The MacBook Air Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

I’m typing this article on a MacBook Air. It’s the best notebook I’ve ever owned, and it’s a notebook that is severely underappreciated by anyone that doesn’t own one. Anyone reading this on an Air knows that it’s truly the lightest, full-featured notebook available and an absolute pleasure to type on for hours due to the exceptionally thin front lip and bouncy keys coupled with a super wide trackpad in a body that’s just over three pounds. Unfortunately, the MacBook Air has a bad reputation.

Anyone who hasn’t owned one simply doesn’t understand. They see a speed that tops out at 2.13Ghz, and an SSD at only 128GB of storage, and that’s before they nearly faint when finding out it has only 2GB of RAM and a single USB port. The next question is always, “How do I burn CDs?”

Back in the 90s, Apple had a program where it would give you one of its computers risk fee for around 30 days as long as you provided your credit card number (in case you don’t send it back). It was a genius program, because many people who’d heard Macs were terrible would try one and be hooked after only a few days. The same might have happened to the iPad if Apple hadn’t marketed the heck out of it leading up to release day. People knew it would be amazing, but the general consensus was, “What do I do with it?” That’s where the MacBook Air sits today. It’s a machine that most people want but simply don’t know where it fits into their workflow.

I’ve been a Mac user since early 2000, and back then, when working from a café or library, everyone would stop by my tangerine iBook and ask, “Are Macs really worth it?” After the success of the iPod and the Intel switch, people stopped asking, because many people were already Mac users. They already had one in their bag. The sale was made.

That didn’t start happening to me again until late 2009, when I purchased a MacBook Air. I was skeptical, but I had a 17” MacBook Pro at my desk and thought if I didn’t like the Air, I could send it back within two weeks. Two weeks later, I sold the 17” MacBook Pro and bought an iMac. Today, when I sit at a café, that same coolness of owning a Mac back in 2000 takes people over when they see the Air. Their first question, “Is it worth it?” Yes. Yes it is.

People at Apple know this. I know employees that are designers, product managers and retail workers at Apple who all tell me that they love the Air and that it’s the most underappreciated machine in the notebook lineup. If Apple knows it, why doesn’t it do something about it?

There’s a trend at Apple that I see repeatedly. The machine with the lowest sales remains stagnant until Apple gets around to fixing it up. The Mac mini was plagued with this problem, and sat dormant from a design perspective from 2005 to 2010. The Mac Pro has far worse sales than the mini, and it sees a minor speed bump once every 18 months, but if you own a PowerMac G5 manufactured in 2004 and sit it beside a Mac Pro that just arrived from Apple yesterday, they look strikingly similar. Just compare a PowerBook from 2003 to a MacBook Pro today and you’ll see where Apple spends most of its time innovating.

The MacBook Air’s design has remained unchanged since it was introduced in January 2008, when the SSD model cost close to $3,000. Apple continued dropping the price and enhancing the features, to where today’s high-end model can be had for just over $2,000 and can handle most everyday tasks. If a laptop is your only computer and you do any digital media creation, the Air isn’t for you. If you have a desktop computer and occasionally fly across country only working on spreadsheets, PowerPoint documents or watching movies, the Air is going to be your new best friend. I’m not a designer, and I’m not a digital magician. I’m just a guy that writes, emails, reads news and watches YouTube videos, and for that, the MacBook Air is the best machine money can buy.

I’m not going to speculate what the next Macbook Air should have. I’m only here to make a case that anyone that hasn’t used one should give it a shot and that Apple needs to throw some marketing dollars behind it so everyone else knows what we MacBook air owners have known for a long time: It’s the best notebook Apple makes and it also happens to be the smallest. It’s a machine for 75 percent of the portable Mac users out there, and too many people are buying more than they need when the MacBook Air fits in just nicely.

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Top 5 Bestselling 500GB External Hard Drives for Christmas 2010

So Christmas is fast approaching, and we're frankly shocked you're still letting your personal computer take the strain! We really think it's time you take a look at putting one of the 500GB external hard drives listed below on your Christmas wish list. You might just wake up one happy camper on Christmas morning, especially if you find one of these in your Christmas stocking...

Here are our Top 5 500GB hard disks this Christmas:

  1. Perhaps the biggest riser in this year's 500GB external drive market, the Seagate Expansion 500GB has become a bestseller on Amazon over recent months. Classic plug and play for ease of use, while files can be dragged and dropped at will. Santa could do a lot worse than sneak one of these in your Christmas stocking.
  2. Slipping from its top spot that it held for much of the year, the Toshiba Canvio Plus 500GB still has that superb Toshiba quality you've probably heard and read about If Santa is truly in a good mood, he'll save you one of these under the Christmas tree.
  3. A topseller throughout 2010 has been the Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB. Its sleek, thin design makes it one of the more attractive drives out there (well, as atrractive as hard drives can get), while its ease of use is also a reason for its popularity. That, and a very generous guarantee that it comes with - 5 years!
  4. An old classic that has reentered the top 5 recently is the Western Digital WD Elements 500GB, one of the easier to operate drives you can buy. It doesn't even need a power cord, as it's powered through the USB.
  5. Maintaining its place in our top five for most of the year is the LaCie Rugged All-Terrain 500GB. Its rugged good looks and long lasting all-terrain body has proven very popular this year. It also has triple interfaces; including FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0.

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Laptops Vs Desktops

There is nothing more dynamic than the enhancements and changes that are constantly made to modern technology. A breakthrough in technology is only a breakthrough for a time; advancements to existing conveniences are available almost immediately following the initial product. The debate between the desktop and the laptop share the same roots; convenience changes everything.

Is the laptop really more convenient, though? Does the desktop really pale in comparison to its smaller, lighter and more travel-oriented counterpart? The choice will always vary with the wants and needs of the consumer, but the advantages and disadvantages of both products remain the same. So, desktop or laptop?

1) There is the issue of pure convenience and the laptop has it. You can't pick up a desktop and head out the door; well you can, but why would you? If you need to have access to the internet or to your email account no matter where you are, the laptop is for you. There are hardly any cords, everything is wireless. Laptops are getting smaller and more efficient as time goes by; there are even models that can fit in one hand! Desktops take up too much room. Even though they are also getting smaller, every unit is individual: the speakers, the hard drive, the monitor, the printer. With a laptop, there isn't much that can't be done as is.

2) What about battery life? Good question. A laptop is only as good as its battery life. There is nothing worse than being away from the house and seeing your battery level sinking to an uncomfortable low. In some laptops, battery life is as long as 4-5 hours; but don't put too much stake in that, as many programs will drain your battery life a lot faster than normal. With a desktop, you are always fully charged. The convenience of carrying your laptop around with you doesn't matter much when your power source is on break.

3) Laptops used to be considered less powerful than the desktop which is not the case anymore. Laptops are really coming around in the power department which makes for faster, more efficient models. The desktop can still pack some unbelievable heat, and is a viable contender to the laptop.

4) Streaming and multimedia endeavors are easier with the desktop. Processors are just faster inside the desktop and can handle more things at once. There is a lot of space to work with, a laptop would require a supplementary hard drive to compete, which leaves room for more upgrades and better technologies.

So, it's time to make a decision. If you are overly concerned with the hookups, wires and cords that are associated with the desktop, if you want to experience portable convenience, and you want your model to eventually be so small you are the only one who can see it -- the laptop is your tool; maybe its worth taking a peep at an Acer notebook checking out the latest range Toshiba laptops. On the other hand, if you like spending less to get more, if you like to know exactly where your computer is at all times, and if you are not opposed to magnificent upgrades -- the desktop PC is what you are looking for.

