5 Causes of Broken Links on the Blog

This article is related to my previous post about how to remove the broken link on his blog. If you've listened, probably still a bit confused by definition broken link. Include whatever the cause. Okay then.

Broken links can be interpreted simply as a broken link or can not find the page when we click. Usually the caption will appear in the form not found, error notes found, page not found, or a 404 not found error. Broken links / broken links can be internal (coming from our own blog) or external links (that led to your blog / other sites).

Broken link url is not limited to posting, but can also form the url category, tags, or static pages.

What are the causes of the emergence of broken links on your blog?

  • Delete posts / categories / tags / static pages that never previously published.
Especially if it has been indexed by the search engine google. Well, here's what I focus points to be eliminated in the previous article. If not we get rid of the lawyer-index of google, the page posts / categories / tags / page is still indexed on the search results within a certain timeframe.

  • Wrong Insert the url in the post or on the sidebar.
Included in the footer and menu navigation. Usually in the form of a typo, less one character / particular letter, less a slash, or even less sign of www (for the blog / site specific). This actually can be minimized by directly copying the url of the page that will be inserted / created link, and dipaste url directly into the column.

  • External links have been deleted by the owner pasted a blog / site concerned.
For example, when you never gave a link to one blog post pages / sites in your posts. Term gives trackback. Now, because of certain considerations, the page was later deleted by the owner of the blog / website. Such conditions will cause broken links on your blogs, especially your posts that contain backlinks to a page that has been removed.

  • External link pasted been inactive or suspended.
In this case if you never give a link / home page link to a blog or website. Well, apparently some time later blogs / sites are inactive, closed, or suspended. This condition will cause broken links on your blog page includes a link to your blog / site. Including into the courtyard of his posts.

  • Changes to the blog permalink structure.
Whether it's on our own blogs or on another blog permalink, where we never give backlink to one of postingnya pages. For example, when we had to make a link to a page with the old permalink structure. Now, when the page is changed by the owner permalinknya blogs / sites (with a new structure), then of course a link that we make will be broken (aka a broken link).

How to check and eliminate broken links caused by points 2,3,4 and 5?

The solution there are two, namely:

  1. using the tools talker or broken link
  2. use the help plugins broken links or broken links checker remover (special for wordpress.org users).
But I understand the first way only serves to check. Meanwhile, to remove a broken link / broken, you have to do it manually (based on the data you get from the results of checking tools).

The other can be at once meremove / remove broken links from your blog. But if both are too dependent on the plugin? :-)

To remove the broken link to point 1, please refer to the previous post.

Hopefully useful.

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