Tips Generating more visitors to your blog

Tips Generating more visitors to your blog

tips to bring or enhance the visitors to the blog is one of the tips that have been the market today. But there is no harm in not if I give you tips that has been the market in accordance with the language and my own experience? must be donk.Hehe. tips and tricks to improve visitor of this blog and quite long because of many long explanation, so be ready ready to read koran.hehe rich aja okay now I began to explain, in essence, to bring in visitors that there are three sources of the serach engines, websites / blogs of others and memory someone. nah therefore we should optimize the three sources of traffic to our blog are as much as possible. Well here are some tips that you should try to blog more crowded and more often in the visit.

1. Use a personal domain and hosting.

Why should the hosting and private domain? because by using our private domain name can look more professional and improve quality in the eyes of search engines. domain by means of personal example be more easily and quickly indexed by google from the domain or free like then what about private hosting? Personal hosting hosting means that you lease to place your blog files, with this personal hosting you can set your blog as you like one of them is mengisntall wordpress as your blog engine, with this wordpress blog you become more powerful because wordpress is very friendly with search engines and has a lot of these plug that serves to make your blog more steady performance. other than that you can use a lot of theme or look of many choices, so your blog becomes more beautiful and make people who visit your blog addicted to visiting again.

2. Submit your blog to directories, google webmaster and add the ping server

to register your blog to directories, google webmaster and add pingserver goal is to accelerate your posts indexed by search engines, especially google, because google is the largest in the world serach engines so google is the biggest source of traffic. for information about the blog submitt to directories can be viewed on my posts namely directory submitter software there could easily submitt your blog to various directories faster. then to your google webmaster google webmaster can visit the site (just search on google address information) and then register there and upload your blog sitemap.xml in google webmaster. then that about how to add a ping server you can see in my posts indexed by google quickly by pinging the server. with you indexed by google then blogs kemungkina you to visit a lot of people are higher than the same blog was not indexed. :-)

3. Expand periodical articles and updates every day

With emphasis on articles contained in the keywords in your blog, the more effect to increase visitors, especially from search engines. deh let you see celebrities such as blogs bayumukti, teknikbisnis they have a lot of articles. but do not remember the origin copy and paste from friends or other articles, because it is lowering the quality of your blog. if a good article and a lot of people who liked it will be many who will come to the end of your blog again. many bloggers who will then invite tukeran links, etc.. it certainly will increase the number of visitors to your blog. oh yes, do update on a regular basis there is at least an additional one article each day and be consistent. do not let you in one post until 10 days after that article but you did not write the article up to 10 days, it will reduce the interest of visitors for your blog is rarely updated and also google so ama do not like your blog. :-) so you better regular post, if you have many more good articles on setting publishnya schedule. so for example arikel A in the post today, the articles B in the post tomorrow and so on. than making love to google your blog every day update will also enhance the value of your blog in the eyes of visitors because each day updates. remember do not copy and paste your better mancari ideas or materials on the internet and write in the style of your own language.

4. Make a news article about being "HOT"

a lot of internet users who search for things that are hot such as when there is news about the student who died from ospek ITB, and I tried to post on this blog and the result is quite satisfactory, there were 400 new UV that comes to my blog and all of the search engines. so make the news that was HOT. to find the news you need frequent hot sedanh frequently visited news sites such as seconds or as kaskus forum site.

5. Submitt your article to the traffic news or infogue

traffic news or social bookmarking site infogue is the best in Indonesia, with submitt your articles to it then chances are your visitors to come to your blog is wide open.

6. slipped a lot in the search keywords in each article

when you write your articles better tuck some keywords in the search for many people, suppose you create a list of articles about paypal. nah in these articles you can insert and insert many keywords such as "how to register a paypal", "how to withdraw paypal to local banks," "Purpose paypal", and others. how to find keywords to tuck it in? how is that you can think if you find something about paypal then what would you write in the seacrh engines? nah if you have found a few keywords so you can make as sebuat paragraphs. In this way effective enough to attract visitors from search engines.

7. Make your visitors hooked to come to your blog

how to make visitors come again addicted to your blog is a way to give seseuatu for them as a free ebook, free software, tips and tricks as well as business opportunities online.atau make visitors curious about our posts, so we make that post so they're curious and continued on back visit our blog. if the visitors feel comfortable then they will go back to your blog with pleasure. redeeming the blog besides wordpress themes are bright and easily readable text that visitors have no trouble reading our papers.

8. blogwalking

with blogwalking we can add a lot of friends and also link to our blog so it will be many visitors come to our blog as often we blogwalking to other blogs and leave a comment on the blog. especially if you can exchange links with other blogs will certainly further increase the traffic to your blog.

9. Make posts that are durable in a lot of people looking

maksunya is an article that every day in the search by many people and will not be timeless, as opposed to posting a longer "hot" nature moment because if the problem is solved then the declining popularity of such posts. and how the samples in the search for durable post that many people. example is the tips and tricks, a collection of software, tutorials, song mp3, and so forth.

10. Appropriate choice of theme

theme is also very determine your SEO, if you want your blog on entering by the search engines then do not use the theme that the sidebar on the left. because if there is a sidebar to the left of the search engine indexes all what is in the sidebar first, post later, it is very harmful, you might post will not be indexed. therefore use the existing sidebar to the right.

11. Link your posts to other posts.

By linking from one post to another post will be a lot of benefits, including:

a. these posts to get a free link

b. new posts or posts that will be faster in the indexed to link google

c. provide info to visitors that such posts exist

d. Let your blog pageview increase.

I am only doing 12 things at the top to attract visitors to this blog, it's results are not too many visitors to this blog. I hope the above tips and tricks to help you all, and I apologize if any errors or language that less can be understood, because I also again belajar.kalau there other tips and tricks pls share

good luck with the above tips and tricks

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