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Good Effects of Playing Online Games

Most of the kids today and even adults are in to playing online games. People always say that they are just a waste of time and we'll get nothing out of it but research shows that we can learn a lot from playing online games.

Social Interaction

When playing games, you get to meet a lot of people and you learn how to interact with different kinds of people. You then build meaningful relationships and work together to achieve something in the game.

Boost Logic and Memory

Online games has a lot of puzzles to solve where it will improve your brain function. Will make you think faster and improve your logic. Even children can benefit on this kind of games but you should guide them as internet contains a lot of dangerous information not suitable for them. There are a lot of software that you can use for internet safety for your children.

Recovery from certain Illnesses

Online games can eve help families deal with chronic illness. There are games designed to help children/adults cope with serious illness. Games are less boring when learning things about health than reading books.

Stay connected with friends

Online games are also a great and fun way to stay connected with friends and spend some time with them. It's safe and very affordable. It can even improve your patience and handling different kinds of people.

If you're an online gamer then you can visit Free Downloadable Full Games to get free educational games and be updated with the latest gaming news.

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custom wheels and chrome rims

Most people would think changing the wheels is unnecessary, but if what you're going for is an overhauled look for your car, then you'll need to replace them inevitably. A better-looking wheel makes a world of difference on many cars and trucks.

Customizing a car in one part usually entails changing the other. But one thing you need to remember about wheels, tires, and hubcaps is that each has its own strength and aesthetic
value. No matter your taste, today's selection of custom parts is virtually unlimited.

A car's tires aren't just the part that makes it move. Believe it or not, it contributes a great deal to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicles. The tires, wheels, hubcaps, and car rims are generally looked at as a collective, so if you're planning on changing one, you'll also have to change the rest for a more put-together look. The beauty these days is that you can mix and
match everything--from chrome wheels with dark car rims; and aluminum rims and simple factory wheels.

Changing the size of your wheels is also an easy way to make your vehicle look more polished and customized. Sizes of factory and custom wheels range from 22" wheels to 17" wheels. Custom rims also come in the same said sizes. But remember, you have to know the right size for your vehicle.

Custom rims are perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your ride a custom look, even without doing anything else. Whether you prefer the old school look of Cragar SS chrome wheels with 12 inch wide, white lettered BFG's , or the new look of huge car rims and super low profile tires that look like a rubber band stretched around the rim, there are many choices out there for everyone. If you want to stand out, cruise around your town looking at other cars. If there's something that really strikes you, go with it, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, look for something that you don't see on every other car around town.

Alloy custom wheels are also very popular among car enthusiasts and this is due to two main reasons: it is lightweight and it just really looks good. It goes well with almost any type of size and custom rim too. When choosing a set of alloy custom wheels, to a certain extent, the decision is determined by the make and model of your vehicle, although in today's market, manufacturers of alloy wheels generally make all of their leading designs available in most rim sizes and stud patterns.

Choosing tires and custom wheels also requires some knowledge on the most trusted names in the market. Some tire brands that are reliable

Visit for all your custom wheels and rims needs.

chrome rims

Customize your ride can start with a new paint job and modding the specs, but it will not be complete without a shiny chrome rim set! Most of the rims are made of aluminum and magnesium alloys that are strong, but also light, but other alloys. The width of the rims differs very narrow for bikes and motorcycles too wide for the big trucks. The width of the border have an impact on the comfort of the ride as more comprehensive rims, although more stable produce more vibration. Less stable smaller wheels lead to worse treatment.

Customize your ride can start with a new paint job and modding the specs, but it will not be complete without a shiny chrome rim set! Most of the rims are made of aluminum and magnesium alloys that are strong, but also light, but other alloys. The width of the rims differs very narrow for bikes and motorcycles too wide for the big trucks. The width of the border have an impact on the comfort of the ride as more comprehensive rims, although more stable produce more vibration. Less stable smaller wheels lead to worse treatment.

Chrome rims, although they do not practical purpose are still much sought after. They improve the appearance of the vehicle in a way that no other part. Some people prefer the look of the rims painted on the vehicle, but the majority if the shiny chrome-plated, flashy look rims. Other parts of the vehicle also benefit from the decorative effects of chromium plating, bumpers, mirrors and exhausts for example. As well as on the shiny surface, especially when as a result of the Sun or any other bright lights is indeed aesthetic.Chrome rims are highly sought after by celebrities and artists who often hefty price tag, which feature a full set of the top of the range chrome rims can afford. some chrome rims for as much as $ 2,000 per rim sold!

Steel and aluminum alloy is typically used for the best steel rims above only.This alloy is stronger and lighter and better performance of the vehicle.Aluminum is a metal lighter than steel and be used as an alloy that the lighter wheels provide improved control of the vehicle. it is possible to have a similar look for less cost using a steel wheel painted a silver finishing but chrome plated wheels keep their look and take a lot longer. the electroplating process is a lot more involved and more expensive than just paint a steel wheel hence the higher cost of the finished chrome edge.

Take care of your Alloy rims

Alloy rims with Chrome can easily be taken care of by washing with a mild car shampoo and Rinse carefully.Dry with a soft cloth to scratch the chrome finish.If the edges are still dirty a specially crafted chrome cleaner. other types of cleaning agents should not if they can easily lead to damage.As soon as it is dry it’s a good idea to a thin layer of car wax smear on chrome. This will collect dust and other debris that is easily later without causing damage to the chrome will be removed. you will also need a protective coating wax on other parts of the car also use chrome.

Try not to use automatic car washes, such as the harsh detergents used will lead to damage to the chrome and the mechanical action can also lead to scratches. do not use cleaning fluids based on specially made for chrome on your rims, because they often contain acid can cause damage to the chrome finish and boring.

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Canon PIXMA IP4850 Ink Printer

It is a known fact that the quality of a printer is in the quality of its end product. Canon had this in mind when they designed the Canon PIXMA IP4850 printer, and in particular its brand new revolutionary ink system featuring the new PGI-525 and CLI-526 inks. Why have I written this Canon printer review? Because the new ink system is so exciting, its hard not to write a review about this wonderful printer.

No IP4850 ink review would be complete without an opening comment or two on the new five-color ink system, complete with pigmented and dye-based blacks for crisp, clean documents and high quality sharp photos that are sure to impress. This revolutionary systems delivers both high-quality photos and professional looking documents at a price you cannot refuse.

An unusual but certainly welcome feature of the Canon PIXMA IP4850 printer is the HD Movie Printing feature which allows you to capture movies scenes, via appropriate accessories, and print them directly from your printer without the need for a computer. This printer just plain performs. I simply cannot write about this superior printer without getting excited about the features of the printer.

As a document printer, the PIXMA IP4850 can save you time with its quick printing speed of 10.5 ppm for black and white and 6.1 ppm for color. This combined with the built in USB drive reader make the PIXMA IP4850 a versatile printer also capable of printing directly onto compatible CD's, DVD's, and Blu-Ray disks. Built into the printer is also the capacity to hold up to 300 pages of regular paper between the two paper trays.

In addition to examining the document printing capabilities of the PIXMA IP4850, this printer review would not be complete without a discussion of the photo printing capabilities. The Canon IP4850 produces a 4 x 6 photograph at a respectable speed of 46 seconds.

