Earn money from blog / your website

Before I knew how to make money from blogs, I always hated the ads on web pages that I visit, because they often offer the goods to be purchased, whereas we are only looking for information. Recently around the beginning of 2006, I was new to the ways of monetizing our website, and my view of ads on blogs

Unfortunately, once I do not know the keywords to search for relevant information in order to make money with a web / blog, so just do not know the list of Adsense repeatedly rejected. In stark contrast to today, where so many blogs that already contains this information:)

As a media, blogs and web that contains the information could be generating money by placing ads on your blog / web. So, do not be selling our own stuff, because our job is to bring visitors to see (and if possible click) ads from ad networks (ad network) that we put on our web.

The development of advertising media on the web / blog has also been experiencing quite a lot of progress compared to the first, so do not have to form lines or banner ads, but there are also links and media buzz. Before this article make you more confused (read: bored), we see one of the methods and terms that would often we encounter when we want to monetize our blogs.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means that you will be paid if you put ads on your blog at the click of your visitors. The amount of money paid to you for each click will vary for each ad network and keywords for those ads. Example of CPC advertising programs are Google Adsense, Text Ads its AdBrite, Chitika and Bidvertiser.

CPM stands for Cost Per has Metrics. Often also described as impression-based advertising. Ads that use this method will pay you to display their ads, and the tariff is computed for each 1000 performance / impressions. One of the advertising program that uses this method is its image AdBrite ads.

Link Ads
Link Ads is an advertising program that pays you to put a link to another site. Program to this site is not too much trouble, do not take your place on the web. You just focus on building your blog or website as well as to the SEO optimization for blogs we could have enough PageRank to be accepted by the link brokers like Text Link Ads, Backlinks etc. You can also sell their own links to your site if your site has been well known and high pagerank.

Referral / Affiliate
Earn money with referral and affiliate system can be a challenge for the bloggers / webmasters. Because we only get paid if we refer customers to use services or buy products from a company. This requires a little marketing capabilities if the goods or services that you have referred quite expensive.

Media Buzz / Paid Review
Paid review program is a program that seemed very popular lately. This is due to convenience and fast payment enough. You'll get paid to create articles that refer to a single site, services or products sold by others. Even blogs pagerank 0 can join the program paid this review. Only, your blog will usually be quiet orders unless your blog has advantages in terms of the other like a high traffic or link to your site is quite popular.

After reading the above description, you might begin to ask

Choose which one?

To determine the right choice, we just adjusting to the circumstances that we have blogs. For instance we have a lot of visitors the site and have tried to install the CPC based advertising, but no one wants visitors click on our ads (usually happens on blogs are not specific theme), then we'd better count on CPM advertising.
But if you've been running your blog, and the CPC and CPM advertising revenue you are not satisfied. I think you should start optimizing your website is SEO so you can earn money from your blog via paid reviews and Link Ads. If for referral, it is strongly influenced your marketing capabilities and attractiveness of the product itself.

good luck :)

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Simplified Concept Advertising Publisher Business

Simplified Concept Advertising Publisher Business

Internet development has been able to change the pattern of work which can only be done once offline by leaving for an office, this is now slowly becoming obsolete. Speed Internet access more quickly make the data transfer process is shorter, the job faster and with better results as well.
The Internet makes the work more effective and efficient both in terms of time or financial terms. This makes it much simpler pattern of human thinking of doing business. If in a few decades into the backs of the workers went home from the office and be on time, wear uniforms, and others formed this regulation is becoming obsolete. A journalist should not pacing from the scene to his office just to submit the results of his work, how much time and cost?
Blog as a result of developments in information technology also experienced a shift function was merely to accommodate personal articles are now able to be a substitute for an office (virtual office) that can generate thousands and even millions of money, and for some people has become a livelihood. Please reread the article "Starting the Internet Business with Blogs" in order to understand the initial steps to start blogging. Understanding of the various types of businesses diinternet also very helpful steps to take for beginners in starting a business on the internet.

Simple concept of business ads publisher (publishing advertisements), as explained below and note the illustration image above.
There are three parts of the business ads publisher:

1. Advertiser (Advertiser)
Advertiser is one part of a series of ads publisher of business system, which consists of companies that require advertising services to introduce their product to consumers.

2. Ads Publisher (publisher of the ad)
Publisher ads served to convey information to consumers about a product. This section consists of three components, namely:

  • Advertising Agencies (Ads Agency): This is a company that collects information about your products companies in need of advertising services.
  • Internet: is the media which is a tool in the process of advertising to be able to connect between the company and ad agency intermediaries to consumers.
  • Blog: this is where the position of the bloggers who served as the trigger (trigger) in giving the description of a product, but not as a provider of product information. Blogs are within the scope of the Internet whose job it is to give certain information according to his character that bloggers are expected information created by the bloggers can provoke a product information displayed. Ad agency is owner-managed enterprises information on advertising and bloggers is a provider of space for the agents to provide information about a product to consumers. Bloggers will receive a fee in lieu of rent as agreed between the blog and blog owners and advertising agencies.

3. Consumer
This is the target market into the company's target advertisers, are expected between the consumer and the advertiser's company party transactions will occur as a result of information obtained imaged by the agent on a blog on the Internet.
Thus a simple description of the business on the internet with blogs, hoping to unlock insights to better understand the techniques of doing business on the Internet. Happy blogging ... :-)

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Version of Article Writing Blog Darren Rowse

Articles like body whose existence is absolutely necessary for the blog. Quality, quantity and frequency of bloggers in creating an article and determine whether a person successful in managing the blog (beyond mastering the techniques of optimization blog). Very fair if someone is having difficulty in finding ideas, ideas in a blog article. Planning, essence, and there are many factors that affect the quality of a blog article. And if you are including the category of bloggers who are difficult to expose yourself thinking, under this can hopefully be a reference to enrich your bloggers. Blogger Tune-Up tried to translate freely (plus additional Blogger's view Tune-Up) This article from a professional blogger, Darren Rowse Pro Blogger blog owner with the original title of the article 21 Ways to Write Posts That Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog.

Here are tips-n-tricks to write a blog article version of Darren Rowse:

  1. Write an article for the benefit of others
  2. Write the articles unique, different from other people write
  3. Write an article that is worth the latest good news or have long
  4. Write an article for the first that has not been written by someone else
  5. Write an article which makes readers become smarter
  6. Write a controversial article but it does not violate the provisions of
  7. Write an article that was based on the results of the research yourself or someone else (ofcourse as approved by the researcher)
  8. Write an article that touched the feelings of fear someone about something
  9. Write articles that could help readers in reaching the goals
  10. Write articles that could invite the reader response
  11. Write an article that touches the reader emotionally
  12. Write an article by involving the reader's emotions
  13. Write interpretation or translation of an interesting and warm story for readers
  14. Write an article or a provocative and inspiring
  15. Write an article a story that could inspire someone the way they think
  16. Write an article that is able to solve problems
  17. Write articles that funny or at least make the reader smile
  18. Write articles that could alleviate or provide reader solutions in saving money / energy
  19. Write an article that many people believed
  20. Write an article which is a reference / resource or resources
  21. Write out a cool article that invites reader click amazed

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tukar link doffolow gratis

pastinya para blogger sudah tahu fungsi bertukar link dengan sesama blogger atau website lainnya dan mungkin ini adalah makanan pokok sehari hari para blogger..
yap selain meningkatkan kualitas seo, trafict, dan pagerank dari hasil backlink bertukar link, kita juga bisa mengikat tali silaturahmi antar blogger.

kali ini saya ingin sekali mempunyai banyak teman di dunia maya khususnya untuk blogger - blogger yang ada di indonesia dan pastinya saya juga ingin sekali Pagerank saya naik (ngga munafik) dengan adanya program bertukar link di blog saya ini. dan mudah mudahan teman -teman yang bertukar link dengan blog saya ini pageranknya ikut naik juga, amin

langsung saja yah dengan syarat dan ketentuannya yang memang harus di lakukan agar para blogger teratur dan tertib, kan biar sama - sama adil, dan tidak ada yang merasa di curangi

bila ada yang ingin bertukar link dengan saya syaratnya adalah di bawah ini

  • pemasangan link harus berada di depan halaman blog anda masing - masing jangan pasang di postingan atau artikel blog
  • jika ada yang memasang di artikel atau postingan blog maka link anda tidak akan pasang
  • pasang link saya terlebih dahulu dengan cara copy kode di bawah postingan ini, lalu beri komentar pada blog saya agar cepat saya pasang di blog saya
  • blog pastinya harus doffolow, sebab blog ini asli doffolow
  • tidak ada curang mencurangi, sebab saya akan membacklink blog anda jika ada yang memenuhi ketentuan syarat blog ini
  • usahakan PR blog anda minimal 0 tidak N/A
mudah kan dan tidak terlalu muluk untuk sebuah syarat bertukar link, dan anda jangan khawatir sebab saya Online 24 jam, jadi pemasangan link anda akan cepat terpasang

jika ada kritik dan saran, anda bisa tulis komentar di bawah ini, dengan cepat insya Allah akan saya balas

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What is RSS and Feeds?

