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Modem understanding, in the era that has been more progress with the increasingly wide range of internet services to remote corners of the country, would you ever, or often hear the term modem. You may also have to know that so that the computer can connect to the internet network must have the hardware called a modem. Actually, what the hell was the modem, a full explanation of how the modem? why is called a modem?

The term modem is an abbreviation of two words namely Modulator and Demodulato.

understanding modulator is a circuit that serves the process of modulation, ie the process of "laying" the data on the frequency wave (carrier signal) to signal the information / messages to be sent to the receiver via a particular medium (such as media, cable or air), usually a sine wave . In this case also called the message signal input signal. Data from computer-shaped digital signal is converted to analog signals

Demodulator has the opposite function of the modulator (demodulation), namely the process of getting back the data or the process of reading data from the signal received from the sender. In demodulation, the message signal separated from the high frequency carrier signal. The data form diberubah Analog signals back into digital signals that can be read at the recipient's computer.

And the modem is a combination of the two systems mentioned above, so that the modem is a two-way communication tool.

Type of Modem based installation,
Based on computer device mudem installation consists of two types, internal modem and external modem. Internal modem attached to the inside of the CPU such as the PCI slots (on a particular motherboard is equipped with a modem from the manufacturer), while an external modem installed on the outside of the CPU, generally attached to a Serial or USB port on the CPU.

Kind of a modem or network based media
Based on a media network or modem dial consists of two types, namely
Cable modem, a modem to access using cable networks, such as telephone cable network.
Cable modem that was originally only one external (connected to a PC via a serial cable via the cable port COMx using DB-9 or DB-25), several years later after the modem becomes a necessity, mucullah internal modem (which is directly embedded on the motherboard) .
In the period of the 1990s also offered a digital cable connection from the telephone exchange to the customer's home menggunakn fiber-optic which is the realization of an ISDN telephone network (leased-line with a speed of 144 kbps).
Then after the year 2000, new technologies emerged replacement fiber-optic modems known as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line: asymmetric digital cable subscribers). Connections using digital modems at two sides of the customer and the telephone exchange.
Instead of using telephone lines, cable modems can also use the cable TV network.

wireless modem
Wireless technologies for data access is part of a network of computers that are not usually called a modem, but using other terms have been agreed upon, such as GSM modem, CDMA modems, modem HSDPA, and HSUPA modem.

how old son? if you already know about the modem sense? nice article discussing the above understanding modems can be easily understood and of course also useful for those of you who need it.

btw, mobile phone or handphone which already supports GPRS can also be used for the usually used as a modem on a computer, one of which is a sony ericsson W200 mobile phone. if you are interested to know how to make mobile phone as a modem, please read the guide how to make mobile phone as a modem on windows 7,

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