such as whether a professional blogger?

A question often heard among the bloggers, even I often receive comments and emails with a tone similar questions. One asked about the category of professional bloggers, someone asked what if want to become professional bloggers and others. Actually this question is very difficult to answer because basically amatirnya professional and a blogger is very difficult in the identification, even I try to talk with the bloggers who are considered professionals but that they themselves do not want to admit that they've included professional category. To understand such as whether a professional blogger, below is the little instruments we can use to identify someone else or yourself.

1. Time
A good blogger would appreciate the time and will always try to spend time, not just to write an article on his blog, but many more things to do, from interacting with visitors, reply to the comments of visitors, conduct online research , gather information and or just a walk to the blog to others. It is important we do as a blogger, at least one hour per day should we set aside our time to do these things, because it would trigger a person's character to become a blogger, will trigger thoughts of someone to continue working and pouring more ideas better. Maybe by the time we started to build a blog, it very much to spend time, from determining a topic, choose the layout, add a blog facility, creating a convenient navigation and others.

2. An expert in Topic
A professional blogger must have expertise on his chosen topic. This is to create confidence in his readers, so that those who visited our blog whether it is the result of our invitation, and the search engine results due to chance, they feel curious to come back regularly reading articles that we make. Bloggers need real experts in the field, eg, he is a web designer then he should really people who are ready to field any time with whatever happens concerning web design, whether it is about new provision, whether it is related to the development of a new programming language to topic which was warmly discussed about web design. And this is the result of continuous learning at any time, in the sense we get that skill gradually from time to time with a high willingness to learn and hold on the topic of choice on the blog.

3. Liking Topics
Many people who say that "what we like, which in fact able to provide life and enjoyment in our lives", this is also true in the world of bloggers. Preference for or interest in something and something is usually going to make someone very serious in these things and was always curious to keep track of this and it was done without compulsion or even fun. This is what should be chosen to be the main topic in the blog. For example, you really like and are interested in the world of automotive engineering, then talk about things related to automotive and not too imposing to write something that does not relate to our interests and favorites. Forcing myself to make a topic that we do not like or are not interested just going to drop us in the eyes of other bloggers, this will make the reader reluctant to stop by our blog.

4. Writing skills
This also should be noted, because many bloggers who do not seem so concerned about this. Yes indeed, blogs are personal notes from someone, but why should we write diblog if it was only to be enjoyed alone or as a personal archive? If there is no relationship or intentions with others, we need not write on the blog, just in the diary book. Blogs are more than just a diary book, because the writings that we make will definitely read others. So this is where the importance of understanding the ability to write both in terms of grammar, story line gradually, easily understood by other readers and accountable. Do not let the articles that we make can only be understood by us as a writer, what about others who stop by accident or coincidence? The ability to write absolutely must be understood and controlled by a blogger, although not as good as the author or authors of the truth, but at least readers easy to understand what the purpose of which we write in our blogs.

5. Technical knowledge Blog
Blog technical knowledge is the ability to understand and memanejemen blog itself associated with basic technical blog, because blogs are software-based content management, so a blogger blog ought to master the basic of its management. As a database capability, domain transfers, scripts, plugins, et cetera. This is so not too much to spend money for repair and maintenance (maintenance and repair), other than that due to personal blog, the article should tersebutlah blog owners who must master the outside in a blog managed.

6. Blogging Knowledge
Knowledge blogging blogging with the technical knowledge that there is a strong interdependence. Like mastering trackback, ping, SEO, social bookmarking, twitter, RSS feeds, facebook, podcasts, youtube, autoresponder and other things that aim to improve the ranking of search results on search engines and other facilities to build strong and sustainable network. Surely this should be supported with technical ability in terms of installation scripts, modifications, additions and the ability of the basic things blog.

7. Blog Design Capabilities
There are some bloggers assess this is not so important, but it would be better if a blogger also has the ability to design a blog, be it in terms of unique and creative layout, page access speed, and easy navigation system for the visitors, as this would provide an attractive first impression for visitors. No need too much in terms of mastery of design blog, just basic things design techniques, such as mastering basic language of HTML, CSS and optimization blogs. But you must remember also that "content is the king" or the contents of the article is the king of all things associated with blogs. What's a good design house but it did not have anything interesting or special part of it. What lies in the character, professional or amateur bloggers.

8. Entrepreneurial spirit
Entrepreneurial ability can also be interpreted to understand the market and the needs of Internet community, this is to attract lots of visitors and sustainable. If we are sensitive to market needs internet society of course, we also easy to find topics of interest to the public Internet, so it will create a special attraction for visitors. They are the visitors will easily find a trend that is warm and the products needed and or exactly we are able to create new trends in make things interesting to discuss. Simply put a blogger must have a way of thought of business (business mindset).

9. Innovative Creative
Creative is the ability to create and or change something that is less or unattractive into something very interesting. While innovative is the ability to discover something new or interesting. Creative and innovative is something very valuable in the Internet community, the value of a blog is usually seen from both these aspects. Creative and innovative will make a blogger was able to find and create high-quality paper, will be able to find new ways to promote your blog or product, and will be able to find new ways of monetization blog.

10. Own Network
The concept is simple but is a power to increase the number of visits in the blogs under its management. A blogger must have good relationships with other bloggers or even with a more professional bloggers. This is the best technique to improve the quality of good blogs from the article, character or any number of visits. The stronger and more networks that are formed can be ascertained is slowly but surely we have entered in a proffesional blogger category. Like Ukhuwah Islamiyah Islamic concept that "break up relationship with deciding fortune ', the more relationships more and more fortune. Inshallah ... To build our network could use social networking facilities, such as twitter, facebook, mailing lists, and so forth.

11. Communication Ability
The ability to communicate is one means to strengthen the friendship among bloggers. This is very influential to the professionalism of a blogger to improve the quality of his character, whether it is the character of articles or personal character. The more fluent we communicate more easily obtain quality ideas and interesting. In addition we are able to master the native language must also master the international language, this is to build a network that not only local but regional global force. English is one international language and it would be more useful to write well with the language, so it can touch all the characters readers globally.

12. diligent writing
It does not seem so taken by the majority of bloggers are writing articles continuity. This happens because sometimes we do not find ideas that need to be written. To provoke creative ideas and innovative we are, maybe the article have been discussed [1] can generate ideas that silence becomes an article of quality. Maintain the frequency of writing on our blogs, at least one article a day, this is so that our readers are not bored and feel the need to visit our blog every day.

Of all the issues above, if we have these traits? Let us together menginstrospeksi themselves, if not today then let's start learning to be professional. There was no word late and no word can not afford, all can and should be ... Let the spirit of writing ....!!!

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