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Blogger or Blogspot what is now familiar among bloggers. This free blog service providers are large companies that compete with Wordpress so that practically a free blog provider of best-selling number one in the world. Here's the history of Bloggers:

Blogger is actually a blog publishing system (blog publishing system) that was originally created by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999 and is a dedicated blog-publishing tool, which is applied first to help popularize the format.

In Februari2003, due to its popularity, eventually Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. The acquisition increased the premium features that previously charged, and then changed for free.

In 2004, Google introduced its new service "Picasa", ie an application for organizing and editing digital photos. This service then integrate with photo sharing utility Hello into Blogger, allowing a Blogger users to post their photographs made into a blog.

On May 9, 2004, "Blogger" redesign the main display, the various changes made in Blogger to add various features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments and posting menggunankan email.

On December 14 Agustus2006, "Blogger" launched the latest release in "beta" with code "Invader", together with the Gold release version. This makes the transfer of Blogger users to Google's servers and is accompanied with the addition of some "new features" in it.

In the month of December 2006, the latest version of Blogger is finally no longer in "beta" and the "month of May 2007", Blogger has completely moved to the Google servers.

Types of blogs

* Political Blog: About the news, politics, activist, and all the issues-based blogs (like the campaign).
* Personal Blog: Also called an online diary which contained about someone everyday experiences, complaints, poems or poetry, bad ideas, and conversations of friends.
* Stubs Blog: Blog which discusses about something, and focus on a particular discussion.
* Health Blog: More specific about health. Health blog mostly about the patients' complaints, the latest health news, information about health-ketarangan, etc..
* Blog of literature: Better known as litblog (Literary blog).
* Blog trip: Focus on the discussion of travel stories that tell the details about the trip / travel.
* Blog of research: The question of academic as the latest research news.
* Blog the law: The question of law or legal affairs; known as blawgs (Blog Laws).
* Blog the media: Focus on the discussion lies or ketidakkonsistensi mass media, usually only for a newspaper or television network
* Blog of religion: To discuss about religion
* Blog of education: Usually written by students or teachers.
* Blog of togetherness: more specific topics written by a particular group.
* Blog guide (directory): Contains hundreds of links pages.
* Blog business: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for their business promotion activities
* Blog embodiments: Focus on an object outside of human beings; like dogs
* Blog bullies (spam): Used for business promotion affiliate, also known as splogs (Spam Blogs)

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