Here is a very interesting new feature of the PIXMA IP4850 (and a comment certainly worth of a Canon PIXMA IP4850 ink review). The new ink cartridge actually contain chips that allow you to access the content featured on the Canon Creative Park Premium service granting the user access to such things as free 3-D paper craft projects, greeting cards, scrapbooking materials and educational materials. Every time you buy a new Canon IP4850 ink cartridge- you are granted access to exclusive printable content. This is very valuable resource indeed.

The Canon IP4850 is a brilliant combination of innovative new technology and user friendliness. The driving force behind this printer review, namely the ink, delivers crisp high quality documents and photos which are sure to impress. When in the market for an innovative printer, don't forget to check out the Canon Pixma IP4850.

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PC Running Slow - How To Make Your Slow PC Run Fast Again

No matter who you are, if you own a computer then I am sure you have experienced firsthand just how aggravating it is when the computer you had used to run amazingly fast, but now you're sitting there waiting for the system to respond. It's not unusual to be typing something and to have your computer simply stop typing on the screen. After what seems to be an eternity, your computer begins responding again. At this point you want to know what you can do with your PC running slow... should you just toss it out the window or are there ways you can restore your systems performance?

The answer is yes, you can restore your computers processing ability. Here are things you can do without having to be a technical genius.

#1 First, keeping your computer cool will help how fast it performs. One thing it does not handle well is high levels of heat and in fact the cooler, the better. Now I am sure you are aware that there may be several different fans in your computer that help to move cool air in and hot air out. But what happens if these fans and heat exchanges get thick build up's of dust? Well, quite simply it acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in and preventing the air to move as well as it should. Now while you cannot just go in there with a rag and wipe it out, what you can do is use either caned air or even an air compressor, open up one side of your PC and blow all the dust build up out of there.

#2 Next, freeing up RAM will help increase the speed of your computer. Now, while you can simply go out and purchase higher level of RAM for your PC, it's likely that what you have now is still sufficient for your needs. You just need to turn background programs off that you do not use on a regular basis or even uninstall programs as well so that when your computer comes up, these programs do not use up precious resources in the background, waiting to be used and this can stop your PC running slow.

#3 You know the importance of PC security software. Every day new malware is released on the internet and spread in a variety of ways and you need to make sure that your data is protected. But sometimes, antivirus programs will have the ability to constantly perform a "background scan" that slowly works over your hard drive scanning it for any new threats. All this scanning can take up a lot of system resources. So if your computer is acting extremely sluggish, try to turn the background scan option off. Remember, from that point on unless you turn the background scan back on, the only way your PC will be protected is by performing manual scans.

#4 Let's look at the system registry. Out of all these things that can make a computer slow, the registry is the top issue most people have without even knowing it. The registry is a database of every file, folder and setting on the computer that makes for faster access of data. But because it is accessed so many times a day eventually there will be corruptions in the entries, making it more difficult for your computer to find the information it's looking for. This eventually leads to some rather serious errors and if left unchecked, all it takes is one bad registry entry in the wrong place and you could have a computer that no longer starts up.

It's not hard to restore your registries performance. In fact a system and registry scanner can do it for you with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you have a PC running slow scan it now and speed it up.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Why did Samsung make a 7” Tablet—because we’re into mobility and know that people are looking for compact communication and entertainment devices they can slip in their pocket and bring on the go. The GALAXY Tab is always connected, lightweight and smart. Its exceptional screen is designed for reading books and magazines, watching movies and playing games. The GALAXY Tab tablet builds on the rich content experience provided by the Galaxy S line of Android smart phones.

What Makes the GALAXY Tab Truly Mobile?

With 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® 3.0, the Samsung GALAXY Tab takes mobile communication to a whole new level. By combining Samsung innovation with the Android OS 2.2, the Tab is truly an always on communication and entertainment tool. Its large battery (4,000 mAh) provides more than 7 hours of movie viewing time and because it’s powered by a Cortex A8 1.0GHz application processor, it’s designed to deliver high performance.

Increased Productivity on the Go

Experience PC-like web-browsing and enjoy all forms of multimedia content on the perfectly sized 7” display from anywhere as well as enjoy continuously communication via e-mail, and video call, or social networking with the GALAXY Tab’s optimized user interface. At 7” it’s designed to fit in one hand but it’s easy to type on the Tab using a two hand thumb type style or by using SWYPE input technology.

Front and Rear facing Camera

As online content and creativity explodes, the Samsung GALAXY Tab is the best portable solution for every lifestyle that needs a constant connection. The device’s front facing camera allows for video chat with friends and business partners around the world. And, the rear-facing 3 megapixel camera with flash captures still images and video that that can be edited, uploaded and shared, in and from the Tab.

Watch Video, Read and Play Games on the Go

Its striking 7” TFT-LCD display delivers exciting mobile experience for watching films, viewing pictures, e-reading or sharing documents. Supporting the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.1, the Samsung GALAXY Tab fully supports swift, seamless viewing of every single page of the web. Flash support provides excellent video and gaming capabilities.

At the same time, HD video content is supported by a wide range of multimedia formats (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and more) which maximizes the joy of entertainment.

Media Hub: Buy Content Once and Share Across GALAXY Devices

At the same time, Samsung has unveiled the Media Hub, a gateway to a world of films and videos, and Music Hub, an application giving access to a wide range of music tunes. Media Hub customers who purchase content to permanently own can share that content with five devices enabled with Media Hub at no extra cost.

Android Marketplace and Google Mobile Services

The Samsung GALAXY Tab is packed with services to complement and enhance life in different ways. There is access the Android Marketplace to download apps and personalize devices infinitely, as well as pre-loaded applications that are uniquely designed and optimized for Samsung smart phones and smart media devices.

Services like Google Maps™ Navigation (Beta) and Google Goggles are available on Google's Android platform. With useful location-based services like Google Maps, search works using Standard English instead of entering an exact address. A search-by-voice function is just as intuitive, meaning searches can also be completed easily on the go. Google Goggles is a powerful, visual search tool that uses the Samsung GALAXY Tab's camera to uncover information – an image of a landmark or artwork is automatically used to perform a search, delivering relevant content like a description or history. In addition, with a camera, users can enjoy various augmented reality services which are downloadable in the application market.

source's :

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Ultra SlimVostro V13 small Business

Dell Ultra SlimVostro V13 small Business Laptop Review

Dell is the top company and reputed name in the laptop industry of the world. For the business community of world, Dell launched the business model of its ultra slim Vostro V13 laptop model. It has the 13.3 inch (16.5mm) Razor-thin, ultra-light aluminum body of the screen. Its weight should be around 1.59 Kg (3.5 pounds). It has the energy-efficient Intel processors.

It is the latest addition to Dells small-business line of laptops. The ultra slim Vostro V13 is conveniently-sized but packed with laptop power and efficiency. This new version of Dell Laptop combines premium design and worry-free security. The V13, like the entire Vostro line, is backed by dedicated and specially trained small-business sales and support experts, comes with a 30-day worry-free return policy1, and features a suite of customizable service and support solutions designed specifically forsmall business. With the help of this Vostro V13 laptop you can run Windows 7 effortlessly while performing everyday tasks quickly with support for up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory.

In this new Dell laptop users can go wireless with a full range of connectivity options.

Dell Business has the Adamo-inspired Dell Vostro V13 13.3" WLED Ultra Thin Notebook for $399 + $8 shipping = $407 shipped. Takes design cues from the Adamo, but without the ludicrous price

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How to Rip a DVD in Windows 7

Ripping a DVD - how hard could that be? Must be just like ripping a music CD! However, once I tried out many of the instructions that come up in a Google search, I realized that it wasn't such an easy piece of cake. Perhaps because I was running Windows 7 and most of the how-to's were written with Windows XP in mind.

