To be accepted Your Blog Paid Review Broker

To be accepted Your Blog Paid Review Broker

Once you understand the workings of Paid Review in the previous article. Questions that arise in the minds of bloggers who until now was only by the broker direject Paid Review (Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe Blogvertise or) is:

How to keep our blog received by the broker program Paid Review?

In this article I will be sharing some how I developed my blog list to the Paid Review and obtain approval from the broker Paid Review. Because of its sharing, maybe there will be little difference between my experience or other bloggers. So if my information is wrong, please corrections in the comment:)

Fundamental to a blog to be accepted by the broker Paid Reviews are varied. But can we generalisasikan as follows.

(I) Aged more than 3 months

A new domain is usually not have a lot of articles (except if it had been prepared since the beginning of the content or blog content hijack someone else: P). Search Engines are also usually less interested in the new domain, they will only index the three pages of the five articles that you write already there, and also, Google Pagerank you often still in the gray area / unranked. Therefore, blogs are still too new is usually difficult diapprove by the broker paid review. My advice, preferably within three months we maximize production and quality of writing in our blog and diligent, industrious exchange link.Dengan so, the number of pages into Google's database will also be more.

(I) indexed by Google and Dicached

To expedite this process, see my best to avoid duplicate content on your blog. Installation of a robot meta tags to index your pages also should be installed. Examples of meta tags that are used by being placed in the in your blog template is as follows:

(I) your blog is quite popular links

Traits that you are a blogger who was well known among Internet users can be measured by how many links your blog-site scattered site or another blog. Link popularity do not necessarily follow the link, a no follow links in comments field of other blogs will also increase your link popularity. Therefore, diligent-rajinlah commenting on other blogs, primarily blogs Internet Marketing or Make Money Online, blogs usually have such a good relationship with Yahoo Bots:)

(I) traffic blogs that appear 'live' / Alexa Rank high enough

A blog 'live' or said to have the reader can be judged from the amount of traffic, the indicators used were Alexa Rank, Alexa Rank actually is not even really accurate. Some of my blog who speak English are able diapprove Alexa Rank at the time of his first million. If this is the blog to learn SEO at the time of registration had three hundred thousand. Since I only speak Indonesian blogs this blog, so I can not give much input on ranking Alexa Rank of local-language blogs 'sell' in the eyes of brokers Paid Review: D There are many ways to increase blog traffic, among other well without SEO, tricks Entrecard or commenting on others blogs while to make friends among bloggers:)

In my experience, by running the steps above can deliver our blog to get the approval from the broker paid review. If no other input, I would be very happy to accept it as a material correction in this article:)

Oh, yeah, one thing to remember, to receive approval from the broker paid review is just a step to enter the paid review. After getting approval, there is still much we must do in order to receive job-jobs from the advertiser Paid Review:)
Online business is not a job last night .. so .. keep spirit

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