5 Tips Free Style blog design

many people who say that blogs display monotonous and boring, and create a unique look of the blog is just a dream. And the only one who can designed website unique and attractive. In fact, only with a little imagination and creativity we can create a unique appearance and interesting blog. And our role to realize the dream. Because of a blogger not only must be good at writing, but must also be imaginative and creative intelligent design. Because of the unique themes have influence over the success of the blog itself. Because, basically, blogs have the same function and structure of the website. So, why do we let our blog with a design that was 'normal', why should we not make our blogs look unique ...? Maybe some of us replied, "Ah, it's hard ..." What's so difficult boss ..? All ga hard if we want to learn. Or maybe we are lazy to design. Now for that here I'll share some tips for making your blog look unique and interesting, and I say this is the Free Style Blog Design.

1. Open Minded.
To create a free style design, try to accept all things new. Do not be stiff, not old-fashioned, and do not shut down. See design developments around us, not only just visited the blog / web subscription which contains about blogging tips only, which people say sunda shell brackets. But our friends start to visit a blog that discusses about the design. And no less important is the visit to the web portfolio of the designer. Because the web / blogs they definitely unique and has its own artistic value. We can make them as reference designs to find the characteristic of our design styles. But remember, only limited reference and not to be copied or even claimed that the work they have created us, (our neighbors, because of that rich). You can get a lot of inspiration by browsing to the gallery of graphic designers, cartoon maker, photographer, and even blog the Bomber (graffiti maker). Note the design styles they make, you try doing that yourself and feel the life of the heart. If you feel uncomfortable, yes you terusin, but if you've lef guns and you try to find a new style. Anw, the bomber is what gives a lot of design inspiration for me, because it before diving into the blogosphere, go to the following tips ...

2. Creating and Structuring Layout Sketch
Use a pen and paper to make a sketch. Because the conventional way is the most effective. We could instantly create a sketch in the computer, but make a sketch in the paper have the comfort and freedom that can not be obtained in a computer. We can freely explore design style that we want. The first thing to difikirkan is to arrange the layout (set the layout). We imagine that the paper is a full screen view of a web browser. There we started drawing the header, determining the location of the navigation menu, main bar (for writing) and the side bar (for widgets) and footer. The tips, existing land use wisely. Do not get too much use of the widgets do not need and do not let the vacant land, redundant. We create blogs that look solid but not heavy when accessed. We can also explore the footer to get more leverage. Footer for example by dividing into three sections, and each part was we put a widget that is useful to visitors.

3. Color Selection
Color combinations used contributed to the unique look of our blog impressed. The tips, do not use standard colors. But try to use colors that are rarely used, but remember must be with the right combination and composition. Avoid using white color for the background, as it seemed stiff and regular. In addition, the use of white color for bacground in combination with black for text, it can make eyes tired easily when reading. For that use dark colors to be more visible, although the custom was impressed bleak. But, with the right combination, the use of dark colors can be impressive even interesting. But if you want to create a design with a bright color, use bright colors because it seems happy and always cheerful. This color selection is influenced by the theme of the blog you want to create. For example, if you cold make the design themes for blogs 'boy band', you can use darker colors but if you're going to make a design education themes for the blog, use bright colors to make it look exciting and not boring

4. Use Fig.
Draw pictures of the unusual. It means you do not just use pictures that have been commonly used another person. Picture here not only to beautify the themes alone, but memcakup pictures illustrate the text, or icons that you use on the blog. You can use 3D pictures, images with grunge effects, cartoon, monster, vector, or even the photograph itself. You can use any pictures, but pictures do not remember anyone else who has a copyright, can be dangerous boss ... One example of a unique blog design is the use of pictures Sandra Dewi celebrity blogs. You can see combining images with effects and vector grunge, cool right ..?

5. Use of Animation.
Animation used the blog to look more attractive and dynamic, be it for headers, navigation menus, slide images. Animation for the blog could use a flash, javascript or a gif. Not only limited to pictures only from the side, animasipun can be made for other parts, such as animated text with effect type writter, carousel recent post, or even use flash to tag cloud like wp-cumulus. You can use one of the above animation effects, or even all of you are wearing. But do not be excessive, as it can disrupt the focus of visitors to read. Instead of visitors read the blog, eh ngeliatin even cool animation. In addition, excessive use of animation can make the blog accessible to more weight.

How, enough that five tips above ...? In essence, to design a unique blog that we should dare to try something different, something new, even something strange.

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