Tip: Creating a Wi-Fi Network

You can make your home or small office network without using access point or hub / router. Like peerto-peer network that uses the NIC on the network. Not only that, the network peer-to-peer with Wi-Fi can be done with more than two computers and with much greater speed.

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
The most important first step is to prepare your wireless network device and activate it. How to enable Wi-Fi feature on each computer quite diverse. There is a need to press a special button and then active. There is also sufficient to activate it via your Windows screen. To activate it through the monitor screen, open the Control Panel, Network Connections, the Wireless Network Connection icon, right click and select Enable. After that, right click again and select View Available Wireless Networks. If the screen there is a wireless connection available, you simply select and then press the Connect button.

2. Create Your Own Wi-Fi Network
But if Wi-Fi connection is not available, you do have to create your own. Especially at the very first computer that will be used for networking. The trick is to go to Control Panel, select Network Connection. Then on page NetworkConnection select Wireless Network Connection. Right-click and select Properties. After that, open the Wireless Network page. On this page give a check in the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings. Then press the Add button at the Prefered Networks.

3. Call connection
The second step is naming your wireless connection will be created. Connection name can be given up, typing the name of the connection made in the SSID box. If you want to have the password for this network, the options The key is provided for me automatically remove the checkmark. Then in the Network Authentication drop down menu, select Open or Shared to use network WEP key or WPA-None chose to vote using WPA network key. WPA is better, but not all devices support it. Then insert the key in Network key and Confirm column network key.

4. Give a WEP Password
If you choose to provide the password or key manually, then on the next screen you will be questioned password. When you use the password WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is no rule to use, that is only allowed 5 or 13 characters for the writing of passwords that use only one type of character. For two types of characters (numbers and letters) are only allowed as many as 10 or 26 characters. Keep in mind that the more lengthy and complex passwords, the better.

5. Give your WPA Password
You can also provide the password WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). On the use WPA password rules must be adhered to is the number of characters that can be used between 8 to 63 for one kind of characters and 64 characters for more than one type of character. Once finished, you can print this password is then used to add computers to the network later. And need to be reminded that the use WPA key is not always applicable in every computer. There are some wireless network devices that can not accept WPA key.

6. Ad Hoc
One more to be done is to make the Ad Hoc network. Ad Hoc network is a network that only connects the computer to computer without going through a hub or router as an access point. For a home wireless network or small office network is using this type. Therefore, one should not be missed is to provide a check on the option "This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network, wireless access points are not used. This option is located on the bottom of the screen Association. When finished press OK.

7. Start Create New Network
The next step is to create a new network using an existing connection. The first step in making your network simply follow the wizard is there to make normal tissue. do I go to Control Panel. Then select the Network Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions given. At the time the wizard starts, you will be asked to review the network devices that will be used. Is it complete or not. If it is complete you can continue. If not confirm in advance all the devices are mounted and installed properly.

source: PC MEDIA

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