These are the steps that finally worked.

1) DECRYPTING: DVD43 works like a charm. The program has been consistently available for a while now - just by searching its name. Once installed, it sits in the windows system tray as a yellow smiley. When an encrypted DVD is loaded, it starts working and turns green when its ready. It even reads region incompatible DVDs. (Note: This step is not needed for un-encrypted DVDs.)

2) COPYING THE DVD FILES: It is probably better to copy the DVD Video files, contained in the VIDEO_TS folder, to a hard disk, rather than ripping directly. This is because ripping could take a long time and cause the drive to spin continuously for hours - which may not be a good thing.

3) CONVERTING TO AVI (Xvid/DivX): The key step. After trying various options, the one that worked best for me was AutoGK. If the link does not work (and for some strange reason, it often doesn't), entering the URL "" should bring up the home page. Download and install the latest version.

The program has a simple interface. You need to select the IFO file from the VIDEO_TS folder that corresponds to the main program/movie on the DVD as the input. This is easy as this IFO file will have the maximum number of corresponding VOB files. Then, select the appropriate audio track and subtitle track (optional).

It is better to specify the "output size" rather than "target quality". This leads to a 2-pass encoding, which gives better quality. A standard length movie should compress well to a size of 1-2 CDs (700-1400MB). Homing on the ideal size - based on the length and quality of the DVD - will get better with a little practice!

You may also fiddle around with the Advanced settings. A detailed online tutorial is available at the AutoGK site.

Finally, hit "Add to Job" and "Start". You will soon have your very own ripped AVI file. Enjoy!

I am a Neurophysician from the beautiful city of Calicut in Kerala, India. My interests include computers, music and spirituality. My blog at contains articles on technology, spirituality, neuroscience and other topics.

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How to Use Remote Desktop Software

If you want to get remote access to a specific computer from any location in the world, then you will need to purchase software to achieve this. Remote Desktop software has been designed by companies such as Microsoft, LogMeIn, Proxy Networks and others in order to allow users to connect remotely to other computers across the Internet. The application is versatile and can be used while traveling to access your home or work computer. It is also used for technicians to gain remote access to a computer to fix any issues within it. The power of remote access software is there for all to see. In order to use the program it first needs to installed manually and configured accordingly to be able to use for your needs. Once the software has been installed and enabled it can then be used to connect remotely to other computers and systems.

Step 1: Enable Remote Desktop on the Host Computer

In order to enable the software on your host computer you first need to enter the Control Panel via the Start and Settings menus on your PC. Open up the 'System' application by double clicking on the mouse over that particular icon. Choose the remote menu tab and choose to allow users to connect remotely to this computer. In the remote settings area and under remote desktop, select on of the options available to allow remote connections to the computer. You can then select which users can have access remotely to the other computer. Once this is all done then the connection on this end should be set up.

Step 2: Enable Remote Desktop on the Target Computer

The next step is to set up the software on the target computer as well. This is to enable both sides to talk to one other when the connection is made. For this reason this must also be installed and enabled manually on the other computer you wish to get access to remotely.

Step 3: Open a Remote Desktop Connection

Once the computers on both sides have been enabled with the software to allow connection, then it is time to open up the remote desktop connection. To begin you should navigate to the remote desktop connection menu item in the start menu and under accessories and programs. Enter the computer name to which you want to connect. This can be the name or the IP Address of the other computer. This will open up the remote desktop session and all that remains is to press the connect button. You may be required to enter a username and password if the connection is protected.

Step 4: Take remote control of the other computer

Lastly, once everything is set up and enabled and you have connected to the other desktop you can get permission to take control of the other computer via the remote session on your desktop. You can take over every aspect of the other machine until control is taken back. Once you have finished you should log off or shut down the connection in order to give the user back their ability to move about their device of their own free will again.

This article was written by Phillip Presley on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Desktop Software, Remote Control Software, and PC Remote Access needs.

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Top 5 Futuristic Gadgets, Available Today!

Technology and Science are innovating new things everyday. You could not imagine the gadgets which you have today in your daily use. Here are the best "far-future' gadgets that actually do exist and you may be able to order them on an Amazon.

1. GE VScan

In the Star Trek movies, a tricorder gives a quick and easy diagnosis. This GE medical scanner is of same technology and almost works as an ultrasound. This pocket device having a size of a small mobile phone, weighs less than a kilogram. Its scanning period is of almost two minutes.

2. Cyclone Power Technologies

In Back to the Future films, a DeLorean runs on scrap. Cyclone Power has a vapors engine that runs on fuel made up of orange peels, familiar with any biodegradable agent or a corn husk. Fossil fuel is not used in it to save environment.

3. Satay Healthy Body Fat Analyzer

A fat body could transform you in fattier alien creature. This body fat analyzer does not go so far it transfer a mild electric shock through your body and measures the body fat which in result gives you a report that how much weight you are suppose to lose.

4. Geo Fencing

Many authors wrote about and vehicles can "Geo-located" by revolving satellites. Your location can be detected by your cell phone any time. In coming next few years, real estate agents will feed listings to you as you walk by a new home for sale.

5. Lonator

It is a hand held gun, futuristic enough that when you use it you will feel like you are wearing a star trek in uniform. The lonator, by a small company looks like something from the book. It kills germs by spraying a chemical that separates grime from the counter-tops.

A graphical interface of IT Professionals Dedicated Team's Work and efforts. You can keep yourself update round the world whats going on in Techno Life. How Technology Hugs to human. Its all about Technology, Gadgets, Life and Activity.

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Find And Fix Computer Restart Problem

If your computer is having automatic restart problem and you do not know why, you are on the right page. In this article I am going to help you troubleshoot your PC restart problem and we will try to find and fix your PC for automatic restart issue.

There may be two major probabilities behind this PC restart issue.

1. Hardware Problem.

2. Software Problem.

It is learnt by experience that, when ever computer got restart problem majority was because of software issues. So before we doubt on any newly installed hardware or peripheral device, let's check for any possible software issue.

Ask your self, have you installed any software recently after which your PC is being restarted accidentally at anytime? If so, try removing that newly installed software. IF you have not installed any software recently, then doubt goes on to computer virus. About 90 percents of computer issues happened just because of virus infection. So, if you think your computer might be infected by virus attack, you should consider full format of PC instead of installing antivirus only, because in most cases, cleaning viruses by installing antivirus software on infected PC do not help. So what I mean here by full format is

a. Format your system drive and reinstall your Operating System.

b. Install your hardware drivers,

c. Before doing anything else, install latest antivirus software and update it. Run full scan of your pc and remove any viruses found.

d. Install all other necessary application software.

It must be enough to solve your computer restart problem if it was due to software issues. If the problem remains unsolved, then doubt goes on to hardware issues.

Again ask your self, have you installed any new hardware like CD drive, RAM, Extra Hard Drive, PCI Card? If so, simply remove it and your problem might be resolved. If you not have installed any hardware and restart issue is still not fixed with above mentioned method, there are chances of faulty hardware issues.

You may try replacing following hardware one by one with your friend or family who is ready to let you allow playing with his PC. So you can find faulty hardware your self and can save service charges of computer hardware consulting person. You may simply purchase that device and replace your self.

1. First of all replace your RAM.

2. If your RAM is OK, replace SMPS (Power Supply).

3. Then try replacing CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drive, and CPU Fan one by one.

4. If everything seems to be OK, final doubt goes on to processor or mother board. If you are not able to replace it with your friend or family, it's time to consult computer hardware engineer. Do not forget to tell him about all above procedure your have done to save time and cost.

