to use; copy a presentation to a printer or flash; record the projection of the projector; options print density.

Minus: Over the maximum specific markers; can not use just any printer.

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