Find And Fix Computer Restart Problem

If your computer is having automatic restart problem and you do not know why, you are on the right page. In this article I am going to help you troubleshoot your PC restart problem and we will try to find and fix your PC for automatic restart issue.

There may be two major probabilities behind this PC restart issue.

1. Hardware Problem.

2. Software Problem.

It is learnt by experience that, when ever computer got restart problem majority was because of software issues. So before we doubt on any newly installed hardware or peripheral device, let's check for any possible software issue.

Ask your self, have you installed any software recently after which your PC is being restarted accidentally at anytime? If so, try removing that newly installed software. IF you have not installed any software recently, then doubt goes on to computer virus. About 90 percents of computer issues happened just because of virus infection. So, if you think your computer might be infected by virus attack, you should consider full format of PC instead of installing antivirus only, because in most cases, cleaning viruses by installing antivirus software on infected PC do not help. So what I mean here by full format is

a. Format your system drive and reinstall your Operating System.

b. Install your hardware drivers,

c. Before doing anything else, install latest antivirus software and update it. Run full scan of your pc and remove any viruses found.

d. Install all other necessary application software.

It must be enough to solve your computer restart problem if it was due to software issues. If the problem remains unsolved, then doubt goes on to hardware issues.

Again ask your self, have you installed any new hardware like CD drive, RAM, Extra Hard Drive, PCI Card? If so, simply remove it and your problem might be resolved. If you not have installed any hardware and restart issue is still not fixed with above mentioned method, there are chances of faulty hardware issues.

You may try replacing following hardware one by one with your friend or family who is ready to let you allow playing with his PC. So you can find faulty hardware your self and can save service charges of computer hardware consulting person. You may simply purchase that device and replace your self.

1. First of all replace your RAM.

2. If your RAM is OK, replace SMPS (Power Supply).

3. Then try replacing CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drive, and CPU Fan one by one.

4. If everything seems to be OK, final doubt goes on to processor or mother board. If you are not able to replace it with your friend or family, it's time to consult computer hardware engineer. Do not forget to tell him about all above procedure your have done to save time and cost.

Hope this article may resolve your PC Restart issues. Your feedback and comments on your own computer troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.

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