In parts of the Blogger Templates

In parts of the Blogger Templates

See the picture above, this is the capture of the layout that has not been modified, there is shown in the image above is part bagianya header, sidebar and footer wrapper play.
Did you know you know about the basic parts of the layout or template blogger? especially on the default template blogger template is minima. Especially for beginner bloggers you definitely know the name confusion to the layout section and kegunaanya bloggers (yes advised beginners dong mas new name), now therefore I do not share a little knowledge for which I told you not know the basics of layout.

The composition of the blogger template as below

BODY → outer wrapper → (Header + MAIN + sidebar + footer wrapper)

BODY: It is the most basic part of the other parts, body usually meets on the blog pages from your browser and only then other parts are arranged.

Outer Wrapper: This section is where the basic parts such as headers, main-wrapper, sidebar and footer are arranged above this section

Header: The header of this place at the top of the template because it serves as an information blog that will be read by visitors such blog blog blog title and description.

MAIN wrapper: Known also as the main post wrapper area is the area in a blog posting.

Sidebar: Sidebar serves as a storage gadgets / widgets like gadget that has been provided by outside parties bloggers and bloggers who are posting his place beside the area / main wrapper.

Footer: Footer is the same way as a sidebar that is where the gadget / widget on our blog yet footer layout where the bottom section that is below the main wrapper and the sidebar.


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