Textpattern is a software-based Open Source CMS, which was first written by Dean Allen. Textpattern is often equated with software to build a blog in general, although the initial goal of the Textpattern development itself is to make a CMS for general corporate purposes, which is suitable for use for various needs. Textpattern is written in the PHP programming language, and released to the public under the GNU General Public License. The current stable version is 4.0.5 software

Textpattern at first, evolved from http://textism.com site, which is the personal website of Dean Allen himself, not long after the public release was made available to the Alpha version of the software in early 2001. Waiver is accompanied by the release of a number of other beta intended for the purposes of the construction site that is more general and not just for blogging purposes only, among those there are many versions of the release of other improvements, which aims to develop the ability of Textpattern itself. In the early release of Textpattern many doubts will license selected by the builders of Textpattern, but since the 1:19 version (June 7, 2004), has changed its licensing tool Texpattern the GNU GPL.

In addition to the release of the first GPL version of Textpattern, 1:19 Gamma version eventually promoted to the public, the next version is released in September 2004, was Release Candidate for Textpattern 1.0. which according to some people it is not conventional, Texpattern continue to add capabilities before release candidates were from the version first, second and third to the public. During this change, the core team of builders, which at first consisted only of a Dean Allen, the team eventually turned into a concrete-filled by talented individuals like them is Textpattern Community Release Candidate 3 by Alex Shiels Pedro Palazón into the core team, and Sencer Yurdagül inserted as a release manager for release candidate 4.

Thus Namum fifth release candidate, a notice that there will not be added before the 1.0 release, two weeks after this, on August 14, 2005, officially stable version from the Textpattern was released. Due to the number of process additions of new capabilities, many of the previous release is stable and feels superior to the production environment, even before the candidate version 1.0, this release was finally released to the public under the name "Textpattern 4.0" rather than "Textpattern 1.0"

Textpattern offers a lot of good ability and convenience to users, site administrators and developers, such features include the following:

  1. Ease in content writing, made possible with the implementation of Textile, a method used to be able to convert pure text to HTML, this method can help a novice user to be able to write good content without having to use HTML.
  2. Ease to view a preview of the contents of which will be published along with side XHTML therein.
  3. XHTML is written in accordance with Standards-compliant and CSS that works in an extraordinary manner, and changing the layout of which was facilitated through the stylesheet.
  4. Mekanisme template berbasis tag, yang memungkinkan pembuatan blocks maupun isi beserta dengan code yang di Textpattern dikenal dengan terminologi forms, dan sistem tag builder untuk proses automasi pembentukan situs yang dibangun dengan Texppatern.
  5. The hierarchy of systems for users, allowing for the structural organization of writers, editors and publishers so that they can cooperate in the publication process.
  6. Comments system, including methods to block spam.
  7. Statistics System, which includes referrer tracking.
  8. Syndication systems, through RSS and Atom.
  9. Plugin architecture for adding features as part of the system, including administrative systems for the backend.
  10. CSS system that is integrated directly inside the editor.
  11. Link Management System that is integrated directly inside the editor.
  12. Management System that has been terintgrasi Image that can be associated with certain content
  13. File Integration Systems Management, who are integrated and able to be downloaded
  14. The separation between content and appearance of the concept of "sections" in which there are presentations and "categories" for the organization of site content.
  15. Publication UTF-8] that supports many languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, French, Italian, Germany, Czech, Japanese, Estonian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Catalan, Polish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Swedish, Icelandic, Russian and Greek (Including support for polytonic).
Unlike most blogging tools, Textpattern is not equipped with the ability to enter into Pingback. To get the skills required mengistall Trackback plugin called rpg_trackback.

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