Feed Reader
In the terminology perkomputeran, reader feedback (in English: Feed reader), or sometimes also called an aggregator, collecting, or newsreader (news readers), is a client software or web service that collects syndicated web content such as news headlines, blog, podcast , and vlog in a location that makes it easy to read.
Aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check the website for updating information, and create a unique information space or "personal newspaper." If you already subscribe to a feed, feed readers will be able to check for new content based on user-defined time interval and obtain new information. Loads the content is sometimes considered to be "pulled" by customers, as opposed to the "driven" as the sender's electronic mail or instant messages. Unsubscribe any easier by the aggregator user than the user information "pushed" the other.
Recommended feed readers are often installed as a default within a portal site (such as My Yahoo! And iGoogle), modern browsers, and electronic mail client program.

Web Feeds
Web feeds (English: web feed) is a data format used for serving frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed and allow users to subscribe. Create a collection of web feeds that are available in one place is known as aggregation, which is done by aggregators (also called feed readers or news readers).
In a general scenario of the use of web feed, the content provider publishes a feed link on their site which can be subscribed to by end users using the feed reader programs that run from the reader's own computer. If requested, the aggregator will read a list of servers on the bait to search for new content, if found, the aggregator can notify the new content or download it directly. Aggregators can also be scheduled to periodically check for new content.
Type of load presented by the web feed is typically HTML (webpage content) or links to web pages and various other digital media. Often a web site that provides web feeds include only summaries in the web feed them and not the complete content.
Web feeds provided by many news websites, weblogs, schools, and podcasts.

RSS is an XML format for syndication file that has been used (and most of them) news Web sites and weblogs. This abbreviation usually leads to several protocols:

  • * Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91)
  • * RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0),
  • * Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)

The technology was built with the RSS allows you to subscribe to a web site that provides the feed (feeds) RSS, usually web sites whose contents are always replaced at regular intervals. To take advantage of this technology we need the collector service. Collectors can be conceived as a personal mailbox. We can then apply to sites that want us to know the changes. However, unlike a newspaper or magazine subscriptions, subscribe to RSS unnecessary costs, for free. But, we usually only get one line or an introductory address from the contents of the following sites related to reading the full contents of the article.

RSS is widely used by the weblog community to spread a summary of recent writings in journals, sometimes also include the complete articles and even pictures and sound. Around 2000, widespread use of RSS in various news publications, including Reuters, CNN and the BBC. RSS is used on almost any news site or weblog, with a variety of purposes including: marketing, press releases, product regular reports, or other activities requiring notification and of course periodic publications.
A computer program known as feed readers (feed reader) to act as a collector. This program will check your website that provides RSS and display a variety of new articles found. Grace period and the cycle of collection RSS can usually be arranged by the user. Courses collectors can be either a computer program or a web service that is available online.
RSS gatherers in the computer program is usually in the form of applications (software) itself must be installed on the computer before it can be used. The program is available for different types of operating systems with varied prices. There is also a free RSS gatherer program. See List of collectors RSS.
Courses collectors on the web does not require installation and settings, we can see and check out our RSS anywhere, provided there is a browser and Internet connection. Some collectors RSS service also provides merger and also search.
A website that provides an RSS feed there is usually a link with a button marked XML or RSS. However, advisable to use RSS instead of XML in order not to create confusion (for each RSS is XML, but not every XML is RSS).
As written above, there are several versions of RSS, and even some groups to make the new Atom format that has also been adopted by many sites. But users do not need to be confused RSS, syndicated collector program makers are usually able to recognize both that format, even still allow the reader to the old format.

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PageRank is a patented algorithm that has a functioning web site to determine which is more important / popular. PageRank is one of the main features of the Google search engine and created by its founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who is a Ph.D. student Stanford University.

How it works
A site will be increasingly popular as an increasing number of other sites that put links that lead to his Web site, with the assumption that the content / site content is more useful than the content / content of other sites. PageRank is calculated with a scale of 1-10.

Example: A site that has a Pagerank 9 will be sorted first in the list of Google search than the sites that have a Pagerank 8 and then onwards smaller.

Many ways to use search engines to determine the quality / ranking of a web page, from the use of META Tags, the contents of a document, the emphasis on content and many other techniques or a combination of techniques that may be used. Link popularity, a technology developed to improve the shortcomings of other technologies (Meta Keywords, Meta Description), which can be rigged with special pages designed for search engines or so-called doorway pages. With the algorithms 'PageRank' is, in every page will be counted inbound links (incoming links), and outbound links (links keuar) of any web pages.

PageRank, has the same basic concept of link popularity, but not only considers the "amount" of inbound and outbound links. The approach used is an important supposed would page if another page has a link to that page. A page will also become increasingly important if other pages ranking (PageRank) of high refers to the page.

With the approach used by the PageRank, the process occurs recursively, where a ranking will be determined by the ranking of web page ranking is determined by the rankings of other web pages that have links to those pages. This process means a process that is repeated (recursive). In the virtual world, there are millions and even billions of web pages. Therefore a web page ranking is determined from the overall link structure of web pages that exist in cyberspace. A process that is very large and complex.

From an approach that has been described in articles PageRank concept, Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin makes PageRank algorithm as below:

initial algorithm PR(A) = (1-d) + d ( ( PR(T1) / C(T1) ) + … + ( PR(Tn) / C(Tn) ) )
One other published alogtima PR(A) = (1-d) / N + d ( ( PR(T1) / C(T1) ) + … + ( PR(Tn) / C(Tn) ) )

  • * PR (A) is the Pagerank page A
  • * PR (T1) is the Pagerank T1 pages that refer to page A
  • * C (T1) is the number of outgoing links (outbound links) on page T1
  • * D is a damping factor which can be between 0 and 1.
  • * N is the total number of web pages (which is indexed by google)

Of the algorithms above can be seen that the PageRank for each page is determined you are not a whole web site. Pagerank PageRank of a page is determined from the page that refers to him who is also undergoing the process of determining pagerank in the same way, so this process will be repeated until the correct results were found. But the pagerank page A is not directly given to the target pages, but the previously divided by the number of links that existed at T1 pages (outbound links), and the PageRank will be divided equally to every link on that page. Likewise with every other page "Mr." which refers to the page "A". Having obtained all the PageRank of other pages that refer to the page "A" are added, the value is then multiplied by the damping factor is a value between 0 to 1. This is done to avoid a total sum distributed pagerank T page to page A.

Random surfer model
Random surfer model is an approach that illustrates how real that is a visitor in front of a web page. This means that the chances or probability that a user actually clicks on a link is proportional to the number of links that exist on the page. This approach is used so that the pagerank pagerank of incoming links (inbound links) are not directly distributed to the target page, but divided by the number of outgoing links (outbound links), which exist on the page. It was all too consider this fair. Because can you imagine what would happen if a high ranking pages by referring to the many pages, it may not be relevant PageRank technology used.

This method also has the approach that a user will not click on any link on a webpage. Therefore, PageRank uses a damping factor to reduce the value of the distributed PageRank of a page to another page. The probability of a user continues mengkilk all existing links on a page is determined by the value of damping factor (d) that a value between 0 to 1. Value of high damping factor means that a user will click on a page more until he moved to another page. When users switch pages, then the probability diimplemntasikan into PageRank algorithm as a constant (1-d). By issuing variable inbound links (incoming links), then the likelihood of a user to move to another page is (1-d), this will make the pagerank always be at a minimum value.

In another algorithm, PageRank, there are values of N merupkan total web pages, so a user has a probability of visiting a page divided by the total number of pages available. Sebaagai example, if a page has a PageRank 2 and a total of 100 web pages in one hundred times the requests he had visited that page as much as two times (note, this is a probability).

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such as whether a professional blogger?