Hope this article may resolve your PC Restart issues. Your feedback and comments on your own computer troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.

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Windows 7 Registry Repair - Is Windows 7 Prone To Develop Registry Corruption?

Windows 7 registry repair can be necessary after a computer has been running it for several months. This is true despite the many advancements Windows 7 has made over previous operating systems. In a way, this powerful operating system is actually more prone to developing registry corruption than its predecessors were. This may not sound logical, but it is true.

As Windows operating systems become larger, the registries they use as their filing systems become larger as well. It is for this reason registry corruption is more of an issue in newer operating systems than it was back in the days of Windows 98. This is not a knock on Windows or its newer, higher tech OS's. It is simply a fact of computer life; if more registry files exist, there are more chances for registry corruption to exist.

Windows 7 Built In Registry Tool

Windows 7 does have a built-in utility that deals with registry problems. This utility is SFC.exe. It not only is included in Windows 7, but Vista and XP as well. To use this utility it must be run from a command prompt. This makes using it much more difficult than running a third-party registry cleaner. These utilities are installed to the Windows operating system and simply run from a Windows icon.

Along with the fact it's easier to use, commercial registry cleaners seem to run faster and are user friendlier in other ways. It is true, many technicians scoff at registry cleaners. Many of them say they have seen registry cleaners harm operating systems. Actually, so have I. However, there are some registry cleaners that I have used over and over and over again and have always had great success with them and I have never seen them do any damage to an operating system. The ones I've seen cause trouble have usually been free ones. Some of them were commercial cleaners that just don't make the grade.

Registry Cleaners Can Save a Lot of Grief

So, I recommend using commercial registry cleaners because many times I have seen them prevent a Windows reinstall needing to be performed. When a reinstall is performed properly, the contents of the hard drive will be erased. Sometimes, I have seen Windows installed on top of an existing copy of Windows and the results were poor. So, to do it properly the old copy of Windows must be removed and whenever it is all the other files, such as.DOC files must be erased.

Registry cleaners are like most things in life, you should stay away from cheap and free ones. Windows 7 is an excellent operating system and you should treat it as such by using the best maintenance tools available. So, when choosing how to best to maintain your Windows 7 registry, make sure to employ the best Windows 7 registry repair tool you can find.

The author, Ed Lathrop is a comp TIA A+/Network+ certified computer technician familiar with the operation, repair and upkeep of today's PC's. His site, Microsoft Registry Cleaner, explains Windows registries and how to keep your computer performing at it best. Also, Speed Up Computer shows you how to get your computer's speed back!

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Acer launches AOD255

With tablets stealing the lime light, netbook announcements are few and far between, but not absent altogether. Later this month, Acer will begin shipping its new Aspire One AOD255 netbook built around Intel's dual-core Atom N550 platform.

"We have enhanced our best-selling Aspire One netbook line with the improved performance and better power efficiency to improve the mobile computing experience for consumers," said Pete Dailey, senior product marketing manager for netbooks. With the new Aspire One AOD255, users are able to multitask, explore the Internet, connect with friends, and enjoy entertainment applications, without worrying about battery life or being tethered to an electrical outlet."

Acer didn't throw us for any curve balls with the AOD255. The standard configuration applies: 250GB hard drive, 10.1-inch LCD screen, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 1.3MP webcam, 1GB of DDR3 memory, and Windows 7 Starter. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is also included.

The AOD255 carries an MSRP of $330.

Dual boot is not a new feature, and many PC manufacturers are offering this feature on their products. Acer, one of the largest computer manufacturers, has upgraded its product, the Acer Aspire One with features like dual boot capability, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows XP. The aim of this upgrade is to provide the best netbook for people who like to use both Google Android and Microsoft Windows XP.

The Acer Aspire One AOD255 is replacing the previous model, the AOD250, with many upgrades especially on its processor. This new model is using the latest Intel Atom N450 at 1.66GHz, and it is providing enough processing power for regular office applications while using low power consumption for better mobility. The processor is backed up with 1GB DDR2 memory and a 160GB hard drive for the storage. The components that this netbook use are good enough, and affordable enough to keep the netbook’s price competitive.

Like most of other netbooks in the market, the Acer Aspire One AOD255 is using a 10.1 inch screen with 3 cell Li-Ion battery pack. This battery pack can be upgraded to a 6 cell battery for better mobility. The most impressive thing about this netbook is its ability to boot using dual operating systems. The Android is being used for fast boot and instant network connectivity, while the Windows XP is being used as the main operating system.

This netbook is currently available for preview at Taipei Computer Application Show and people who are attending the event can get a special price of only $300. There is no official public availability for this netbook yet, but it is estimated to be priced at around $375 so that the $300 pricing at the Taipei Computer Application Show for this great netbook is really a good deal.

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Sony launched two vaio Z series notebooks

Sony launched two vaio Z series notebooks in indian market.NGN-Z13GN/B and VGN-Z12GN/B are the new notebooks from Vaio Z series.Their size is 10% less when compared with the notebooks with same screensize.They have a screensize of 33.2 cm.These Sony Z series notebooks are good for desktop computing and weighs about 1.4 Kg. Mat black finishing,carbon fibre body with aluminium brushed sheet are the main features of the notebooks.The two notebooks are powered by intel centrino processors.

Other specifications include 13.11 LCD dispay with 16:9 aspect ratio,biometric fingerprint sensor,trusted platform module,security harddrive password protection software,802.11" wireless lan,optional Blu-Ray Disc,HDMI port memorystick media/SD card slot.Sony's new Vaio Z series laptops are preloaded with vista buisness edition.

Sony Vaio VGN-Z12GN/B notebook PC also features a 7-in-1 Media Card Reader which supports Standard/Duo Size compatible, MagicGate compatible, Memory Stick PRO compatible, and High-speed data transfer compatible, SD Memory Card (SDHC compatible), and Multi Media Card.

In addition, the Sony Vaio VGN-Z12GN/B notebook also offers integrated Biometric Fingerprint recognition technology with Security Chip TCG Ver.1.2 compliant Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for enhanced data and system security.

Sony Vaio VGN-Z12GN/B notebook PC also features Intel High Definition Audio with 3D audio (Direct Sound 3D support) and it comes with built-in stereo speakers. In addition, the laptop also sports inbuild 1.3 Megapixel resolution webcam with integrated Monaural Microphone.

Some of the software bundled with this Sony Vaio notebook includes:

Entertainment – Windows Media Center, Instant Mode, Image Converter Video Capture/Edit: VAIO Movie Story, VAIO Content Importer/Exporter 1.2, Adobe Premiere Elements, VAIO Edit Components, WinDVD for VAIO
Music: VAIO MusicBox, SonicStage Mastering Studio, SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter

Still Image Editing - Windows Photo Gallery , Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements

Tools - Roxio Easy Media Creator, Adobe Reader, Norton Internet Security 2007, VAIO Control Center 2.1, VAIO Camera Capture Utility, Setting Utility Series, VAIO Launcher, ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects.

Windows Vista Business preinstalled Sony Vaio VGN-Z12GN/B notebook is powered by Lithium-ion battery which provides up to 3 hours of extended battery backup at full charge (without Wi-Fi).


