10 Tips Buying VGA Card

If we see, the development VGA graphics card or the current was so fast. Several new variants are always popping up from both ATI and Nvidia camps along with the latest teknologi2 adopted by their latest VGA. For a layman who wants to buy the VGA must be confused with VGA varian2 number offered by the various graphics card manufacturers.

1. Do not be tempted amount of memory
Buying a Radeon X1300 VGA-type card with 512Mb of memory ability is not as good when compared with type Radeon X1600 with 256Mb memory. Why? Because determining the strength is as a feature VGA Card GPU support. From some testing, VGA cards, Memory 512Mb only 256Mb jack up 10% dr

2. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
When it is hot ni VGA battle between two vendors of the ATI Radeon and NVIDIA DEFORCE. Each "product is divided into three categories namely VGA low-end, mid-end, high end. As a price comparison for VGA "low-end types can be bought with a price below a mid-end jt jt 1-2, to high-end 2 jt s dr / d 8jt. High-End Type clearly a best class yet high enough in terms of price, besides many such variants jg GT, GS, GTX, XT, and XTX who is the highest, usually distinguishing these variants of the shader level, clock speed and number of pipeline owned.

3. Clock Speed VS Pipeline
No user contemporaries saw lg dr Clock ratenya VGA only. Jg user should note is that the number of existing pipeline intramural every graphics card. Beneficial to see if the user feels a new pipeline to buy middle clas VGA & upwards. Typically middle-class graphics cards have been buried 8 to 12 pipelines. Create a class who are usually embedded flat "16 pipelines. Eminence clock speed certainly a plus tp jd if gamers want to spend some time before buying & compare between clock speed and pipeline, the user will be more fortunate. Remember this "It's better to have eight pipeline with a clock speed of 400MHz, instead of four pipelines with a 500MHz clock speed."

4. Vista & Direct3D 10
Vista includes DirectX 10, the version of Direct X. The most Anyar Direct X 10 is not alone, because the plan would be in one after another with the release of the latest version of 3D direct dr. DirectX 10 will eventually divide the functions of CPU and GPU which is more heavy workload placed on the GPU

5. Wait timeliness
NVidia & ATI jd enemies who will never stop competing. The advantage almost every 12-18 months 1x users will find the graphics card with chip "latest. Each release of the product, the graphics card vendors will include a variety of new features such as high definition video and increasing clockspeed. Make sure the user really "sure about the graphics card users who buy. Do not let the user regret, because the receipts issued is not small. If not too concerned with new products just find the old type of graphics card with a maximum work. Usually the price is quite oblique, let alone VGA coupled with the release of new models, old graphics card would drop the price.

6. No need to 5 million
GeForce 7900 GT is a graphics card Hight-end class with a price <3Jt. The most recent graphics card users who can search on a certain price ditoko 5Jt. if gamers looking for performance-price 2-3Jt, bsa users get quality graphics card. Honey money 5Jt if only used for VGA only. Users can compare the price of old & new type VGA. If indeed the price difference is not too far select the new course. But if too much why not just choose the cheap?

7. Note the Power Supply
Power Supply is the most important factor computing devices, dr. I used Power Supply is no third choice when buying a PC user. But now, because of new hardware being hectic require huge resources. For class graphics cards are usually equipped with low-end 300-350watt power supply. But mid & high clas VGA requires a minimum of 400-450 watts. Type of VGA card ATI Radeon X1900XTX Crossfire even need a minimum 550 watt power supply.

8. Select AGP or PCI Express?
PCI Express is a best choice. PCI has replaced AGP as the VGA slot who have been long enough.

9. SLI and Crossfire
Who have a more special budget can get a VGA card with 4 GPU at the same time by buying a GeForce 7950 GX2 dual-card graphics card's tough in terms of price, but satisfied in terms of quality. Mother Board Notice of GS to be consistent.
With dual-card graphics cards who want to buy there second choice is Nvidia's SLI or ATI Crossfire dr. Both graphics card vendors usually have to include the appropriate brand motherboard with a graphics card made out of the release. If confused just clay are normally written from the spec motherboard with CrossFire or SLI support or tdak. The price varied depending on the existing features on the motherboard

10. Budget mediocre with onboard VGA?
The limited budget sometimes there is no other choice. VGA onboard who have had limited ability plihan jd. To work on Word and graphics applications are quite simple. But playing games on the middle class do not expect to be comfortable. Essentially gamers should buy a new VGA Add ON with good specifications.

Material Considerations

High resolution monitor?
If your monitor's resolution is only 1024 × 768 pixels, a bit useless to buy a top-class graphics card. middle-class graphics cards such as Radeon HD2600 or GeForce 8600 to be sufficient

DirectX 9 or 10?
Though DirectX 10 based games are still rare, there is no harm in you from now on choosing a graphics card that supports DirectX 10.

It took a bundle game?
Often the price of a graphics card because of too many bundles or completeness of the included games. In fact, you may not need it. So, carefully before buying.

anyone else want to share tips about buying VGA, please comment

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