A question often heard among the bloggers, even I often receive comments and emails with a tone similar questions. One asked about the category of professional bloggers, someone asked what if want to become professional bloggers and others. Actually this question is very difficult to answer because basically amatirnya professional and a blogger is very difficult in the identification, even I try to talk with the bloggers who are considered professionals but that they themselves do not want to admit that they've included professional category. To understand such as whether a professional blogger, below is the little instruments we can use to identify someone else or yourself.

1. Time
A good blogger would appreciate the time and will always try to spend time, not just to write an article on his blog, but many more things to do, from interacting with visitors, reply to the comments of visitors, conduct online research , gather information and or just a walk to the blog to others. It is important we do as a blogger, at least one hour per day should we set aside our time to do these things, because it would trigger a person's character to become a blogger, will trigger thoughts of someone to continue working and pouring more ideas better. Maybe by the time we started to build a blog, it very much to spend time, from determining a topic, choose the layout, add a blog facility, creating a convenient navigation and others.

2. An expert in Topic
A professional blogger must have expertise on his chosen topic. This is to create confidence in his readers, so that those who visited our blog whether it is the result of our invitation, and the search engine results due to chance, they feel curious to come back regularly reading articles that we make. Bloggers need real experts in the field, eg, he is a web designer then he should really people who are ready to field any time with whatever happens concerning web design, whether it is about new provision, whether it is related to the development of a new programming language to topic which was warmly discussed about web design. And this is the result of continuous learning at any time, in the sense we get that skill gradually from time to time with a high willingness to learn and hold on the topic of choice on the blog.

3. Liking Topics
Many people who say that "what we like, which in fact able to provide life and enjoyment in our lives", this is also true in the world of bloggers. Preference for or interest in something and something is usually going to make someone very serious in these things and was always curious to keep track of this and it was done without compulsion or even fun. This is what should be chosen to be the main topic in the blog. For example, you really like and are interested in the world of automotive engineering, then talk about things related to automotive and not too imposing to write something that does not relate to our interests and favorites. Forcing myself to make a topic that we do not like or are not interested just going to drop us in the eyes of other bloggers, this will make the reader reluctant to stop by our blog.

4. Writing skills
This also should be noted, because many bloggers who do not seem so concerned about this. Yes indeed, blogs are personal notes from someone, but why should we write diblog if it was only to be enjoyed alone or as a personal archive? If there is no relationship or intentions with others, we need not write on the blog, just in the diary book. Blogs are more than just a diary book, because the writings that we make will definitely read others. So this is where the importance of understanding the ability to write both in terms of grammar, story line gradually, easily understood by other readers and accountable. Do not let the articles that we make can only be understood by us as a writer, what about others who stop by accident or coincidence? The ability to write absolutely must be understood and controlled by a blogger, although not as good as the author or authors of the truth, but at least readers easy to understand what the purpose of which we write in our blogs.

5. Technical knowledge Blog
Blog technical knowledge is the ability to understand and memanejemen blog itself associated with basic technical blog, because blogs are software-based content management, so a blogger blog ought to master the basic of its management. As a database capability, domain transfers, scripts, plugins, et cetera. This is so not too much to spend money for repair and maintenance (maintenance and repair), other than that due to personal blog, the article should tersebutlah blog owners who must master the outside in a blog managed.

6. Blogging Knowledge
Knowledge blogging blogging with the technical knowledge that there is a strong interdependence. Like mastering trackback, ping, SEO, social bookmarking, twitter, RSS feeds, facebook, podcasts, youtube, autoresponder and other things that aim to improve the ranking of search results on search engines and other facilities to build strong and sustainable network. Surely this should be supported with technical ability in terms of installation scripts, modifications, additions and the ability of the basic things blog.

7. Blog Design Capabilities
There are some bloggers assess this is not so important, but it would be better if a blogger also has the ability to design a blog, be it in terms of unique and creative layout, page access speed, and easy navigation system for the visitors, as this would provide an attractive first impression for visitors. No need too much in terms of mastery of design blog, just basic things design techniques, such as mastering basic language of HTML, CSS and optimization blogs. But you must remember also that "content is the king" or the contents of the article is the king of all things associated with blogs. What's a good design house but it did not have anything interesting or special part of it. What lies in the character, professional or amateur bloggers.

8. Entrepreneurial spirit
Entrepreneurial ability can also be interpreted to understand the market and the needs of Internet community, this is to attract lots of visitors and sustainable. If we are sensitive to market needs internet society of course, we also easy to find topics of interest to the public Internet, so it will create a special attraction for visitors. They are the visitors will easily find a trend that is warm and the products needed and or exactly we are able to create new trends in make things interesting to discuss. Simply put a blogger must have a way of thought of business (business mindset).

9. Innovative Creative
Creative is the ability to create and or change something that is less or unattractive into something very interesting. While innovative is the ability to discover something new or interesting. Creative and innovative is something very valuable in the Internet community, the value of a blog is usually seen from both these aspects. Creative and innovative will make a blogger was able to find and create high-quality paper, will be able to find new ways to promote your blog or product, and will be able to find new ways of monetization blog.

10. Own Network
The concept is simple but is a power to increase the number of visits in the blogs under its management. A blogger must have good relationships with other bloggers or even with a more professional bloggers. This is the best technique to improve the quality of good blogs from the article, character or any number of visits. The stronger and more networks that are formed can be ascertained is slowly but surely we have entered in a proffesional blogger category. Like Ukhuwah Islamiyah Islamic concept that "break up relationship with deciding fortune ', the more relationships more and more fortune. Inshallah ... To build our network could use social networking facilities, such as twitter, facebook, mailing lists, and so forth.

11. Communication Ability
The ability to communicate is one means to strengthen the friendship among bloggers. This is very influential to the professionalism of a blogger to improve the quality of his character, whether it is the character of articles or personal character. The more fluent we communicate more easily obtain quality ideas and interesting. In addition we are able to master the native language must also master the international language, this is to build a network that not only local but regional global force. English is one international language and it would be more useful to write well with the language, so it can touch all the characters readers globally.

12. diligent writing
It does not seem so taken by the majority of bloggers are writing articles continuity. This happens because sometimes we do not find ideas that need to be written. To provoke creative ideas and innovative we are, maybe the article have been discussed [1] can generate ideas that silence becomes an article of quality. Maintain the frequency of writing on our blogs, at least one article a day, this is so that our readers are not bored and feel the need to visit our blog every day.

Of all the issues above, if we have these traits? Let us together menginstrospeksi themselves, if not today then let's start learning to be professional. There was no word late and no word can not afford, all can and should be ... Let the spirit of writing ....!!!

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Accelerate jQuery Script

jQuery is a JavaScript framework that is widely used and very impressive, but there are some things we must consider in making the code-code because it affects the speed dialing / load jQuery. Sometimes we hope that by using the jQuery framework to make our blogs look more beautiful and professional but it makes the speed of loading the pages of our blog to be heavy. Indeed, many factors that affect the speed of loading pages our blog, one of whom is writing jQuery code that is not proper. A few moments ago Blogger Tune-Up ever discuss "Management Scripts jQuery" and "Understanding and Overcoming Conflict Scripts jQuery" and hope my friends understand it because bloggers are now more directed to the discussion of writing a script that is more specific.

Below are the things that need our attention in writing scripts jQuery

1. Use more specific selector
If we menulisakan jQuery code to search for a particular element, the more information provided the faster process of discovery of elements. Suggested uses ID to expedite search and avoid using the class element.
This technique is similar to the process of finding the home address, the complete address of the faster process of discovery. But if we just give a little information on the search will be performed on all elements of the DOM structure to be found and this slows the process of loading the script, look at an example:

Writing the code below will be faster than the code above:

2. Simplify Several selector (Multiple Selectors)
If we use the same functions with different elements, it is possible to combine multiple selector to speed it up and avoid the repetition of the same reading of the DOM or not needed.

3. Use Multiple Properties (Properties) and Value (Values)
Several methods of jQuery is capable of accepting several properties and values rather than just a pair of properties and values. Wrote several properties at once will help accelerate the jQuery performance and reduce the number of objects that we write jQuery.

4th. Always Use $ (this)
If we use the selector through the DOM element in seeking to perform specific functions and elements have been previously tertuliskan then we can write these functions using $ (this).

