about cheat point blank 5 October

O Troopers PB and all who like to hang out on this blog .. Sorry if the title does not match the contents. Why? Hoping the hunter cheaters can be opened the door a little heart after reading this post. Just want to share it, about our pride game Point Blank is now already not cool anymore because a lot of cheaters! not only just want to complain, but through this post I also want to give input to the GM or especially on the part of GEMSCOOL. every point blank to update definitely can not use cheat cheat again or another word that needs to be updated to match the new update hackshield pointblank. why not every week or 2 weeks pointblank an update? Long it must be cheaters too lazy to update continuously.

I heard that GM is spreading cheat yourself? - "Sure, if you can logically only. Because I believe Hackshield Gemscool used for pb certainly bener2 truly sophisticated and protection can not be uprooted hacker okay except" if there is a secret code to spread hackshield tsb ". Who nyebarin? May aja people in the right? not want su'udzon, but the main logic

Then I also really wonder why the cheatter nyebarin also cheat to others, even to this day the 5th of October I am very lazy play pointblank. Each entry room DM / BM there must cheat.

now you should be aware, we dicurangin same person feels very uncomfortable right? If you cheat ikut2an did you believe all the Trooper in a play room that you use the cheat all the same? how not to wear? certainly do not like just like you. This is the virtual world, we can not meet in person, it does not mean we go around. Could be even conduct a virtual world that we lakuin now is our true personality. If so mah people pura2 doing so well? The point gini gan, I wrote a simple answer:

"If do not want dicurangin, do not ever cheat."

Who want to use chit on please, I am as Troopers bp that has never completely wear chit can only remind aja. If our behavior in the virtual world can be your best, especially in the real world? in actual real life? So, not only because our game is actually a war of words that just pile up sin.

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