  • 2 USB : High Speed USB 2.0
  • PCMCIA Port
  • i.LINK(IEEE 1394) 4pin FireWire port
  • RJ-45 Connector : 10Base-T/100Base-TX
  • S Video In/Out Connector
  • Headphone jack (stereo mini), 3.5mm
  • Microphone jack (stereo mini)
  • External VGA Monitor connector (Analogue RGB, mini D-SUB 15pin)
  • RJ-11 V.92 and V.90 Compliant Fax/Modem
  • 7-in-1 Memory Stick Slot
  • ExpressCard/34 PC Card Slot
  • HDMI Digital Port

VAIO Z’s slim, lightweight 13.1" LCD of robust design is perfect for office and mobile use. Dynamic Graphic System provides a speedy graphics mode for the office and a power-efficient mode for mobile use. Robust carbon fibre construction contributes to solid dependability and a premium design.

Spec at glance:

* Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor
* Genuine Windows Vista® Business
* High Duragility& Light Weight: Carbon Body
* Real Wide 13.1-inch Clear Tough LCD [Rich Colour]
* DDR3 SDRAM Memory
* Dynamic Hybrid Graphic System

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High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casino

A high roller casinos is a gambler who places large bets on a game. He or she is also known as a whale in casino parlance. Casinos offer them generous benefits to them, to keep them coming back and also because they contribute towards the business in a big way. High rollers win big but they also lose in a big way, thus contributing to the cash flow of the casino. These VIP players often receive great bonuses from online casinos. They are allowed extra credit as well as some amount of discounts. They are also given some kind of cash backs on betting turnover or loss. High rollers casino are given personalized support from the casino and often a free email account. Other benefits include priority banking and privy to special promotions

When many individuals surf the Internet, they are very likely to eventually locate a casino or gambling website. Since there are so many of these particular sites online,. Need something special to wear for that formal or special occasion? Huge selection on beautiful and quality made dresses, cheap formal dresses; buy them at wholesale price and save big! some people may not understand what makes a superior high roller online casino and what types of websites would be less impressive. The High Roller Cyber Casino is a new high roller casino that is able to offer players multiple benefits that will act as virtual assurance for the websites success. With such a high level of competition in the online arena, especially when it comes to online casinos, new casinos are forced to find areas in which they can succeed in an exceptional manner, and therefore make themselves more attractive to gamblers and online casino players.. , it’s wonderful Luckily for interested parties and the entrepreneurs of this high roller online casino, the High Roller Cyber Casino is just what the Internet needs in order to step up the professional, accessible,.

First, this casino offers a number of aspects that are a practical necessity for businesses on the World Wide Web in this day and age. These important, but often overlooked features, include different currencies and languages for a variety of different countries and nationalities. For individuals that do need help, the high roller online casino offers live support 24 hours a day, every day of every month. There are different available format for this help. This way, the individual can decide which format they prefer to use when it comes to getting customer support.

my advice, you can come to to try it

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cheat hackshield point blank 6 oktober

Memory Usage for not detected by Hackshield tutorial 1Install And Run Through VMWAREJalankan Point Blank VMWARE 2Jalankan Cheat Engine

Cheat Perfect World Process is important here is there are options for Bypass or for MLE is not detected by HackShield

important that there are options for Bypass or for MHS was not detected by HackShield kumpula MHS cheat cheat cheat point blank point blank that are not detected hackshield

1cheat damage point blank blank bot 1cheat point blank for no detectable hackshield 1cheat this game reportedly has its own uniqueness that is not owned by

Ian actually do not want to tell you this way because the software can be used to Cheat ian point blank can be detected by hackshield way how to MHS

SO SHOULD NOT CHEAT bullet MASTERc ROOM SHOULD NOT CHEAT Bomb text-decoration underline; "Bypass or for MHS was not detected by HackShield Point

Because if late can be detected by HackShield from Point Blank Point Blank Cheat consists cheat for the second time running HackShield not detect cheat

important that is to bypass or for MHS was not detected by us will be tested instead HackShield busy nyari yg pake cheat cheat it was just a fool who does not


SMAN 2 SOUTH Tambun Technology Tips for password is not in breaking Tips Tips Cheat software can be used to Cheat ian point blank that can be detected by hackshield

OS without a blue pill wakaka Memory Usage for not detected by Hackshield tutorial 1Install And Run Through VMWAREJalankan Point Blank VMWARE 2Jalankan Cheat Engine

CHEAT CHEAT Posted by POINT BLANK on 0525 6 comments Process is important here is there are options for Bypass or for MHS was not detected by HackShield

cheat the program by gamers GameGuard hackshield etc but the hackers did not

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asus a42jk specifications

prices Notebook Specifications Asus A42JK

Price Rp 6,999,000,-

Asus is also not to be outdone by the other vendors have released products Notebook Core i5, this time they present a series notebook "Asus A42JK" that have been implanted with these processors. The advantages of this processor is the Turbo Boost feature that can improve the standard speed of up to 30% faster. In addition, the latest Intel processor variant is also less in power consumption so that battery will be more durable. This product is also offered at relatively affordable prices, comparable to what obtained in a reliable and performance.

Specification :

* Processor : Intel Core i5-350M
* Operating System : Non OS
* Graphics Card : ATI Radeon HD 5145 1GB
* Warranty : 1 year limited warranty
* Display : 14 inch display
* Chassis & Weight : 2 kg
* Memory : 1 GB DDR3
* Hard Drive: 320GB
* I/O Ports: USB, LAN, Modem
* Optical Drive : DVD +RW Multi burner
* Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Card Reader
* Audio: Ready
* Battery : 6 cell
* Others: Webcam, NIc

Tag: specification notebook, harga laptop Asus A42JK, update news notebook,kelebihan Asus A42JK,price notebook, produk offer notebook Asus A42JK, news notebook, review notebook, kekurangan Asus A42JK,

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Inspiron 15 into the category of best selling 2010

In these financially troubled times, the budget sector is more important than ever. Considering it's a notebook from the world's third-largest PC manufacturer, Dell's Inspiron 1545 (also known as the Inspiron 15) has a lot to live up to, especially since the last Inspiron we had through our labs, the Inspiron 1525, walked away with our coveted Recommended Award. Let's find out if the 1545 is worthy of similar praise.

As with many new budget notebooks, Dell's latest is available in a few different colours if purchased direct. Matte Black is standard, but for an extra £29.99 you can choose Microsatin Blue, Red or Pacific High-Gloss Blue lids. Not exactly much choice, especially given Dell's usually prolific customisation options, but any choice is better than none. Our particular model, available from PC World for £429.99, came with a blue 'high-gloss' lid. While not quite as bad as piano black at showing fingerprints, it will still require regular attention and there is no cloth provided for this.

Opening the notebook up is even worse, since aside from the notebook's sides, keyboard and touchpad every visible inch is glossy black. While this shiny finish looks attractive, every time you type or use the touchpad your notebook will display streaks and prints. There's not even any kind of pattern à la Toshiba A350-11N or HP HDX 16 to somewhat disguise this effect. After just a day in the office, the 1545 looked like it had been sitting out for a week. Semi-matte palm rests might not have looked quite as flashy, but they would sure require a lot less maintenance.

Aside from this, the design is streamlined and minimalist. Apart from the keyboard and touchpad, the only things breaking the Inspiron's clean lines are a speaker grille and small square chromed power button above the keyboard. In the first sign of the 1545's budget nature, there's not even a webcam to spoil the screen's slick bezel. To be honest, this is a bit of a harsh omission even on a notebook available for around £400 since even the cheapest netbooks come with one. And, though Dell offers a 1.3 Megapixel model for upgrade if buying the 1545 direct, it charges a hefty £30 for the privilege.

