tricks to accelerate the increase pagerank

How do I get a drastic increase in Pagerank is only in a few months? Google pagerank drastic increase in the next PR Update? a question that is always much sought after site owner.

The answer is always hampered by a classic case, which has lots of links from other sites, or have some links from sites that have a high Pagerank.

Then the next question is how much money you spend to buy a lot of links, or buy some links on high pagerank websites? Hundreds of Thousands? Millions?

Actually there is an old-fashioned way to get those links in a way that for free, that is commenting on sites, blogs and forums that use the concept of DoFollow.
drastic increase PageRank

The above is proven effective way to give a lot of backlinks, but the problem is, how much time should you spend to comment on a blog, website or forum?

One effective way, just need to spend several hundred thousand or less than a few million (1-2 million well enough), is entered into a SEO Contest.

Make SEO contest on the blog, website or your forums. Make the contest was open to the public. In the virtual world, many bloggers are very much interested to participate in this SEO contest, because of several factors, namely gifts, try to practice the science of SEO that they have, and so forth.

Make a contest that was not difficult conditions, but a benefit to you, such as to include a backlink in the article were included in the contest, put up a banner site, blog or forum you are in their main page (sidebar pretty good)

Make the contest long enough (two to three months) and let it flow freely from their backlink to your site, blog and your forum.

This drastic increase in cases can be met on sites that had a small Pagerank (zero) to be increased drastically (PR3 - PR5) only moments after holding a contest.

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