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You already have a blog? and from where your blog visitors to arrive? blogwalking possible as one way to bring visitors, according to Adin which is called a ball pickup trick, hehe, because we will get requests from friends behind the bloggers we've visited.

Did you know that this is not the only most powerful way to bring visitors, why? because we can only make requests or blogwalking to friends who already have a blog, though not everyone has a blog, and the number of bloggers were not as many users facebook or twitter.

So most visitors coming from Where? the answer is from the google search engine, if a fellow blogger would have visited each of the links left by other bloggers, but general users will use google as a medium to find the information we provide on our blog site.

This story, in general, people will come to your blog or website in order to seek information about something, take the example they are looking for information about selecting hosting tips for beginners and they will include tips on choosing keywords hosting for beginners to google the keyword column, then by pressing enter or browse button will display a web page or an article or blog related to that keyword, for example, click on this link

So, how do I order an article or blog pages indexed by google even we can be in the front yard?

There are several steps that can be done, and these measures are often used when following seo contest because quite potent. Here's how:

  1. Privacy Settings. For wordpress users, the location of this setting is in the settings menu>> privacy>> and select the option 'I would like to be my blog visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers'
  2. Sitemap. Some say that the google sitemap can also make it easier to find our articles, for that we can make / install it using google xml sitemap plugin.
  3. Blogwalking. The roads to other blogs while leaving a trail of links to your blog is also a very important way.
  4. Social Bookmark. The legend says that google will put an article or a page that has an important position as an article or reference pages from other sites into its search results. That is, if our articles or links we have many articles on other blog pages, then our article would be considered important, one way is to submit links to articles in social bookmarking sites, it is suggested that DoFollow. There are many social bookmarking sites, both local and foreign. To find a social bookmarking site address can be from here.

This fourth mode appears to be a mainstay seo contest participants to earn and maintain your position on google searching and proved to be very powerful

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