Thankfully, build quality doesn't show any signs of such severe cost-cutting. All the plastics used feel very solid and there is no sign of extravagant flex or creak. Connectivity, though, is another area that has been seriously affected. Aside from the usual DVD-Rewriter and memory card reader, we have a 34mm ExpressCard slot rather than the more usual 54mm version. In addition there are headphone and microphone jacks, three USB ports, an Ethernet port and VGA-out. One could argue that this is no more than most people will need, but just to put it into perspective, the latter list is no better than what you'd find on a netbook and even the Inspiron 1525 managed to include an HDMI port.

- Intel Pentium Dual Core
T4500 (2.3MHz)
- Genuine Windows® 7
Home Premium 64-Bit
- 15.6" widescreen
- 1.3MP webcam
- 4GB Memory
- 320GB Hard Drive

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about cheat point blank 5 October

O Troopers PB and all who like to hang out on this blog .. Sorry if the title does not match the contents. Why? Hoping the hunter cheaters can be opened the door a little heart after reading this post. Just want to share it, about our pride game Point Blank is now already not cool anymore because a lot of cheaters! not only just want to complain, but through this post I also want to give input to the GM or especially on the part of GEMSCOOL. every point blank to update definitely can not use cheat cheat again or another word that needs to be updated to match the new update hackshield pointblank. why not every week or 2 weeks pointblank an update? Long it must be cheaters too lazy to update continuously.

I heard that GM is spreading cheat yourself? - "Sure, if you can logically only. Because I believe Hackshield Gemscool used for pb certainly bener2 truly sophisticated and protection can not be uprooted hacker okay except" if there is a secret code to spread hackshield tsb ". Who nyebarin? May aja people in the right? not want su'udzon, but the main logic

Then I also really wonder why the cheatter nyebarin also cheat to others, even to this day the 5th of October I am very lazy play pointblank. Each entry room DM / BM there must cheat.

now you should be aware, we dicurangin same person feels very uncomfortable right? If you cheat ikut2an did you believe all the Trooper in a play room that you use the cheat all the same? how not to wear? certainly do not like just like you. This is the virtual world, we can not meet in person, it does not mean we go around. Could be even conduct a virtual world that we lakuin now is our true personality. If so mah people pura2 doing so well? The point gini gan, I wrote a simple answer:

"If do not want dicurangin, do not ever cheat."

Who want to use chit on please, I am as Troopers bp that has never completely wear chit can only remind aja. If our behavior in the virtual world can be your best, especially in the real world? in actual real life? So, not only because our game is actually a war of words that just pile up sin.

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Gaming Laptops Are Powerful Computers

The first thing to look for in a gaming laptop is a discrete graphics card which offers high-end graphics solutions. Integrated kinds are very common, cost-efficient and power efficient, but practically ineffective for modern 3D games. Gaming laptops are usually bigger than the ordinary gaming notebooks and come with a 15-inch or larger screen, but there are exceptions. Take for example the custom gaming laptop designed by engineers to give the users the best and the most powerful marketed today. There are included some components in the laptop which are integrated according to the users specifications and made sure to last as long as 96 hours continuous gaming. This is guaranteed to be depended on for several years. These computers only use the best parts available today and the user will be able to depend on the support from the custom designers.

Laptops for gamine should have innovations which will make it perform at its optimum best, things like dual quad-core processors, hybrid hard drives and memories for high-bandwidths will make these computers unmatchable when it comes to performance. The builders have several years of experience building and customizing laptops specifically for gaming purposes. The engineers design the notebooks and laptops to give the users the best performance they need or even dream of. They start form the parts, using only the best that are available out there, and it continues on to the stress test which should make the user have the capacity to have uninterrupted gaming for up to 96 hours straight.

Each of the custom designed computers comes with a three year warranty plus service. This is because after three years there is new technology in the computer world. The newest in the market will be the dream of the user and with new computers, new designs and new programs; they would want to upgrade continuously to ensure they game undisturbed. Most of the mass produced computers prevent the owners from upgrading their systems and are forced to purchase newer models. With the custom designed computers, the upgrading is not only probable but it is possible.

Factor Gaming offers some of the most powerful Gaming Laptops in the world. Gaming Notebooks technology includes quad core, Core i7 Intel processors, high-powered graphics cards like the GTX 480m, and up to 12GB of DDR3 memory in a single system. No other mobile gaming system on the market comes close.

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Upgrading Your Laptop By Selling Your Used One

Electronics are continuously being improved upon. Daily, new digital cameras come out with exciting new features, such as waterproof capabilities, new zoom features, or even higher pixels. Cell phones come out with similar exciting capabilities, such as digital camera features or touch screens. Laptops are no different. With the wide selection of new laptop computers, there are always new ones that surpass the current one you have in possession. People are always looking for that new upgrade, to be in the loop with the most up-to-date laptop computer.

However, it often leaves you with used, yet functional laptops that you might not necessarily know what to do with. If you are eyeing that new laptop with some new features, perhaps an attached web cam, instead of tossing your used laptop away or simply resorting to using it until it dies out, you should sell your Sony notebook for some extra cash-that you can utilize towards your new purchase.

The cost of these new laptops can often be relatively expensive; thus, selling your Sony notebook in exchange for some quick cash may enable you to compensate at least a small percentage of the new expense. You can see it as a type of discount or trade-in, exchanging your used laptop, of which you have little to no use, for a newer upgrade. Instead of leaving your old laptop computer around your house, with no one utilizing it, you can trade it in for a wad of cash to use towards that new laptop computer you've been eyeing for months. By selling your Sony notebook, you are providing the company with parts so that they can refurbish computers to re-sell at a lower value to new customers. This type of business not enables these companies to recycle goods that would have just gone to the junkyard and wasted. In terms of electronic waste, this is the most effective way to reuse those usable parts that would have been simply wasted. Thus, for environmental benefits, sell your Sony notebook and you will be contributing to the green movement.

Another benefit to your selling of your used laptop is that by providing the refurbishing company with the parts necessary to reconstitute electronic waste into usable, functional laptops for resale is that those who might not be able to afford a brand new laptop at retail price, can opt to purchase one of these refurbished laptop computers at a discounted price. Thus, sell the Sony notebook that you would have had no use for and you will provide someone else the opportunity to access the benefits of having a laptop computer. Not only are you simply trading out your unneeded laptop computer for some cold hard cash, which yourself will need in order to purchase that new laptop you've been desiring, you are helping someone out there at the same time.

So, if you are looking to make an upgrade on your laptop computer, sell the Sony notebook that is just sitting in your drawer, collecting dust, and get some quick cash to apply to your next purchase!

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Toshiba Satellite L510-B404

SKU: 00609307

Platform: Notebook PC with Intel Centrino Duo Technology

Processor Type: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor
Processor Onboard: Intel ® Pentium ® Dual-Core T4500 (2.30 GHz, FSB 800, Cache 1 MB)
Chipset: Intel 45GM
Standard Memory: 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM PC-8500
Max. Memory: 4 GB (2 DIMMs)
Video Type: Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD 268 MB (shared)
Display Size: 14 "WXGA LED
Display Max. Resolution: 1366 x 768
Hard Drive Type: 250 GB Serial ATA 5400 RPM
Optical Drive Type: DVD ± RW
Network Speed: 10/100 Mbps
Wireless Network Protocol: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
Interface Provided: 2x USB 2.0, VGA, LAN, Audio, eSATA
O / S Provided: Pre-sales Request Available
Dimension (WHD): 340 x 38 x 232 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Standard Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty by Authorized Distributor

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How to Fix Svchost Exe Application Error Safely

Computer application errors are quite common and they might ruin your system too. Svchost.exe Application Error is one of the most usual errors that are occurred due to the presence of corrupted files in the registry. When this error pops up, you might notice an option to debug or terminating the application program. Basically, the functionality of the computer is completely reliant on the Svchost.exe application and any damage in the registry will ruin this application and result with an error.

