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Before I knew how to make money from blogs, I always hated the ads on web pages that I visit, because they often offer the goods to be purchased, whereas we are only looking for information. Recently around the beginning of 2006, I was new to the ways of monetizing our website, and my view of ads on blogs

Unfortunately, once I do not know the keywords to search for relevant information in order to make money with a web / blog, so just do not know the list of Adsense repeatedly rejected. In stark contrast to today, where so many blogs that already contains this information:)

As a media, blogs and web that contains the information could be generating money by placing ads on your blog / web. So, do not be selling our own stuff, because our job is to bring visitors to see (and if possible click) ads from ad networks (ad network) that we put on our web.

The development of advertising media on the web / blog has also been experiencing quite a lot of progress compared to the first, so do not have to form lines or banner ads, but there are also links and media buzz. Before this article make you more confused (read: bored), we see one of the methods and terms that would often we encounter when we want to monetize our blogs.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means that you will be paid if you put ads on your blog at the click of your visitors. The amount of money paid to you for each click will vary for each ad network and keywords for those ads. Example of CPC advertising programs are Google Adsense, Text Ads its AdBrite, Chitika and Bidvertiser.

CPM stands for Cost Per has Metrics. Often also described as impression-based advertising. Ads that use this method will pay you to display their ads, and the tariff is computed for each 1000 performance / impressions. One of the advertising program that uses this method is its image AdBrite ads.

Link Ads
Link Ads is an advertising program that pays you to put a link to another site. Program to this site is not too much trouble, do not take your place on the web. You just focus on building your blog or website as well as to the SEO optimization for blogs we could have enough PageRank to be accepted by the link brokers like Text Link Ads, Backlinks etc. You can also sell their own links to your site if your site has been well known and high pagerank.

Referral / Affiliate
Earn money with referral and affiliate system can be a challenge for the bloggers / webmasters. Because we only get paid if we refer customers to use services or buy products from a company. This requires a little marketing capabilities if the goods or services that you have referred quite expensive.

Media Buzz / Paid Review
Paid review program is a program that seemed very popular lately. This is due to convenience and fast payment enough. You'll get paid to create articles that refer to a single site, services or products sold by others. Even blogs pagerank 0 can join the program paid this review. Only, your blog will usually be quiet orders unless your blog has advantages in terms of the other like a high traffic or link to your site is quite popular.

After reading the above description, you might begin to ask

Choose which one?

To determine the right choice, we just adjusting to the circumstances that we have blogs. For instance we have a lot of visitors the site and have tried to install the CPC based advertising, but no one wants visitors click on our ads (usually happens on blogs are not specific theme), then we'd better count on CPM advertising.
But if you've been running your blog, and the CPC and CPM advertising revenue you are not satisfied. I think you should start optimizing your website is SEO so you can earn money from your blog via paid reviews and Link Ads. If for referral, it is strongly influenced your marketing capabilities and attractiveness of the product itself.

good luck :)

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