Code below will cross the DOM twice just to take the same elements:

those are some things that we can use to write jQuery code to make it more efficient. There are so many sources that we can learn to be able to assist us in making the jQuery script that effectively and efficiently. Happy blogging ... :)

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Improve seo

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an abbreviation of the most effective way to increase Traffic links / blogs that we have known so quickly or with other words to bring in visitors who will see the information provided by the respective web. But the problem is very difficult to bring visitors into our website. Here I memcoba to inform several sites that can increase our web or pagerank
or who want to promote their blogs to the web and keeping well-known
  • google
  • yahoo
  • msn

the results obtained may be different but I have tried on both and the result is indeed good. for example I typed in the searchengine on geoogle milisresonansi hence my blog always appear on the first page. I hope this information can be useful for the netter

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the right to improve the quality seo blog

There are several ways to improve the quality of seo for your blog, this method proved to be quite powerful even though this is a way - which of course the basic way for bloggers who like tooling - both work on the problem seo for blogs and websites in particular that is used for business purposes online and seo contest as identify and visit a tourist attraction in "Pandeglang", return the national identity or stop dreaming start action, these tips've always done first obligation even if you want to optimize seo a blog or website.

These tips are not guaranteed to earn a ranking on search engines, but at least able to occupy the first page of search engines I was indeed for any seo contest yet to prove itself, but klo already using this method, the position of a blog or article is already able to compete because it's for seo contest I am not very optimal ... especially hunting backlinks.

immediately wrote, let me not tired blogger friend read a lengthy article - this tele

There are several ways to improve the quality seo blogs, among others, that I know are:

* Use a hosting for your blog is seo friendly.

* Use theme seo friendly.

* Procedures for preparing and writing articles or content of your blog.

* Use the Inbound link anchor text with keywords that you target.

* Adjustments to the title, description and keyword meta tag to your blog.

* Use and paste the keywords in you content.

* Find baklink counted - the number and quality.

Ok ... it is a way - a way which is commonly used either advance or other bloggers who've become masters to improve quality seo blog. Please, try once ....

Still less than complete it? In my opinion it had already qualified, just to explain the details so please wait for the next article ... hence the frequent - often just visit this blog so as not to miss the latest

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Improve SEO Tips For Beginners

Here are 11 ways that are regularly implemented to enhance the position of SEO (Search Engine Optimation) that bees either:

  1. Title Page: This is information on the page that looks at the blue color bar on your browser located on the left when you visit a website. To the best SEOs, use up to two keywords in title tags. The best way is the two keywords are separated with a bar "|", for example: Dapakan money | Free Software
  2. Domain Names: If possible, use one primary keyword in the domain name. You'll get the competitive position of SEO. If you already have a domain name, to include the name of an existing file on your website. Example: situsanda.com/dapatduit.html
  3. Meta tags: It is a description of a website that is not visible, except if you see the html source code of these pages. For the needs of SEO, make sure the meta tag is not greater than 150 characters
  4. Header tags: This is the html code that indicates the headlines, such as H1, H2, and H3 and bold look. Show one-time website keyword in the H1, H2 2-3 times, and repeatedly in the H3.
  5. Image alt tag: A description of the images on the website and will be visible when the cursor is placed over the image. Fill out the alt tags with keywords from your website.
  6. Format Content: Search engines are extremely sensitive to the contents of the formatted text. For example if the text bold, italics, or underscore. Make sure that the keywords appear in boldface
  7. Keyword density: The density / population depends on the number of keywords appearing on those keywords. Total population of these keywords between 2% - 7%. Available software to check the population of keywords / keyword density
  8. Anchor text: is the link that connects to another page on our website. Mishal with "click here for details and then posting"
  9. Inbound links: It is another term for exchanging links. Premises eg word "your web link, I link your website"
  10. Update post: Web Content is king, eating one way to improve your web SEO search engine is writing a quality post.
  11. Site Map: a map of the site would allow the visitor to browse the contents of the website.

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Textpattern is a software-based Open Source CMS, which was first written by Dean Allen. Textpattern is often equated with software to build a blog in general, although the initial goal of the Textpattern development itself is to make a CMS for general corporate purposes, which is suitable for use for various needs. Textpattern is written in the PHP programming language, and released to the public under the GNU General Public License. The current stable version is 4.0.5 software

Textpattern at first, evolved from http://textism.com site, which is the personal website of Dean Allen himself, not long after the public release was made available to the Alpha version of the software in early 2001. Waiver is accompanied by the release of a number of other beta intended for the purposes of the construction site that is more general and not just for blogging purposes only, among those there are many versions of the release of other improvements, which aims to develop the ability of Textpattern itself. In the early release of Textpattern many doubts will license selected by the builders of Textpattern, but since the 1:19 version (June 7, 2004), has changed its licensing tool Texpattern the GNU GPL.

In addition to the release of the first GPL version of Textpattern, 1:19 Gamma version eventually promoted to the public, the next version is released in September 2004, was Release Candidate for Textpattern 1.0. which according to some people it is not conventional, Texpattern continue to add capabilities before release candidates were from the version first, second and third to the public. During this change, the core team of builders, which at first consisted only of a Dean Allen, the team eventually turned into a concrete-filled by talented individuals like them is Textpattern Community Release Candidate 3 by Alex Shiels Pedro Palazón into the core team, and Sencer Yurdagül inserted as a release manager for release candidate 4.

Thus Namum fifth release candidate, a notice that there will not be added before the 1.0 release, two weeks after this, on August 14, 2005, officially stable version from the Textpattern was released. Due to the number of process additions of new capabilities, many of the previous release is stable and feels superior to the production environment, even before the candidate version 1.0, this release was finally released to the public under the name "Textpattern 4.0" rather than "Textpattern 1.0"

Textpattern offers a lot of good ability and convenience to users, site administrators and developers, such features include the following:

  1. Ease in content writing, made possible with the implementation of Textile, a method used to be able to convert pure text to HTML, this method can help a novice user to be able to write good content without having to use HTML.
  2. Ease to view a preview of the contents of which will be published along with side XHTML therein.
  3. XHTML is written in accordance with Standards-compliant and CSS that works in an extraordinary manner, and changing the layout of which was facilitated through the stylesheet.
  4. Mekanisme template berbasis tag, yang memungkinkan pembuatan blocks maupun isi beserta dengan code yang di Textpattern dikenal dengan terminologi forms, dan sistem tag builder untuk proses automasi pembentukan situs yang dibangun dengan Texppatern.
  5. The hierarchy of systems for users, allowing for the structural organization of writers, editors and publishers so that they can cooperate in the publication process.
  6. Comments system, including methods to block spam.
  7. Statistics System, which includes referrer tracking.
  8. Syndication systems, through RSS and Atom.
  9. Plugin architecture for adding features as part of the system, including administrative systems for the backend.
  10. CSS system that is integrated directly inside the editor.
  11. Link Management System that is integrated directly inside the editor.
  12. Management System that has been terintgrasi Image that can be associated with certain content
  13. File Integration Systems Management, who are integrated and able to be downloaded
  14. The separation between content and appearance of the concept of "sections" in which there are presentations and "categories" for the organization of site content.
  15. Publication UTF-8] that supports many languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, French, Italian, Germany, Czech, Japanese, Estonian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Catalan, Polish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Swedish, Icelandic, Russian and Greek (Including support for polytonic).
Unlike most blogging tools, Textpattern is not equipped with the ability to enter into Pingback. To get the skills required mengistall Trackback plugin called rpg_trackback.

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tips to improve google pagerank

Pagerank is a representation of the importance of a website by google. You can find out rank your website by downloading the google toolbar (do search "google toolbar" on google.com).

Some ways to improve PageRank:
A site with high pagerank that usually has many sites that are directed towards those sites. So a good site, for example detik.com, of course many other sites that have links to the detik.com. This will increase the pagerank of detik.com. The more links from other sites, Google will assume your site is increasingly important. Many parties are trying to do tricks by creating a lot of illegal links to your website. Do not do that, because google will find out sooner or later.
Make it an article or good business. When your article or your business well, will be many people who will put your website link dihalamannya voluntarily. For example if your website is no news on an artist's infidelity, then other websites will probably put your website link on their pages to tell that the news of the affair can be read on your site.
Submit your pages to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a great way to get links to your pages. Search engine directories are examples Dmoz.org.

Should always update, this is the most important.

Inserting Links in the forums, in addition to free parking in the URL, we can also get various information from others.

