tips on choosing the theme of a special blog hunter dollars

Actually choosing a theme or content of the blog is not hard, but it will be difficult when we start thinking that "the theme of what can generate money for my blog." In terms of choosing a theme for the blog, of course each person has different interests, for example:

Channeling talent.
People who are in this criterion will not be difficult to choose a theme for his blog, because he already knows his capacity, suppose he is clever poetry then he will make a blog for his poetry collection, or a person who likes to write then she will make a blog to write everything I want Gravett .

Search for friends
Usually in these criteria, someone make a theme that its contents will be much talked about himself, such as daily activities, deliver kesahnya complained or even telling his personal life.

If you have an idol whether singers, movie player or football player and make a blog about the profiles, photos or the latest news about your idol means you fall into this category.

Finding Income
Now that he's prickly keroknya, this is the most difficult criteria to determine the theme, though we must choose one of the thousands of ideas that exist in the head, but there actually is that we must follow whichever confused. We always wanted to do what other people choose the same themes that many people do, of course legitimate, but the question is whether your ability is always the same with others.

Well ... specifically to the criteria of 'Finding Produce', I will give you some tips on choosing a theme if you want to truly make the blog as a money machine.

  1. We will determine the theme, make sure you have lots of references to themes that will be your choice.
  2. Focus on the theme of your blog only to learn a topic just like blogspot, wordpress or internet marketing learning. If you have a reference to the three topics before, then you can make 3 blogs at once for each of the topics for visitors also would prefer if we only discuss one topic in one blog. This technique will also boost your income.
  3. priority topics most widely on topics like those are not what most of you prefer. Examples such as dangdut music you like and want to write things about dangdut, if you want your blog a lot of visitors then I suggest to better choose the topic of Modern Pop Music, Boys Band or R & B. This means that here you have to choose between 'hobby or seek to channel money'. But one must still remember the points.
  4. Do not create a blog that tells about yourself if you are not the artist.
  5. Do not choose the theme of advertising such as adbrite, adsense and others as less likely visitors will click on your ad (wonder why), at least you only expect from the referral link. Not to mention if the visitor knows you put the referral link they normally would throw away the referralnya, amit not?
  6. Make sure you choose a theme that contains many elements of the text and should not rely on pictures because the text preferred by search engines. This is important because if we visited your blog via search engines, meaning they most likely are new visitors. Must you know, 10 new visitors more than 100 visitors that it-that's all. For more details about Optimizing Search Engine or commonly called SEO wait my next posting.

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