As a primary measure, verify the windows settings and check for the latest updates. When the system is most frequently updated, some files might never be OS friendly and compatible. At this point, the Svchost.exe error might appear. To overcome and fix this error, you might have to register and upgrade the DLL file. Besides this, you can even reboot the system and let the OS reload again. Rebooting will help to get rid of the errors encountered and can efficiently resolve the trouble. With all these, you need to egest the corrupted files found on the registry system. Doing all these procedures will eliminate the Svchost.exe Application Error and cleans your system from those scathes.

To resolve the application, cleaning the computer registry by means of appropriate cleaner is significant. Registry cleaners are easily accessible on the internet and they could be downloaded for free! All you have to do is, find a prominent registry cleaner that can thoroughly diagnose the system and eliminate the runtime errors such as Svchost.exe Application Error. Troubleshooting Svchost.exe error with the cleaner not just eliminates the corrupted files but also cleans the registry system completely. This in turn accelerates the overall performance of the computer and keeps the system effective. Some registry cleaners charge you some money to use, but it is worth spending on it. Better be sure to get some best registry cleaner that has shown proven results.

Registry cleaner will remove the junk files resulting to various damages and can eventually prevent your system from being crashed. The sooner you clean those junk files, the safer your system will be! You never have to be computer savvy to fix the Svchost.exe Application Error, since it is simple to carry out where a layman with basic computer knowledge can handle it with ease. You never have to call a technician and spend some bucks to fix the error rather you can do it yourself reviewing the procedures online.

Scan Your Computer immediately and Fix Svchost.exe Application Error instantly, the professional All-In-One computer health software can help you to get rid of all kinds of potential risks of your computer and leave you a stable working environment, so do not waste your time to learn how to fix it, but start to fix it right now.

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cheat point blank 2 October 2010

Website Download Latest Cheat Point Blank Point Blank please download cheat unlimited cash headshot hp at New Complete Best of True. This time the use of Point Blank's very easy to cheat at all how can-can all work carried on. But if something happens do not blame the article Download Cheat Point Blank's Latest yes delete accounts for example get caught later due to foul play

Well friends all, the first step which you have to do is get one for Point Blank Cheat software please download it free here Cheat Point Blank. After you download using winrar extract the software, now all been fully available in it including his password. As for how to use Cheat Download Point Blank's Latest briefly described in further details below, see ya well for the future can succeed in its use

download here for the latest cheat point blank

Running Unlimited Cheat Blood Point Blank (with MASTER ROOM requirements must be yes)
1. Login You Game, Open Engineer, Open Process and do not forget the check list check box near the sign of OK!
2. At First Scan options Float fill with numbers of 100, throwing bombs until your blood should be reduced but you try not to die.
3. Second scan the contents of the blood which now is (Example: 52) Then after the scan is complete only 1 kind of address, well that's living in 2x click and edit it later will move to 999 in two columns, and do not forget that reading lock check box in the check list .

Download Point Blank's Latest Cheat for Bullet Not Out-out forever:
1. Game Log, Open Engineer, Open Process, do not forget check list check box near the sign OK
2. Scan First Byte appropriate use bullet in the gun, for example: mp7 = 30
3. Scan Second, the shot gun you but do not let habiz, then the numbers listed on the bullet for example 25, the contents of her 2nd scan with 25, if there are still many addresses, you scan again but you have to fire more bullets into let's say 21, it remains at a scan scan 2nd yes mate.
4. Get Address After that you will only need to add check boxes lock into check list.
5. Good luck!

Point Blank Bug Cheat Cash (Successful In Test 100%)
1. You must Login Game, Open Engineer, Open Process, do not forget to check list check box near the sign OK.
2. 1st Scan using the Short, the amount in cash (no cash should be above 1000)
3. After the scan finished, try to buy Cash with weapons or items (Example: Cash beginning of 1000 in buy weapons into the remaining 516) 516 nah Value Scan it into 2nd, then you will get 1 address well that you change it to "50 000" Cash is max , if more than that will be banned (50,000 Cash = 500 Thousand Rupiah)
4. Then when there is an inscription in trying to buy it like this "Failed to buy, Connections Are there problems" in the cafe which means that the path you are using is not good, you try another internet cafe in order to use Download Latest Cheat Point Blank.

download a cheat here
The next 2 download cheat here
Well all my friends A few used information from a real friend at this time, may be useful for you guys who play Point Blank hobby. Oh yes do not use it too often will be found out Ok!

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How to Set Up a Webcam

Are you looking to purchase or use a webcam but unsure how? Follow these easy steps and you shall be recording video with your computer right away. I'll also be giving out some awesome tips, so read on!

Step 1: Find a camera

Any style will work; it doesn't matter if it is a webcam or even a video camera, though using a video camera is a bit more difficult.

If you don't already have experience in using them the steps necessary may be a bit hard to understand. To simplify matters, I'd personally suggest buying a Webcam. Purchasing a webcam will make your video producing experience a good deal easier.

If you're looking for a place to check out what webcams are available, scroll down and there's a link to a site that reviews and discusses the latest webcams on the market.

If you're stumped trying to settle on a webcam to buy visit this site. They review and discuss a lot about webcams.

Programs and Drivers

Once you have a camera you will have to install the software (or drivers) that come with it. Typically these come on a CD included in the box but sometimes you may have to go searching for drivers. Your Webcam manufacturer's site is a great place to start.

Some webcams are UVC compatible, which means that they use standard drivers which are built into your operating system. In such cases you may not have to install the manufacturer's software or drivers.

Sometimes new features will not function on your camera until these are installed, which features work or which don't depends on what operating system and what webcam you have. As an example, a number of automatic focus cameras won't auto focus using the UVC driver, others will. Some cameras have different resolutions that aren't available without installing the drivers that come with it.

Step 2 Make Your Video

Producing your video is the easiest part. Each camera records in a different way, so you should refer to your webcam's instruction booklet for more detailed information on how you can save video to your own computer.

You can record whatever, so go nuts! This is the most fun and important part in this guide.

Step 3 Upload Your Video

How are the images going to get to your viewers? Well, there are essentially 3 choices.

Use a webcam service such as SKYPE, AOL or Yahoo. This is actually the simplest and best way to connect with friends and family. This method requires that the person on the receiving end of the broadcast installs the same software as you; depending on what network you use you may find the quality is not really as high as you like. For this reason there exists a number of pay webcam services that promise better quality images, but I don't have any experience with them so they won't be included at this point.

Your own web site. Using this method you can record your video using your Webcams software or a paid program that does the same thing. You then must upload the video to your webserver and create a web page linking your viewers to the video. This method allows for a better quality stream as well as an opportunity to change your video before your viewers see it. This can be the most effective method when you have a dial-up connection, or anticipate having more than one person watching at the same time.

Upload your video to a website. With social networking being the newest and fastest growing way to connect with people on the web it is a no-brainer that websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion allow you to upload your recorded video for possibly thousands of people to see. This is actually the best option if you would like people to be able to watch your video on demand.

Those are the fundamentals for setting up a webcam and if you are just starting with webcams, you should probably stick with the first option of using a service, and then begin to look at uploading your videos to one of the social networking site for maximum exposure.

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