Tips n Tricks quick way to be accepted by Google Adsense

possible for all of you already know about google's adsense ... This century's most phenomenal PPC, ..
many have felt a thing about being publiser Google adsense or may be in the marketing division says the employee google
do not have a lot of this long-winded again he tipsnya

* First you must first create a blog at or, .. but in my experience that often apply in Google adsense and often rejected by the GA (google adsense), better make a blog on I do not know why, how come the same faster than the GA received by maybe because part of google corporation ...

* Second, the blog you must speak english, this is absolutely obligatory and can not bother to sue. GA Setau I have not received the Indonesian-language blogs, ...

* Third, in my experience creating blogs with the domain ". Com" faster than the accepted standard berdomain blogs like or ... if you want to buy a domain with an extra comfortable and pleasant service recomended sellers ...

* Fourth, .. make sure your posting more than 10, and your blog has been visited more than 100 visitors, ..

* Fifth, .. This is the last and most important, .. patient and remain hopeful of receiving the same GA and do not forget to stop by often doodles blog to get more tips, ..

maybe it's just this hour quick tips from me to receive the same in GA. The most important point is the number two ...

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