Understanding jQuery Accordion Effect

Understanding jQuery Accordion Effect

Tune-Up Blogger has implemented accordion effect on some articles that have been made, among others; Stock Content Accordion jQuery and jQuery Accordion Recent Posts with Thumbnail. How jQuery Accordion effects of this work? Let's discuss together so that we can better understand and more creative on our blog. Hopefully this is one lure for the Blogger Indonesia to be able to work better rather than become a blogger or bloggers retainers users of the facilities provided in an instant without understanding the performance of the written scripts (copy and paste).

Difficult, complicated and time consuming when we learn but over time all this will gradually become easier unnoticed. The important thing is we do not even think that "all this in vain" because the level of professionalism of our bloggers actually tested by time and the extent to which we want to continue to learn. Maybe bloggers are among friends who felt it was saturated with activities nge-blog or even some who feel bored with the behavior adored blogger who apparently is very difficult to share his knowledge. This is one of the blogging phenomenon Indonesia that happen around us, not least a blogger worship of other bloggers who are considered professionals but gradually what was written by blogger idol we become informed and to educate not even tend to suck. This article is only about affiliate programs for example, or something more creative to be a blogger template converter because it has a professional feel with high traffic blogs and then protect themselves without sharing their knowledge. It was their right (professional bloggers), but we as the newbie bloggers who want to learn more if they become over protective? (So the vent ... Sorry ...)
Let's go back to the material effects Accordion jQuery, but here's Tune-Up Blogger will not address to his CSS code, because CSS materials will be discussed separately.

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