SEO Tips for Beginners

The rise of the shots about exercising keywords in google seo for beginners, provides an inspiring me to just share your SEO Tips for beginners. Share sorts ranging from learn seo tips seo unity to the series that is easy to learn seo second series I've ever written. And core seo from two posts I've also outlines: D. But after I try and look again, it turns out "seo tips" was not for "newbies": D. Before reading more about posting my "seo tips for a beginner" it's good to know first what you mean SEO in wikipedia. Because it's useless to read my writing seabrek gini, if have not know the meaning of SEO aja: P. Okay father ... mother And all the viewers who are reading this blog: D. Once you understand about SEO dilanjut please read this post.

Now the best seo Tips for bloggers who are just starting in the world of blogging is as follows:

1. Give Your article title within their keywords you'd like to optimize or timbak. For instance I want to be No. 1 in the seminar's blog on new york city. Well given the title of an article just like that.

2. Make the content or the contents of the article according to your abilities. Do not plow, do not copy and paste. Original must be on the basis of your own thoughts:).

3. Revise or update your articles regularly and routinely. Suppose usually a week one time cuman ya need regular updates once a week update the article. But the best is to update your articles every day an article: D.

4. Give differentiator in any keyword or keywords in your articles. Whether it's the road to bold, giving the colors in each of the keywords that would in optimizing the search engines.

5. Search Backlink whether through free classified ads, social media, up to search blogs to the blogroll and then installed. It's up to you if only for this one: D.

As one of the builders timbak kiwod Bloggers in Indonesia: pardon:, it looks like the year 2008 it was worth it if called as a year-menimbak timbak builders. The number of SEO Blogger who specializes in the year 2007 if age could still be calculated pake fingers + toes 8 -) in the year 2008, I borrowed your fingers + toes ga mas iwan alone can make calculating the seo experts. Maybe because the team wins the race ImFreakz "Busby SEO Challenge" is a milestone earlier that the Indonesian artisans timbak not be underestimated. Well as evidence that the builders timbak could "make Indonesia proud of Indonesia." We pray alone in the contest Busby SEO Test, Indonesia timbak team can win.

Okay ga have a lot of talk and a lot of words again: D. Good luck with seo tips for beginners from me:). Seo tips above is much easier (if in my opinion) than have to love the meta tags, or other means. Welcome tried and success always.

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  • Link sudah terpasang Bos....
    I like your article and all the great tips that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out. Thanks for share the information.
    I hope you can visit my blog and give me suggestion.
    Thanks again.

    Please Cek on widget tukeran link..

  • ok thank you very much for your attention

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