Create Instant Hotspot Anywhere

Create Instant Hotspot Anywhere

Create a wireless network hotspots can now be done anytime, anywhere. The roads to the tourist attraction or hanging out in cafes, you'll now be able to share Internet access with friends.
Simply relying mobile devices owned by each, either a laptop or mobile phone. If everyone should be capitalized, usually WiFi or USB modem access, now no longer necessary. Condition, please bring Modem Router DIR-457U HSUPA myPocket G 3.75 D-Link output.

As the name implies, this one router that can function both as a modem. This tool is very easy to carry anywhere because of its physical form tiny. Dimensions 11 x 6.5 cm with a weight of just 103rd grams. D-Link router was deliberately designed so they fit into the pocket of the user.

D-Link DIR-547U to work on 3G networks and WiFi connections are supported. His download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. On the sides, there is also a SIM card slot that can be used when minimal WiFi connection.

"Not only to make wireless connections while on the go, the D-Link DIR-547U can also be useful as a storage medium thanks to the availability of an integrated microSD slot," said Desmond (Marketing Director of D-Link International Pte. Ltd.) In a press release.

D-Link DIR-547U is able to share services to 16 wireless clients, include computers, mobile phones and game consoles. About security in public areas, do not worry. You see, this device features WPA and WPA2 encryption. Sufficient durability as well as lithium-ion powered batteries that can be recharged using a USB cable.

D-Link not to mention the price for this new product. But, you can find a new existence in the market starting next September.

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