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Articles like body whose existence is absolutely necessary for the blog. Quality, quantity and frequency of bloggers in creating an article and determine whether a person successful in managing the blog (beyond mastering the techniques of optimization blog). Very fair if someone is having difficulty in finding ideas, ideas in a blog article. Planning, essence, and there are many factors that affect the quality of a blog article. And if you are including the category of bloggers who are difficult to expose yourself thinking, under this can hopefully be a reference to enrich your bloggers. Blogger Tune-Up tried to translate freely (plus additional Blogger's view Tune-Up) This article from a professional blogger, Darren Rowse Pro Blogger blog owner with the original title of the article 21 Ways to Write Posts That Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog.

Here are tips-n-tricks to write a blog article version of Darren Rowse:

  1. Write an article for the benefit of others
  2. Write the articles unique, different from other people write
  3. Write an article that is worth the latest good news or have long
  4. Write an article for the first that has not been written by someone else
  5. Write an article which makes readers become smarter
  6. Write a controversial article but it does not violate the provisions of
  7. Write an article that was based on the results of the research yourself or someone else (ofcourse as approved by the researcher)
  8. Write an article that touched the feelings of fear someone about something
  9. Write articles that could help readers in reaching the goals
  10. Write articles that could invite the reader response
  11. Write an article that touches the reader emotionally
  12. Write an article by involving the reader's emotions
  13. Write interpretation or translation of an interesting and warm story for readers
  14. Write an article or a provocative and inspiring
  15. Write an article a story that could inspire someone the way they think
  16. Write an article that is able to solve problems
  17. Write articles that funny or at least make the reader smile
  18. Write articles that could alleviate or provide reader solutions in saving money / energy
  19. Write an article that many people believed
  20. Write an article which is a reference / resource or resources
  21. Write out a cool article that invites reader click amazed

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