Simplified Concept Advertising Publisher Business

Simplified Concept Advertising Publisher Business

Internet development has been able to change the pattern of work which can only be done once offline by leaving for an office, this is now slowly becoming obsolete. Speed Internet access more quickly make the data transfer process is shorter, the job faster and with better results as well.
The Internet makes the work more effective and efficient both in terms of time or financial terms. This makes it much simpler pattern of human thinking of doing business. If in a few decades into the backs of the workers went home from the office and be on time, wear uniforms, and others formed this regulation is becoming obsolete. A journalist should not pacing from the scene to his office just to submit the results of his work, how much time and cost?
Blog as a result of developments in information technology also experienced a shift function was merely to accommodate personal articles are now able to be a substitute for an office (virtual office) that can generate thousands and even millions of money, and for some people has become a livelihood. Please reread the article "Starting the Internet Business with Blogs" in order to understand the initial steps to start blogging. Understanding of the various types of businesses diinternet also very helpful steps to take for beginners in starting a business on the internet.

Simple concept of business ads publisher (publishing advertisements), as explained below and note the illustration image above.
There are three parts of the business ads publisher:

1. Advertiser (Advertiser)
Advertiser is one part of a series of ads publisher of business system, which consists of companies that require advertising services to introduce their product to consumers.

2. Ads Publisher (publisher of the ad)
Publisher ads served to convey information to consumers about a product. This section consists of three components, namely:

  • Advertising Agencies (Ads Agency): This is a company that collects information about your products companies in need of advertising services.
  • Internet: is the media which is a tool in the process of advertising to be able to connect between the company and ad agency intermediaries to consumers.
  • Blog: this is where the position of the bloggers who served as the trigger (trigger) in giving the description of a product, but not as a provider of product information. Blogs are within the scope of the Internet whose job it is to give certain information according to his character that bloggers are expected information created by the bloggers can provoke a product information displayed. Ad agency is owner-managed enterprises information on advertising and bloggers is a provider of space for the agents to provide information about a product to consumers. Bloggers will receive a fee in lieu of rent as agreed between the blog and blog owners and advertising agencies.

3. Consumer
This is the target market into the company's target advertisers, are expected between the consumer and the advertiser's company party transactions will occur as a result of information obtained imaged by the agent on a blog on the Internet.
Thus a simple description of the business on the internet with blogs, hoping to unlock insights to better understand the techniques of doing business on the Internet. Happy blogging ... :-)

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