Choosing the Best Modem

Choosing the Best Modem

Internet is now available everywhere, at school, college, internet rental, cafeteria, bars, hotels, government offices use both the free (free) or pay.

For a free course not as free as most people think, including me. not possible given free Internet access for granted there must be a prerequisite. Usually in a canteen for example there are banners reading Free WiFi, free of course is not for everyone but is free for visitors canteen itself so reckoning equally beneficial.

Benefits for the owner of the canteen is to provide free Internet access facility can improve its visitors canteen, as well as the visitor's own canteen, while waiting for food or drink orders, a visitor canteen can do an activity on the internet of course by obtaining a username and password from the cafeteria manager.

Little of this article is to describe the use of free internet in several major cities in Indonesia as a form of service to the consumer.

And what about home-based internet users who use the Internet connection using a modem? Where is the best modem, or modem Which of choice. Is the modem CDMA, GSM is the best?

According to my experience while using either a modem or a modem cdma gsm modem, it's about access speed depends on the speed of access are available on each modem. The greater the faster the access speed Internet access is also performed.

Problem cdma or gsm modem should have some things to consider before buying a modem cdma or gsm like.

1. Signal to access the Internet using a modem cdma. Suppose you plan to buy a modem cdma flexi cards, of which note is whether the signal is in place you simply need to access the internet.
2. Select cdma cards that match your area of residence which has the highest signal for internet usage even though there just are not disrupted disturbance.
3. Before choosing cdma or gsm card should conduct a survey of modem usage fees for each card. Surveys can be done by asking colleagues who've been using both CDMA and GSM modem or can also seek information as possible on the internet.
4. Make sure that the speed Internet access to a modem that you purchase is in conformity with what is written in such a modem box 3.6 Mbps or 7.2 Mbps.

Hopefully a bit of information from the above study Computer Science could be useful for visitors

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