Blogspot Basics: Know the parts - the element of blogspot

Today I got an email from a friend who asked me about how to install widgets translator (interpreter) from Google, and he did not know that the sidebar what, where, and how to pair.

That question inspired me to create a basic tutorial blogspot is really for those of you who are still beginners. For those of you who've been blogging, please ignore this tutorial in

Blogger tips and tricks on this time, I want to explain the parts of the blogspot for you. I take it from this blog screenshoot yes.


1. Header

2. Sidebar

3. Footer


How to enter the Navigation menu:

1. By way of accessing, then you log in, then you will go straight to the navigation menu / dashboard

2. Or you can access at the top of your blog's appearance is usually already available navigation display your blog

Part - part of the dashboard:

1. To create new articles or postings, you enter the EDIT menu entries, or new entry

2. To set setinggan blogs like:

- Use of language
- The number of postings view
- Edit comments, feeds, emails, etc.

you go to the SETTINGS menu

3. To add a widget (accesories) new on your blog, like archive blog, profile, additional widgets and widget-then you go into the menu LAYOUT

In the LAYOUT menu there are several sections:

- Element page: to put a widget - a new widget widgets anda.Untuk add or remove widgets, you enter the menu her halaman.Biasa element to add a new widget, you select the menu HTML / JavaScript in the PAGE ELEMENT

- Fonts and colors: to set the paper type and color

- Edit HTML: nah this section is the place to edit the template, change the template, changing the composition of HTML code from a template, adding widgets that need special HTML settings, his example is how to create read more, and widgets like a question my friend, how to install widget translator (translator).

- Select a new template: used if you want to change your blog template to the default settings;

Well that's about significant parts of the blog you should know. I conveyed this new bit. If I could explain all of two days two nights reading nya.Saya Pegel also wrote it:)

For an explanation about the basics of the next blog, I'll explain in the next posting.

If you have any questions, please ask through the comments field. Maybe your question will inspire me for the next article.

Thank You
Happy learning ... :)

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