PC Running Slow - How To Make Your Slow PC Run Fast Again

No matter who you are, if you own a computer then I am sure you have experienced firsthand just how aggravating it is when the computer you had used to run amazingly fast, but now you're sitting there waiting for the system to respond. It's not unusual to be typing something and to have your computer simply stop typing on the screen. After what seems to be an eternity, your computer begins responding again. At this point you want to know what you can do with your PC running slow... should you just toss it out the window or are there ways you can restore your systems performance?

The answer is yes, you can restore your computers processing ability. Here are things you can do without having to be a technical genius.

#1 First, keeping your computer cool will help how fast it performs. One thing it does not handle well is high levels of heat and in fact the cooler, the better. Now I am sure you are aware that there may be several different fans in your computer that help to move cool air in and hot air out. But what happens if these fans and heat exchanges get thick build up's of dust? Well, quite simply it acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in and preventing the air to move as well as it should. Now while you cannot just go in there with a rag and wipe it out, what you can do is use either caned air or even an air compressor, open up one side of your PC and blow all the dust build up out of there.

#2 Next, freeing up RAM will help increase the speed of your computer. Now, while you can simply go out and purchase higher level of RAM for your PC, it's likely that what you have now is still sufficient for your needs. You just need to turn background programs off that you do not use on a regular basis or even uninstall programs as well so that when your computer comes up, these programs do not use up precious resources in the background, waiting to be used and this can stop your PC running slow.

#3 You know the importance of PC security software. Every day new malware is released on the internet and spread in a variety of ways and you need to make sure that your data is protected. But sometimes, antivirus programs will have the ability to constantly perform a "background scan" that slowly works over your hard drive scanning it for any new threats. All this scanning can take up a lot of system resources. So if your computer is acting extremely sluggish, try to turn the background scan option off. Remember, from that point on unless you turn the background scan back on, the only way your PC will be protected is by performing manual scans.

#4 Let's look at the system registry. Out of all these things that can make a computer slow, the registry is the top issue most people have without even knowing it. The registry is a database of every file, folder and setting on the computer that makes for faster access of data. But because it is accessed so many times a day eventually there will be corruptions in the entries, making it more difficult for your computer to find the information it's looking for. This eventually leads to some rather serious errors and if left unchecked, all it takes is one bad registry entry in the wrong place and you could have a computer that no longer starts up.

It's not hard to restore your registries performance. In fact a system and registry scanner can do it for you with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you have a PC running slow scan it now and speed it up.

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  • You may not have heard of file indexing before – but enabling this option on your computer will slow your computers performance markedly. It uses a large volume of the RAM (Memory) on your computer. So – we suggest you disable this service and you will notice the difference immediately.

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