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Many do not succeed with tips tricks Integration Anchor Auto Link Pages? Actually the trick is going well with a few tries, but because the character templates or maybe something else that makes the script is not working properly, so this time we moved the position of the script and has been tested with various types of templates to work well. Please try, and if there is failure to keep your friends and please leave comments or check back if there is a possibility script script collides with other scripts, because if the script then the script clashes will weaken each other or beat it all or one of them does not work properly .

Step 1
Login to Blogger
Step 2
Go to "Layout - Edit HTML"
Step 3
Find the code below:

Step 4
Enter the code below in step 3 above code:

Step 5
Save the template


  • Change keywords with keywords that will be used
  • Change the URL in accordance with the destination URL (the URL is still an article of recommendation from our blog)
  • The above script will only run when an article in the open and will not be loaded on the main page, if you want the script to be loaded on the main page and page perartikel then dispose code below (note step 4):

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