Axioo Mimo IHT review

First look at, to be honest we were somewhat underestimated Axioo Mimo this IHT. With the casing volume 1 liter, we thought he was no more a simple desktop PC that's just the lure of the price. But after the turn, we found that this device provided an Intel Core i5 650 (two core, 3.2 GHz, 4MB L2 cache). This is quite surprising because the core i5 650 has a TDP (Thermal Design Power, or the heat that must be removed by the cooling system) of 73 watts; indicate if the processor is issuing a fairly high heat. That's why this class processors are rarely placed in a small casing like the Axioo.

We also wondered whether the casing is adequate to accommodate the "savagery" Core i5 650. The research we do with how to run a burn-in test (burdening the system with maximum load) for one hour using Everest software. From the report processor sensor, visible when the temperature reaches the maximum number of processors 70o. Given the limits on the i5 Core temperature was 72.6 o, cooling system inside the casing was apparently able to reduce heat Core i5. What also should be noted, the voice sounded softly while fans keep the system in a state of full-load.

Use of Core i5 650 processor made for ... PC performance was seen hurrying. If compared to other PC we've ever tested, the Axioo Mimo can even compete with top-class PC Gateway FX6830; at least in testing Sysmark 2007 and encoding video / audio processor that relies on speed. Unfortunately for the graphics, Mimo is still relying on the onboard graphics chip in the Core i5 650, the Intel GMA-HD-speed 733MHz. As a result, Mimo graphics performance just enough to play games lightweight class.

In terms of facilities, standards appear Mimo. On the front side you will find the DVD writers and memory card slots for CF, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MMC and SD cards. While on the rear panel, you'll find the video-out in the form of VGA and HDMI, as well as six USB ports. If you're still using a mouse / keyboard is old, has actually available port PS / 2. But since its only one port, you can only use one.

But there is one facility that stands out, namely its LCD monitors. Not just because of their large size, but also a full-HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). Picture quality is quite satisfactory, with high brightness and wide viewing angles. So if you enjoy the hobby of HD movies, this monitor can be a proper solution. Moreover, the PC is equipped with a 500GB hard drive capacity to accommodate your collection of movies and songs.


Do not judge anything from the wrappings, so the sage advice. The advice that came back to him after we tested this IHT Axioo Mimo. Although performed with a simple design, this PC's performance turned out to not be underestimated. If only more powerful graphics performance, Axioo Mimo can be a total entertainment solution for the family. (Wisnu Nugroho)

Testing Results
Actually, for processor-based testing, performance Axioo Mimo IHT classmate who uses the Gateway FX6830 Core i5-750 (4 core, 2.67 GHz). But because they still rely on the onboard graphics chip in the processor's performance is mediocre graphics.

There DVI
Mimo Axioo connections provided fairly complete, including a DVI video-out type. However for the type of keyboard and mouse PS / 2, you can only use one.

Windows Experience Index scores show number 4, which caused a lot of mediocre graphics capabilities. In fact, the ability of the processor, memory and hard drive much better.

Memory Cards
At the front there are slots for all popular memory card types, ranging from the CF, Memory Stick, SD card, until the MMC.

Plus: Compact size; 500GB hard drive; good performance.

Minus: The performance was not very good graphics.

Assessment Score
Performance: 4
Facility: 3.75
Use: 4
Price: 4.2
Total Score: 3.95

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