Much study and discussion to Blogger bloggers senior or another friend. not need to see if this blogger ato still have low PR, others provide information that is valuable for us. There is still much we do not yet know but others know about it.

There is no shame if we want to ask the Master-Master Blogger, if you do not know and want to know, what's wrong with asking, if ga answered, questions continue to Only Crying Baby Can Get The Milk (either the left or right)

Blogwalking other than to make friends, we can also see what information is given by other bloggers.

Please comment on blogs that do follow, no follow-commenting on what does not matter, if it's interesting and gives us the latest info, what's wrong.

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the results surrounding the blog

Explore various types of blogs during the last few days was quite fun. Many blogs are made to be very creative, but there are also mediocre. It's only natural, because someone makes a blog background, and knowledge about this virtual world technologies also vary.

What is clear, the roads to the various types of blogs, simply give a lot of knowledge, about anything. There is a special blog that includes poetry and uneg-uneg, literature, special blog photos, articles, law, music, movies, philosophy, journalism, and a myriad of other types. There is also a special blog which contains about regions or countries, specifically about education, about psychology, about sex, women, and many other types anymore.

But there is also a fairly creative, which includes special about some tips about creating blogs and all sorts of accessories. Like tips on making readmore on blogspot, making banners, making a more attractive appearance, and a variety of unique accessories, unique. For the last time this was quite a lot of devotees as well. This was evidenced by the number of visitors who leave comments on the blog of this type.

Blog this one is often accessed, especially by the newcomers in the world of blogs. And after I walk for a few days, it was a blog that contains tips on blogging in Bahasa Indonesian is much in demand. Blog this type is sufficient to help the newcomers English was mediocre, like me.

Talk about blogging, whatever the objective is legitimate, it's a diary. Naturally made according to taste and uniqueness of each. What is clear, from an appearance and content of blogs, creator of the blog can reflect that. This blogging craze has now spread to various social strata, from the student, students, workers, unemployed, until the ministers and former officials. The pebisnispun glance at the blogosphere as a land mine for his business.

Create a blog is quite exciting indeed. Besides can kill the time, especially from kesuntukan, anxiety, and sense of neg from a variety of issues, the blog was also able to channel the talent. Even that has been at the advanced level could be the main livelihood. In fact, many people now have a lucrative income just from blogging every day.

Moreover, now many kinds of businesses that offer bebagai from blogs and all sorts of knick-perniknya it. What is clear, with a blog, someone could also shed all sorts of subjective feeling that had been blocked its distribution. For the latter, a lot of blogs that includes all sorts of curses and oppression of life.

Blogging, has now become the property of anyone, blogging has become the latest cultural, cultures create an online diary. If it is so, whatever you want to use the blog for any facility, according to your wishes ...

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To be accepted Your Blog Paid Review Broker

To be accepted Your Blog Paid Review Broker

Once you understand the workings of Paid Review in the previous article. Questions that arise in the minds of bloggers who until now was only by the broker direject Paid Review (Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe Blogvertise or) is:

How to keep our blog received by the broker program Paid Review?

In this article I will be sharing some how I developed my blog list to the Paid Review and obtain approval from the broker Paid Review. Because of its sharing, maybe there will be little difference between my experience or other bloggers. So if my information is wrong, please corrections in the comment:)

Fundamental to a blog to be accepted by the broker Paid Reviews are varied. But can we generalisasikan as follows.

(I) Aged more than 3 months

A new domain is usually not have a lot of articles (except if it had been prepared since the beginning of the content or blog content hijack someone else: P). Search Engines are also usually less interested in the new domain, they will only index the three pages of the five articles that you write already there, and also, Google Pagerank you often still in the gray area / unranked. Therefore, blogs are still too new is usually difficult diapprove by the broker paid review. My advice, preferably within three months we maximize production and quality of writing in our blog and diligent, industrious exchange link.Dengan so, the number of pages into Google's database will also be more.

(I) indexed by Google and Dicached

To expedite this process, see my best to avoid duplicate content on your blog. Installation of a robot meta tags to index your pages also should be installed. Examples of meta tags that are used by being placed in the in your blog template is as follows:

(I) your blog is quite popular links

Traits that you are a blogger who was well known among Internet users can be measured by how many links your blog-site scattered site or another blog. Link popularity do not necessarily follow the link, a no follow links in comments field of other blogs will also increase your link popularity. Therefore, diligent-rajinlah commenting on other blogs, primarily blogs Internet Marketing or Make Money Online, blogs usually have such a good relationship with Yahoo Bots:)

(I) traffic blogs that appear 'live' / Alexa Rank high enough

A blog 'live' or said to have the reader can be judged from the amount of traffic, the indicators used were Alexa Rank, Alexa Rank actually is not even really accurate. Some of my blog who speak English are able diapprove Alexa Rank at the time of his first million. If this is the blog to learn SEO at the time of registration had three hundred thousand. Since I only speak Indonesian blogs this blog, so I can not give much input on ranking Alexa Rank of local-language blogs 'sell' in the eyes of brokers Paid Review: D There are many ways to increase blog traffic, among other well without SEO, tricks Entrecard or commenting on others blogs while to make friends among bloggers:)

In my experience, by running the steps above can deliver our blog to get the approval from the broker paid review. If no other input, I would be very happy to accept it as a material correction in this article:)

Oh, yeah, one thing to remember, to receive approval from the broker paid review is just a step to enter the paid review. After getting approval, there is still much we must do in order to receive job-jobs from the advertiser Paid Review:)
Online business is not a job last night .. so .. keep spirit

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Include your blog Internet Business Blog Blog Blog What Bus Ads?

Include your blog Internet Business Blog Blog Blog What Bus Ads?

Definitely shocked to hear the title of my article above? Surely you would think initially, I was inspired to write this article because when I'm

browsing blogs often and much to see that almost look like ads, so Miqdaad so confused ... this blog business blog internet business or classified ad?

Actually not a problem for you, want to regulate what kind of blog you want lots of advertising ... or not ... anyway that you have a blog ... so you at will, then? However, you also have to think twice, because your blog for business purposes rather than for a toy if you blog a lot of ads are not regular, your blog must also be lonely abandoned visitors .... Because there are some people will judge with different and separate with your blog. Usually, if your blog is a lot of ads that do not appear regularly, people will be reluctant to visit let alone a long time hanging around your blog.

In fact my friends blog other bloggers are more ads, but also selling a lot of blog commentary, many who visit every day? Try to pay attention? His ads stand out and seem scattered or not? The place looks irregular or not? Well ... maybe this is what you should learn more about setting up blog content, so will look more attractive appearance and tidy so that the ads are installed on your blog, it will get a beautiful view that will add to your blog.

So from now on try to value your own blog, you've seen ads diblog neat or not? If not, I recommend starting now try to bebenah diru with your blog, if you make changes to your diblog better yet ... I'm sure ... pengunjungpun will be more comfortable hanging out in your blog, and I believe the future will be flooded with visitors to your blog of course ....

I wanted to ask here, try you value your own blog? Include your blog Internet Business Blog Blog Blog What Bus Ads?

Hail Success Always,

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Tips Generating more visitors to your blog

Tips Generating more visitors to your blog

tips to bring or enhance the visitors to the blog is one of the tips that have been the market today. But there is no harm in not if I give you tips that has been the market in accordance with the language and my own experience? must be donk.Hehe. tips and tricks to improve visitor of this blog and quite long because of many long explanation, so be ready ready to read koran.hehe rich aja okay now I began to explain, in essence, to bring in visitors that there are three sources of the serach engines, websites / blogs of others and memory someone. nah therefore we should optimize the three sources of traffic to our blog are as much as possible. Well here are some tips that you should try to blog more crowded and more often in the visit.

1. Use a personal domain and hosting.

Why should the hosting and private domain? because by using our private domain name can look more professional and improve quality in the eyes of search engines. domain by means of personal example www.awangjivi.com be more easily and quickly indexed by google from the domain or free like co.nr. co.cc then what about private hosting? Personal hosting hosting means that you lease to place your blog files, with this personal hosting you can set your blog as you like one of them is mengisntall wordpress as your blog engine, with this wordpress blog you become more powerful because wordpress is very friendly with search engines and has a lot of these plug that serves to make your blog more steady performance. other than that you can use a lot of theme or look of many choices, so your blog becomes more beautiful and make people who visit your blog addicted to visiting again.

