Samsung N210

It seems that Samsung is still "groping" in presenting the netbook market in the first quarter of this year 2010. Section, the manufacturer from South Korea is still classified as a new player among other brands. That's why, from some of the available models, Samsung has included two series as an opener in Indonesia, N150 and N210. Given the current specification is sufficiently uniform netbook, netbook Samsung presents them with some charm to be able to attract customers.

In this series N210, Samsung relies on his physical appearance so that consumers can be impressive when first seen. One of them by covering the cover with the lid transparent acrylic material. This makes the front look shiny. The entire body of this netbook was made from solid plastic that is strong enough to hold collision / scratch your nails. My own experience proves that the body often have scratches caused netbook other objects or from falling.

Like other netbooks, Samsung brings the screen 10.1 "anti-reflection with LED lighting is bright but sparingly. Basically, the resolution offered is 1024x600 pixels. However, Samsung apparently allow you to increase the resolution up to 1152x864 pixels. However, this quantity makes the display look flat.

Samsung N210 also incorporates a lot of supporting applications, ranging from utilities, antivirus, recovery, and also guide the software or driver updates. One unique application is "Chargeable USB" which allows the USB port on the netbook act as though the gadget charger port netbook is switched off.

Another advantage is the presence of N210 package dual boot system. In addition to the default operating system (Windows 7 Starter), included also a system called Instant-on Phoenix hyperspace. This will display a fast boot applications where dealing with an Internet connection such as a browser, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Gmail, and also the file browser. You can decide where the default system that will open the first time, Windows 7 or hyperspace. This is the facility that we think the most interesting among other netbooks.

Although regarded newcomer, N210 packages that are available in black and white was regarded interesting and able to compete with other popular players. Design, comfort wear, plus a dual boot system and supporting applications to make them look cool. Good again, Samsung designed the power consumption is very frugal with the support 5900 mAh battery. For normal use only, such as typing and browsing, this device is able to last for seven hours. This operational time survive even longer if the profile is made more efficient battery (Green Mode). Even endurance N210 Samsung claims could reach 12 hours.

Not wrong if we recommend this netbook users who need to use the netbook in the long term. This includes consumers who want immediate access to the Internet without having to wait for the process of loading the operating system.

Testing Results
Besides netbooks with a large battery like the Samsung N210 (5900 mAh), there were products from MSI, the Wind U160 (5800 mAh), which is also our try. Unfortunately N210 by default only has 128 MB of graphics memory that made him less qualified to run 3DMark session.

Samsung immerse Phoenix hyperspace operating system to boot the system quickly and instantly access the Internet. The facility is very helpful you are to get to the Internet without having to go into the operating system.

With a capacity of 5900 mAh battery, a netbook can be used any longer. Consequently, the weight reached 1.34 kg. This battery mode can also be arranged separately on the operating system to suit your needs.

CyberLink YouCam With the included applications, you can record video itself in a funny style / creative.

Plus : attractive design; resolution can be improved; support diverse applications, long battery life.

Minus: The price is less competitive.

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