Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 7 Faster, More Stable

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 7 Faster, More Stable

The era of Windows Vista is not how much longer will passed, replaced by the more revolutionary the latest Windows, Windows 7. Microsoft introduces Windows 7 some time ago. In fact, Microsoft's focus on developing Windows every time you speed up the process from start to shut down the computer. In the comfort of your work, and Microsoft implement all the supporting factors for the computer system remains in good standing.

As far as the features of Windows 7 has the edge in to support all the input and a new taskbar that makes it easy when many of the settings window you open.

Mike Nash, corporate vice president, explained that Windows 7-focused to make sure everything you do becomes easier and all possibilities are sought to be possible. A lot of work that you accomplish so much easier and faster.

The near future, prebeta version will be distributed to developers in the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles in order to improve the final version, but limited to improvement planning features in Windows 7.

In recent days a lot of enthusiasm from those who have tried to check the new code in Windows 7 prebeta to count on the stability of the system especially once the operating system, and its performance.

Microsoft has provided a picture of Windows 7 prior to release. The past, Microsoft has included the following development features that superior advantages. With Windows 7, features include the main structure of Windows.

Microsoft to make sure Windows 7 will be much different from his performance with Windows Vista, Microsoft is making changes and trying to prioritize improvements to the lack of match (incompatible) on the system.

Nash did not say whether Microsoft would launch more than one beta version before the final launch of Windows 7. He would see the feedback from the prebeta version first.

Microsoft says Windows 7 will release three years after Vista (January 2007). However, CEO Steve Ballmer has said he wants Windows 7 to be launched next year.

The advantage of Windows 7 Beta:

* Runs faster than Vista, but still slightly slower than XP, but for the x64 version is the version of the fastest when compared to XP or Vista.
* Security feature that is really tight. If before we could force the software to be installed in Vista (because there are compatibility issues), now no longer.
* Less need hard disk space
* Better memory management
* Setting a better taskbar
* Almost all drivers for Vista can be used in Windows 7
* Help Tool is better.


* There is hardware that can be immediately recognized in Vista, but not in Windows 7 (as still in beta)
* Difficult to force software that previously could be forced installed in Vista, also installed in Windows 7

Windows 7 is already available to download from January 2008 trial and will end around August 2008.

Official Release of Windows 7 is expected late 2009 or early 2010.

If you want to try using Windows 7, preferably by using a dual boot, so you can still work and play the game on one partition of XP, with a review of Windows 7 in the other partition.

And do not replace your primary operating system to Windows 7, because surely you will be much disturbed, and Microsoft itself does not suggest.

For driver installation, you can try to use version Vistanya. If you can not, look at his site, may have no support for the Windows 7 beta.

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