2. Submit your blog to directories, google webmaster and add the ping server

to register your blog to directories, google webmaster and add pingserver goal is to accelerate your posts indexed by search engines, especially google, because google is the largest in the world serach engines so google is the biggest source of traffic. for information about the blog submitt to directories can be viewed on my posts namely directory submitter software there could easily submitt your blog to various directories faster. then to your google webmaster google webmaster can visit the site (just search on google address information) and then register there and upload your blog sitemap.xml in google webmaster. then that about how to add a ping server you can see in my posts indexed by google quickly by pinging the server. with you indexed by google then blogs kemungkina you to visit a lot of people are higher than the same blog was not indexed. :-)

3. Expand periodical articles and updates every day

With emphasis on articles contained in the keywords in your blog, the more effect to increase visitors, especially from search engines. deh let you see celebrities such as blogs bayumukti, teknikbisnis they have a lot of articles. but do not remember the origin copy and paste from friends or other articles, because it is lowering the quality of your blog. if a good article and a lot of people who liked it will be many who will come to the end of your blog again. many bloggers who will then invite tukeran links, etc.. it certainly will increase the number of visitors to your blog. oh yes, do update on a regular basis there is at least an additional one article each day and be consistent. do not let you in one post until 10 days after that article but you did not write the article up to 10 days, it will reduce the interest of visitors for your blog is rarely updated and also google so ama do not like your blog. :-) so you better regular post, if you have many more good articles on setting publishnya schedule. so for example arikel A in the post today, the articles B in the post tomorrow and so on. than making love to google your blog every day update will also enhance the value of your blog in the eyes of visitors because each day updates. remember do not copy and paste your better mancari ideas or materials on the internet and write in the style of your own language.

4. Make a news article about being "HOT"

a lot of internet users who search for things that are hot such as when there is news about the student who died from ospek ITB, and I tried to post on this blog and the result is quite satisfactory, there were 400 new UV that comes to my blog and all of the search engines. so make the news that was HOT. to find the news you need frequent hot sedanh frequently visited news sites such as seconds or as kaskus forum site.

5. Submitt your article to the traffic news or infogue

traffic news or social bookmarking site infogue is the best in Indonesia, with submitt your articles to it then chances are your visitors to come to your blog is wide open.

6. slipped a lot in the search keywords in each article

when you write your articles better tuck some keywords in the search for many people, suppose you create a list of articles about paypal. nah in these articles you can insert and insert many keywords such as "how to register a paypal", "how to withdraw paypal to local banks," "Purpose paypal", and others. how to find keywords to tuck it in? how is that you can think if you find something about paypal then what would you write in the seacrh engines? nah if you have found a few keywords so you can make as sebuat paragraphs. In this way effective enough to attract visitors from search engines.

7. Make your visitors hooked to come to your blog

how to make visitors come again addicted to your blog is a way to give seseuatu for them as a free ebook, free software, tips and tricks as well as business opportunities online.atau make visitors curious about our posts, so we make that post so they're curious and continued on back visit our blog. if the visitors feel comfortable then they will go back to your blog with pleasure. redeeming the blog besides wordpress themes are bright and easily readable text that visitors have no trouble reading our papers.

8. blogwalking

with blogwalking we can add a lot of friends and also link to our blog so it will be many visitors come to our blog as often we blogwalking to other blogs and leave a comment on the blog. especially if you can exchange links with other blogs will certainly further increase the traffic to your blog.

9. Make posts that are durable in a lot of people looking

maksunya is an article that every day in the search by many people and will not be timeless, as opposed to posting a longer "hot" nature moment because if the problem is solved then the declining popularity of such posts. and how the samples in the search for durable post that many people. example is the tips and tricks, a collection of software, tutorials, song mp3, and so forth.

10. Appropriate choice of theme

theme is also very determine your SEO, if you want your blog on entering by the search engines then do not use the theme that the sidebar on the left. because if there is a sidebar to the left of the search engine indexes all what is in the sidebar first, post later, it is very harmful, you might post will not be indexed. therefore use the existing sidebar to the right.

11. Link your posts to other posts.

By linking from one post to another post will be a lot of benefits, including:

a. these posts to get a free link

b. new posts or posts that will be faster in the indexed to link google

c. provide info to visitors that such posts exist

d. Let your blog pageview increase.

I am only doing 12 things at the top to attract visitors to this blog, it's results are not too many visitors to this blog. I hope the above tips and tricks to help you all, and I apologize if any errors or language that less can be understood, because I also again belajar.kalau there other tips and tricks pls share

good luck with the above tips and tricks

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Choosing the Best For Your Blog themes

Choosing a blog theme is sometimes easy to difficult, sometimes frustrating and sometimes fun. I am here to offer tips and suggestions for choosing the best theme for your blog. The best theme for your blog in my opinion is the theme of your blog that are really good at and you are happy with the theme. Here's the point, if you are a movie lover you should create a blog about the movie because in addition to your theme for the fun of going to a movie master, you will also get additional information about movies, latest movies for example and not miss an update. Then if you like going to soccer like this I would recommend that you create a blog about football, such as overseas football highlights, game schedules until the transfer of players.

Now maximum flexibility to use the blog theme that interests or hobbies we are entering the age when the blog age 3 months, if the materials we use to blog so we do not like boredom and boredom will arise for the post again. You better not dare to make a blog with the material that you like even less interest in that theme a lot because it will cause many negative effects later in life. Another advantage we then use the appropriate blog theme with things that we like is that we will be more eager to write and eager to find information to fill in the blog, this my own experience, my friends also have a good experience.

Well so do I choose the best theme for your blog is a blog theme that match what you are good at or something you enjoy. I hope these tips useful for all readers.

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tips on choosing the theme of a special blog hunter dollars

Actually choosing a theme or content of the blog is not hard, but it will be difficult when we start thinking that "the theme of what can generate money for my blog." In terms of choosing a theme for the blog, of course each person has different interests, for example:

Channeling talent.
People who are in this criterion will not be difficult to choose a theme for his blog, because he already knows his capacity, suppose he is clever poetry then he will make a blog for his poetry collection, or a person who likes to write then she will make a blog to write everything I want Gravett .

Search for friends
Usually in these criteria, someone make a theme that its contents will be much talked about himself, such as daily activities, deliver kesahnya complained or even telling his personal life.

If you have an idol whether singers, movie player or football player and make a blog about the profiles, photos or the latest news about your idol means you fall into this category.

Finding Income
Now that he's prickly keroknya, this is the most difficult criteria to determine the theme, though we must choose one of the thousands of ideas that exist in the head, but there actually is that we must follow whichever confused. We always wanted to do what other people choose the same themes that many people do, of course legitimate, but the question is whether your ability is always the same with others.

Well ... specifically to the criteria of 'Finding Produce', I will give you some tips on choosing a theme if you want to truly make the blog as a money machine.

  1. We will determine the theme, make sure you have lots of references to themes that will be your choice.
  2. Focus on the theme of your blog only to learn a topic just like blogspot, wordpress or internet marketing learning. If you have a reference to the three topics before, then you can make 3 blogs at once for each of the topics for visitors also would prefer if we only discuss one topic in one blog. This technique will also boost your income.
  3. priority topics most widely on topics like those are not what most of you prefer. Examples such as dangdut music you like and want to write things about dangdut, if you want your blog a lot of visitors then I suggest to better choose the topic of Modern Pop Music, Boys Band or R & B. This means that here you have to choose between 'hobby or seek to channel money'. But one must still remember the points.
  4. Do not create a blog that tells about yourself if you are not the artist.
  5. Do not choose the theme of advertising such as adbrite, adsense and others as less likely visitors will click on your ad (wonder why), at least you only expect from the referral link. Not to mention if the visitor knows you put the referral link they normally would throw away the referralnya, amit not?
  6. Make sure you choose a theme that contains many elements of the text and should not rely on pictures because the text preferred by search engines. This is important because if we visited your blog via search engines, meaning they most likely are new visitors. Must you know, 10 new visitors more than 100 visitors that it-that's all. For more details about Optimizing Search Engine or commonly called SEO wait my next posting.

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tips on choosing template adsense

Free Blogger Skins loads on the internet. to find that by typing the word blogger templates, blogger xml, blogger skins, free blogger templates, free xml blogger skins, free blogger theme, in Google's Blogger.com users will find the template / skin / theme for your blog for free.

Number of blogger template / skin / themes that are available for free give depth to us so confused selection. Is the template without the column, 2 columns, 3 columns, four columns. Does classic template or xml.

