Asus u30J

UL Continuing the ever popular series, Asus brings new levels of U-class processor performance. This product is designed for those who need a balance between speed and durability of the battery. One of the series, U30JC, have a choice in all lines of Intel's latest Core (I3, i5, and i7). Incidentally, the model we received was wearing i7-620M CPU clock to 2.66 GHz. At least this is the main capital for a good deal of activity, ranging from office to multimedia.

Due to the U series is intended to work fast at the same time can save power, dispensing Asus Super Hybrid Engine technology that essentially optimize performance without sacrificing to the irritants in terms of power consumption. Inevitably frill "eco" in each component in cuatkan any way possible. One way is to use two similar components having different characteristics. What are they?

The first is the use of two graphics chip (GPU). Usage-based chip onboard Intel GMA 4500HD is the default option in saving mode. If you need more capabilities, like graphics for gaming, graphic process can be modified to 310M GeForce chip is a little more hurried. This method is possible thanks to Optimus nVidia technology that allows transfer between integrated graphics with a separate graphics on the mainboard. Implementation of both applied to the disk. The first hard drive (320 GB) discs use a more economical 5400 RPM hard drive while the second (also 320 GB) using a 7200 RPM disk speed.

Ultimately, such hybrid systems can indeed provide a wider choice for the user. They can choose whether you want the notebook to work more ferocious or want to emphasis on the durability of the battery. Unfortunately, two-mode system like this makes the price of notebooks become more expensive due to additional components that are available. Asus also offers a work setting "Power 4 Gear" that affects the battery consumption (performance, entertaintment, office, saving). This feature generally is beneficial to adjust rhythm / notebook user activity.


Asus U30J nearly perfect, both in terms of features and performance. Unfortunately there are some features missing such as the absence Express Card slot, FireWire port, and the positions of key indicators of the less fit (when viewed from the top). In addition to these things, U30J quite capable running various computing activities. Moreover, the hybrid system in usungnya indeed bring useful benefits. If you are indeed often require different performance profiles (such as office work or multimedia, U30J series could be one of the best options.

Testing Results

In this table, the test is performed only on the mode "eco" by using the default configuration (GMA 4500HD graphics chip and hard drive 5400 RPM. M60J Series wearing 820QM and i7-240M GeForce GTX graphics as the comparison looks more superior in scoring 3D (except if performance mode is activated, where the score graphic will look almost equivalent). In our opinion, more interesting U30J series with a performance slightly superior office and use the power (battery) that much longer.

Icon Indicators
Menu changes display mode and display settings icon in the middle of the screen moves. It is unique and fun.

Altec Lansing
To support a more perfect audio output, Altec Lansing speakers implanted with SRS technology, which is pretty good.

Battery Durability
Optimization of energy-efficient components that make the battery only needs to supply the lower voltage (average of 15 V) to turn on the notebook.

Plus: High Performance; complete facility; hybrid system; express boot mode, the battery efficiency.

Minus: The indicator light rather difficult to read; without Express Card; expensive price.

Assessment Score
Performance: 4.7
Facilities: 4.5
Use: 4
Price: -
Total Score: -

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