tips to improve google pagerank

Pagerank is a representation of the importance of a website by google. You can find out rank your website by downloading the google toolbar (do search "google toolbar" on

Some ways to improve PageRank:
A site with high pagerank that usually has many sites that are directed towards those sites. So a good site, for example, of course many other sites that have links to the This will increase the pagerank of The more links from other sites, Google will assume your site is increasingly important. Many parties are trying to do tricks by creating a lot of illegal links to your website. Do not do that, because google will find out sooner or later.
Make it an article or good business. When your article or your business well, will be many people who will put your website link dihalamannya voluntarily. For example if your website is no news on an artist's infidelity, then other websites will probably put your website link on their pages to tell that the news of the affair can be read on your site.
Submit your pages to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a great way to get links to your pages. Search engine directories are examples

Should always update, this is the most important.

Inserting Links in the forums, in addition to free parking in the URL, we can also get various information from others.

Much study and discussion to Blogger bloggers senior or another friend. not need to see if this blogger ato still have low PR, others provide information that is valuable for us. There is still much we do not yet know but others know about it.

There is no shame if we want to ask the Master-Master Blogger, if you do not know and want to know, what's wrong with asking, if ga answered, questions continue to Only Crying Baby Can Get The Milk (either the left or right)

Blogwalking other than to make friends, we can also see what information is given by other bloggers.

Please comment on blogs that do follow, no follow-commenting on what does not matter, if it's interesting and gives us the latest info, what's wrong.

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