Windows 7 Registry Repair - Is Windows 7 Prone To Develop Registry Corruption?

Windows 7 registry repair can be necessary after a computer has been running it for several months. This is true despite the many advancements Windows 7 has made over previous operating systems. In a way, this powerful operating system is actually more prone to developing registry corruption than its predecessors were. This may not sound logical, but it is true.

As Windows operating systems become larger, the registries they use as their filing systems become larger as well. It is for this reason registry corruption is more of an issue in newer operating systems than it was back in the days of Windows 98. This is not a knock on Windows or its newer, higher tech OS's. It is simply a fact of computer life; if more registry files exist, there are more chances for registry corruption to exist.

Windows 7 Built In Registry Tool

Windows 7 does have a built-in utility that deals with registry problems. This utility is SFC.exe. It not only is included in Windows 7, but Vista and XP as well. To use this utility it must be run from a command prompt. This makes using it much more difficult than running a third-party registry cleaner. These utilities are installed to the Windows operating system and simply run from a Windows icon.

Along with the fact it's easier to use, commercial registry cleaners seem to run faster and are user friendlier in other ways. It is true, many technicians scoff at registry cleaners. Many of them say they have seen registry cleaners harm operating systems. Actually, so have I. However, there are some registry cleaners that I have used over and over and over again and have always had great success with them and I have never seen them do any damage to an operating system. The ones I've seen cause trouble have usually been free ones. Some of them were commercial cleaners that just don't make the grade.

Registry Cleaners Can Save a Lot of Grief

So, I recommend using commercial registry cleaners because many times I have seen them prevent a Windows reinstall needing to be performed. When a reinstall is performed properly, the contents of the hard drive will be erased. Sometimes, I have seen Windows installed on top of an existing copy of Windows and the results were poor. So, to do it properly the old copy of Windows must be removed and whenever it is all the other files, such as.DOC files must be erased.

Registry cleaners are like most things in life, you should stay away from cheap and free ones. Windows 7 is an excellent operating system and you should treat it as such by using the best maintenance tools available. So, when choosing how to best to maintain your Windows 7 registry, make sure to employ the best Windows 7 registry repair tool you can find.

The author, Ed Lathrop is a comp TIA A+/Network+ certified computer technician familiar with the operation, repair and upkeep of today's PC's. His site, Microsoft Registry Cleaner, explains Windows registries and how to keep your computer performing at it best. Also, Speed Up Computer shows you how to get your computer's speed back!

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