TIPS optimize the computer performance


Computer performance will drop dramatically when you're done loading and running applications and data files with sizes larger than can be borne on a computer memory. To optimize it is to set its virtual memory. To find the virtual memory settings, right-click My Computer, choose Properties, and click the Advanced tab. In Windows 2000, click the Performance tab of the Options after pressing performance.untuk Windows XP, right click My Computer, choose Properties, and press the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the Performance Options choice, the way the setting ENTER THE SAME VALUE FOR BOXES MINIMUM AND maximum ( RECOMMENDED 384 for both) I suggest using three times the memory capacity RAMnya


In Windows XP, Me, and 9x, users can free up memory by removing unwanted applications and automatically run when Windows starts. To find out how much this kind of program that is residing in the system, Click Start, Run, and type MSCONFIG, and press ENTER which will show SYSTEM KONFIGURATION Utility, click the Startup tab to see what programs work automatically when Windows starts. To prevent the program running at start-up, mark the box next to the left of the name of the program. If you are not sure what that program, see the name of the folder where the file is located. This information will be found to the right of the box, usually provide bookmarks.


Windows allocates a small amount of memory or storage cache as a buffer to disk, CD-ROM drives and other storage devices. Reducing the cache that is allocated to devices that are rarely used, such as CD-ROOM drive, will free up memory that might be more effective when used as RAM. Conversely, increasing the cache size of the device often used to accelerate the performance of existing devices facilitate tersentu.untuk Use Software Cachemen 5.


A clean hard drive is the drive you happy. Running Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter on a regular basis can speed up computer performance, especially if you frequently use applications / programs that frequently access the hard drive. In melakuka Disk Defragmenter on a large-capacity hard drives take a long time so do as you will not use the computer. How: in most versions of Windows, we can activate it by opening My Computer, right click on the drive, and select Properties. Select the Tools tab and click Defragmenting Now. Be careful with defragment not done too often because when using this utility on the hard drive heads will work hard, so try if you can at least one time a month, not every day because it will reduce the life of the hard drive on our computer

Another method to minimize clutter on the hard drive is by menhapus files that are no longer needed and the UN to INSTALL software that has been unused

5. / Burn CDs BETTER

If the CD-RW and CD-R drive does not burn a disk with optimal speed, meaning the PC does not feed a constant stream of data to a CD burner. To fix this through:

- Stop Competition: before trying to burn a CD, we should disable Anti-Virus Software, Screen Saver, or other programs that scramble your PC resources.

- Master Your Area: multiple CD-RW drive a new model that supports bus mastering technology that provides a pathway for data bound Expres with CD-RW, if using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and CD-RW come with the system, the bus has mastering enabled as a default on the drive. Meanwhile, for Windows 98 or ME, bus mastering may not yet activated. To find out, right-click My Computer, and select Properties. Click the Device Manager tab, double click the CD-RW drive in the Settings tab, make sure the box labeled DMA is dicentangi, thereby masteringnya bus has been activated.

- Buy a CD with a good quality.

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