How To Easily Find Blogs DoFollow or nofollow

Continuing post some time ago about how to find or do follow nofollow blogs, and nofollow blogs and distinguish DoFollow, then let there an easy way friends request I present the following another way that is much more simple and easy to find DoFollow blogs.

By considering the calculation formula and attention to character google pagerank backlinks from Google and Yahoo, then it is undeniable that the backlink is the lifeblood of a blog, so benefits must be understood the more backlinks the bloggers.

Back in the context of an easier way to know untutk DoFollow blog, then how can be done is as follows:
1. Go to the blog you'd like to detection with the Mozilla Firefox browser

2. Right-click your mouse on the blog

3. Click the View Page Info

4. Next, you can see nofollow statement,

5. This blog is do follow

6. selanjutkan you please comment because backlink

7. Pick a page that has a high PR of the article.

So this post may benefit.

or if you are not sure by checking with the source of this page that you can use firefox addon mozzila easy steps:

  1. downlnload at this address
  2. install the addon in firefox mozzila
  3. Restart the browser
  4. if you already visit the page that will be in check or nofollow dofollow
  5. Right click on the blog .. if the color red means the blog is nofollow, if the color blue, hence the blog dofollow

and there are many ways to know that dofollow blog or nofollow

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