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This blog was never follow-up paid reviews, paid reviews why should not it?? (The ideals still want this follow-up) but for the record just created yourself and friends a newbie like me before attending the program had paid any reviews. What we all need to prepare before attending this? because it certainly is not that easy to be accepted immediately and received is not necessarily dapetin waloupun nreviewnya job, and also paid this review proffesional bloggers said the same does not disenengin google ... but there is also a blog that reviews course content and pagerank still remains that much alone. This paid review tips for the newbie just ... a pro should add the suggestions and feedback

- 3 month-old blog
In his general review of real estate will be paid directly reject the new blog, it can be predictable because of the reasons blogs have not been able to still new in the feasibility test. If you're new blog its not as good in the list the first, just focus first on the content of the blog, posting at least 1x in 3 days and do not forget to search for backlinks as much - much to your blog pagerank increases.

- It's indexed by google engine
Try checking on google if your blog is already indexed by google, do I just type your blog URL ( If not you must register first to search engines. The fastest way to blog indexed by google is to register your blog to google or other search engines. Register also blog to blog directories like BlogCatalog, mybloglog, technorati, digg, dmoz, etc..

- Already have a pagerank of at least one
To succeed in the program paid review blogs usually have at least one must have a Google PageRank, the higher its PageRank value will be more and more jobs that you can review. To get your pagerank blog should have some backlinks (links that go to your blog).

- Alexa Rank 800 000 maximum
Its really fast alexa rank will increase if your blog traffic also increased, but there are rumors circulating that there are special tricks to improve alexa ranking is by installing the Alexa widget to your blog. Figures were not absolutely right, the many bloggers who blog with alexa rank register millions but still received by the broker paid review.

- Post-"google pagerank update"
If your blog's current Google PageRank is still 0 would recommend that you wait to register your blog because it is unlikely to be accepted by the broker paid review. Even if accepted will normally be a quiet job review.

- Create a fifth last post in english
In this way frankly I have never applied but in my opinion very worth a try especially to enroll in the broker paid review blog only accept english, like,, etc..

- Broker paid a good review of the liver and not arrogant
Of the many broker paid review, I think the easiest is received is, and, because of the few blogs that I sign his blog pagerank and alexa rank is still 0 it is still above some 2 jt, but been accepted and have been able to review job.

But if you are curious and want to try to sign up to the broker paid review of his best no one well, please try Monggo,,, but remember if it was rejected crude - crude but do not blame me if you expect success in the share here:),

For each broker has paid review the terms and conditions vary, if in paid reviews that one must have a pagerank of at least two, others may not.

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