Hopefully this paper can help the beginner blogger when choosing a template / skin / theme that supports the optimization of the blog.
More effectively choose the template 3 column, because we can with the widget-widget berekpresi more varied.
Choose a template that is stable and does not sag. Not all of the templates is stable, meaning that when opened using several Internet browsers, such as Mozzila, IE, Opera, or heder sidebar display (head of the blog) so changing and chaotic, sometimes even one sidebarnya sag, or the image is lost. For that, after you change your blog template, try to open with some Internet browsers especially Mozzila and Internet Explorer (IE).
Do not be fooled by the look of an attractive, still remember the character of the search engines read the beautiful Madona, Paris Hilton. Installing the wrong template will create slow loading to your blog. To put the ads (Google Adsense, kliksaya.com, kumpulblogger.com, PPCIndo.com) use colors and sizes that can be customized template with the size of the ad in pairs.
Would be great if the picture or template layout, in accordance with the theme of your blog, such as your blog about free download games, then the search game template layout. If you do not select a template / skin / theme that is neutral. Layout templates that match the theme of the blog will more mambentu optimization of your blog

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5 Tips Free Style blog design

many people who say that blogs display monotonous and boring, and create a unique look of the blog is just a dream. And the only one who can designed website unique and attractive. In fact, only with a little imagination and creativity we can create a unique appearance and interesting blog. And our role to realize the dream. Because of a blogger not only must be good at writing, but must also be imaginative and creative intelligent design. Because of the unique themes have influence over the success of the blog itself. Because, basically, blogs have the same function and structure of the website. So, why do we let our blog with a design that was 'normal', why should we not make our blogs look unique ...? Maybe some of us replied, "Ah, it's hard ..." What's so difficult boss ..? All ga hard if we want to learn. Or maybe we are lazy to design. Now for that here I'll share some tips for making your blog look unique and interesting, and I say this is the Free Style Blog Design.

1. Open Minded.
To create a free style design, try to accept all things new. Do not be stiff, not old-fashioned, and do not shut down. See design developments around us, not only just visited the blog / web subscription which contains about blogging tips only, which people say sunda shell brackets. But our friends start to visit a blog that discusses about the design. And no less important is the visit to the web portfolio of the designer. Because the web / blogs they definitely unique and has its own artistic value. We can make them as reference designs to find the characteristic of our design styles. But remember, only limited reference and not to be copied or even claimed that the work they have created us, (our neighbors, because of that rich). You can get a lot of inspiration by browsing to the gallery of graphic designers, cartoon maker, photographer, and even blog the Bomber (graffiti maker). Note the design styles they make, you try doing that yourself and feel the life of the heart. If you feel uncomfortable, yes you terusin, but if you've lef guns and you try to find a new style. Anw, the bomber is what gives a lot of design inspiration for me, because it before diving into the blogosphere, go to the following tips ...

2. Creating and Structuring Layout Sketch
Use a pen and paper to make a sketch. Because the conventional way is the most effective. We could instantly create a sketch in the computer, but make a sketch in the paper have the comfort and freedom that can not be obtained in a computer. We can freely explore design style that we want. The first thing to difikirkan is to arrange the layout (set the layout). We imagine that the paper is a full screen view of a web browser. There we started drawing the header, determining the location of the navigation menu, main bar (for writing) and the side bar (for widgets) and footer. The tips, existing land use wisely. Do not get too much use of the widgets do not need and do not let the vacant land, redundant. We create blogs that look solid but not heavy when accessed. We can also explore the footer to get more leverage. Footer for example by dividing into three sections, and each part was we put a widget that is useful to visitors.

3. Color Selection
Color combinations used contributed to the unique look of our blog impressed. The tips, do not use standard colors. But try to use colors that are rarely used, but remember must be with the right combination and composition. Avoid using white color for the background, as it seemed stiff and regular. In addition, the use of white color for bacground in combination with black for text, it can make eyes tired easily when reading. For that use dark colors to be more visible, although the custom was impressed bleak. But, with the right combination, the use of dark colors can be impressive even interesting. But if you want to create a design with a bright color, use bright colors because it seems happy and always cheerful. This color selection is influenced by the theme of the blog you want to create. For example, if you cold make the design themes for blogs 'boy band', you can use darker colors but if you're going to make a design education themes for the blog, use bright colors to make it look exciting and not boring

4. Use Fig.
Draw pictures of the unusual. It means you do not just use pictures that have been commonly used another person. Picture here not only to beautify the themes alone, but memcakup pictures illustrate the text, or icons that you use on the blog. You can use 3D pictures, images with grunge effects, cartoon, monster, vector, or even the photograph itself. You can use any pictures, but pictures do not remember anyone else who has a copyright, can be dangerous boss ... One example of a unique blog design is the use of pictures Sandra Dewi celebrity blogs. You can see combining images with effects and vector grunge, cool right ..?

5. Use of Animation.
Animation used the blog to look more attractive and dynamic, be it for headers, navigation menus, slide images. Animation for the blog could use a flash, javascript or a gif. Not only limited to pictures only from the side, animasipun can be made for other parts, such as animated text with effect type writter, carousel recent post, or even use flash to tag cloud like wp-cumulus. You can use one of the above animation effects, or even all of you are wearing. But do not be excessive, as it can disrupt the focus of visitors to read. Instead of visitors read the blog, eh ngeliatin even cool animation. In addition, excessive use of animation can make the blog accessible to more weight.

How, enough that five tips above ...? In essence, to design a unique blog that we should dare to try something different, something new, even something strange.

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Choosing The Right Template

I once reviewed one of the blogs that berNiche guitar cord that is used but the template-based magazine (* hopefully not read this one). No one really ... it depends with tastenya the Admin. The problem is, whether this is suitable in the eyes of others. Blog not only to our own views as admin but also for those who act as a visitor.

For non-commercial blogs like me ^ ^, the selection of free templates you can do unilaterally to remember that it is not intended to moneytise maybe even specific to your own.

Let's ignore the non Moneytize ... we are talking about commercial bloggers.

I just wanted to share about tips and tricks on choosing a template.

Remember your nice
Ask yourself, what would my theme stretcher? Is Money Fresh $ _ $, Blog Tutorial, Cord Guitar, Gallery & screenshoot or another. Do not use a theme that does not connect like Cord nice guitar but using templates with a style portfolio. If the code guitar cords guitar well. If an affiliate by Amazone well as model templates reseller, if yah template template gallery gallery.

Notice of Entry Comments
While visiting the gallery such as bloggers or zoomtemplate.com dzignine.com, the lower part of the template usually contains a comment. We can not say if the template does not look good without comment, or a template that many komentarya that's good. Consider the content of the comments entered. They were angry, grateful, or denounced even ask?

I like this analysis:

- Comments that contain gratitude, it means the author is a spirit through to say thanks, or he was dying and was in dire need of such design or even worse ... he was blogwalking. This should not be used as a reference because you do not necessarily need it as well.

- Comments censures, anger etc in blood. Predictable if the template was a lot of the problem. Do not pass or cross browser designya which is scattered ... somehow. Here's what you make of reference. If need be do not be retrieved.

- Comments asking. These commentators who do not understand having read the tutorial from the designers as well or because the tutorial does not exist? Some templates do have a fairly complicated installation instructions. Usually it's a complicated template-based magazine or a portfolio that uses jquerry and mootools. If you're unsure, do not be retrieved.

Tested In Major Browsers
Make sure the template that you want / use are tested on a large browsers such as Mozilla FF 3 and above, Opera 10, all kinds of Chrome, Safari all the family, and most importantly, IE 7-8. IE family is the most you should pay attention given that he usually destroys the template display.

"If you make a template / theme in any form for as beautiful as possible, but it still looks neat and legible even in the worst web browser. Because we will never know of what web browsers visitors are using, and we certainly can not force it. "

This process can be regarded as the most important process in exploring the template gallery. Although looks beautiful in the eyes of Mozilla FF but in IE if the scattered family, should not be taken. It can only damage your reputation as a professional blogger.

Note also in terms of SEOnya. Is placement of tags has been done perfectly. This stage is called semantic structure. There is one interesting tools you can use to analyze an SEO friendly design templates. Her name is Raven. There are trial versions of his loh ^. ^

When downloading, look sizenya. I do not recommend you to use the template XML file size is greater than 50KB. Do not see this size when downloading. Sometimes the file you downloaded is great because a lot of bersize authornya fill (* could have been a stone). So if you want to see the original size, extract the first RAR file / zip file and search for XML. If the files above 50KB XMLnya bersise should not be used. But this is only a suggestion lho. It all depends on you.

Ok .. so first. When not busy discussing with Google Adsense likely I will write about "How to Create a Professional Blogger Newbie Visible"

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tips tricks so quickly indexed by google

You already have a blog? and from where your blog visitors to arrive? blogwalking possible as one way to bring visitors, according to Adin which is called a ball pickup trick, hehe, because we will get requests from friends behind the bloggers we've visited.

Did you know that this is not the only most powerful way to bring visitors, why? because we can only make requests or blogwalking to friends who already have a blog, though not everyone has a blog, and the number of bloggers were not as many users facebook or twitter.

So most visitors coming from Where? the answer is from the google search engine, if a fellow blogger would have visited each of the links left by other bloggers, but general users will use google as a medium to find the information we provide on our blog site.

This story, in general, people will come to your blog or website in order to seek information about something, take the example they are looking for information about selecting hosting tips for beginners and they will include tips on choosing keywords hosting for beginners to google the keyword column, then by pressing enter or browse button will display a web page or an article or blog related to that keyword, for example, click on this link

So, how do I order an article or blog pages indexed by google even we can be in the front yard?

There are several steps that can be done, and these measures are often used when following seo contest because quite potent. Here's how:

  1. Privacy Settings. For wordpress users, the location of this setting is in the settings menu>> privacy>> and select the option 'I would like to be my blog visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers'
  2. Sitemap. Some say that the google sitemap can also make it easier to find our articles, for that we can make / install it using google xml sitemap plugin.
  3. Blogwalking. The roads to other blogs while leaving a trail of links to your blog is also a very important way.
  4. Social Bookmark. The legend says that google will put an article or a page that has an important position as an article or reference pages from other sites into its search results. That is, if our articles or links we have many articles on other blog pages, then our article would be considered important, one way is to submit links to articles in social bookmarking sites, it is suggested that DoFollow. There are many social bookmarking sites, both local and foreign. To find a social bookmarking site address can be from here.

This fourth mode appears to be a mainstay seo contest participants to earn and maintain your position on google searching and proved to be very powerful

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tricks to accelerate the increase pagerank

How do I get a drastic increase in Pagerank is only in a few months? Google pagerank drastic increase in the next PR Update? a question that is always much sought after site owner.

The answer is always hampered by a classic case, which has lots of links from other sites, or have some links from sites that have a high Pagerank.

Then the next question is how much money you spend to buy a lot of links, or buy some links on high pagerank websites? Hundreds of Thousands? Millions?

Actually there is an old-fashioned way to get those links in a way that for free, that is commenting on sites, blogs and forums that use the concept of DoFollow.
drastic increase PageRank

The above is proven effective way to give a lot of backlinks, but the problem is, how much time should you spend to comment on a blog, website or forum?

One effective way, just need to spend several hundred thousand or less than a few million (1-2 million well enough), is entered into a SEO Contest.

Make SEO contest on the blog, website or your forums. Make the contest was open to the public. In the virtual world, many bloggers are very much interested to participate in this SEO contest, because of several factors, namely gifts, try to practice the science of SEO that they have, and so forth.

Make a contest that was not difficult conditions, but a benefit to you, such as to include a backlink in the article were included in the contest, put up a banner site, blog or forum you are in their main page (sidebar pretty good)

Make the contest long enough (two to three months) and let it flow freely from their backlink to your site, blog and your forum.

This drastic increase in cases can be met on sites that had a small Pagerank (zero) to be increased drastically (PR3 - PR5) only moments after holding a contest.

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SEO Tips for Beginners

The rise of the shots about exercising keywords in google seo for beginners, provides an inspiring me to just share your SEO Tips for beginners. Share sorts ranging from learn seo tips seo unity to the series that is easy to learn seo second series I've ever written. And core seo from two posts I've also outlines: D. But after I try and look again, it turns out "seo tips" was not for "newbies": D. Before reading more about posting my "seo tips for a beginner" it's good to know first what you mean SEO in wikipedia. Because it's useless to read my writing seabrek gini, if have not know the meaning of SEO aja: P. Okay father ... mother And all the viewers who are reading this blog: D. Once you understand about SEO dilanjut please read this post.

Now the best seo Tips for bloggers who are just starting in the world of blogging is as follows:

1. Give Your article title within their keywords you'd like to optimize or timbak. For instance I want to be No. 1 in the seminar's blog on new york city. Well given the title of an article just like that.

2. Make the content or the contents of the article according to your abilities. Do not plow, do not copy and paste. Original must be on the basis of your own thoughts:).

3. Revise or update your articles regularly and routinely. Suppose usually a week one time cuman ya need regular updates once a week update the article. But the best is to update your articles every day an article: D.

4. Give differentiator in any keyword or keywords in your articles. Whether it's the road to bold, giving the colors in each of the keywords that would in optimizing the search engines.

5. Search Backlink whether through free classified ads, social media, up to search blogs to the blogroll and then installed. It's up to you if only for this one: D.

As one of the builders timbak kiwod Bloggers in Indonesia: pardon:, it looks like the year 2008 it was worth it if called as a year-menimbak timbak builders. The number of SEO Blogger who specializes in the year 2007 if age could still be calculated pake fingers + toes 8 -) in the year 2008, I borrowed your fingers + toes ga mas iwan alone can make calculating the seo experts. Maybe because the team wins the race ImFreakz "Busby SEO Challenge" is a milestone earlier that the Indonesian artisans timbak not be underestimated. Well as evidence that the builders timbak could "make Indonesia proud of Indonesia." We pray alone in the contest Busby SEO Test, Indonesia timbak team can win.

Okay ga have a lot of talk and a lot of words again: D. Good luck with seo tips for beginners from me:). Seo tips above is much easier (if in my opinion) than have to love the meta tags, or other means. Welcome tried and success always.

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5 Causes of Broken Links on the Blog

This article is related to my previous post about how to remove the broken link on his blog. If you've listened, probably still a bit confused by definition broken link. Include whatever the cause. Okay then.

Broken links can be interpreted simply as a broken link or can not find the page when we click. Usually the caption will appear in the form not found, error notes found, page not found, or a 404 not found error. Broken links / broken links can be internal (coming from our own blog) or external links (that led to your blog / other sites).

Broken link url is not limited to posting, but can also form the url category, tags, or static pages.

What are the causes of the emergence of broken links on your blog?

  • Delete posts / categories / tags / static pages that never previously published.
Especially if it has been indexed by the search engine google. Well, here's what I focus points to be eliminated in the previous article. If not we get rid of the lawyer-index of google, the page posts / categories / tags / page is still indexed on the search results within a certain timeframe.

  • Wrong Insert the url in the post or on the sidebar.
Included in the footer and menu navigation. Usually in the form of a typo, less one character / particular letter, less a slash, or even less sign of www (for the blog / site specific). This actually can be minimized by directly copying the url of the page that will be inserted / created link, and dipaste url directly into the column.

  • External links have been deleted by the owner pasted a blog / site concerned.
For example, when you never gave a link to one blog post pages / sites in your posts. Term gives trackback. Now, because of certain considerations, the page was later deleted by the owner of the blog / website. Such conditions will cause broken links on your blogs, especially your posts that contain backlinks to a page that has been removed.

  • External link pasted been inactive or suspended.
In this case if you never give a link / home page link to a blog or website. Well, apparently some time later blogs / sites are inactive, closed, or suspended. This condition will cause broken links on your blog page includes a link to your blog / site. Including into the courtyard of his posts.

  • Changes to the blog permalink structure.
Whether it's on our own blogs or on another blog permalink, where we never give backlink to one of postingnya pages. For example, when we had to make a link to a page with the old permalink structure. Now, when the page is changed by the owner permalinknya blogs / sites (with a new structure), then of course a link that we make will be broken (aka a broken link).

How to check and eliminate broken links caused by points 2,3,4 and 5?

The solution there are two, namely:

  1. using the tools talker or broken link
  2. use the help plugins broken links or broken links checker remover (special for wordpress.org users).
But I understand the first way only serves to check. Meanwhile, to remove a broken link / broken, you have to do it manually (based on the data you get from the results of checking tools).

The other can be at once meremove / remove broken links from your blog. But if both are too dependent on the plugin? :-)

To remove the broken link to point 1, please refer to the previous post.

Hopefully useful.

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