choosing the right cast iron radiator

It takes a great deal of skill and experience to make cast iron radiators. These traditional radiators offer very efficient heating systems for your home and the superior quality of their engineering adds a touch of class to any room design.

Choosing Your Radiator

Cast iron radiator are becoming popular again with both traditional and modern home owners. Not only do these radiators offer an attractive feature for homes but they are also surprisingly efficient at heating interior spaces. In modern times cutting down on fuel bills is becoming very important to home owners as energy prices rise. Cast iron radiators can offer a more efficient heating option for many different types of buildings.

When you are choosing cast iron radiator you will have quite a few options such as:

* Originals – many companies specialise in refurbishing reclaimed cast iron radiators. This means you can buy original period radiators for use in your home. This is ideal if you are renovating a period property to its original style and want to make sure you have as many original features as possible. 

* Reproduction – you can now buy some excellent modern reproduction cast iron radiators. These are crafted to the same designs and specifications as the originals but are brand new. There is a lot more choice when buying reproduction radiators and you can easily have them custom made to suit your exact requirements. This can also be a much more cost effective option than using original reclaimed radiators.

* Colour – many companies are now offering some great colour options for their reproduction cast iron radiators. These can provide you with a good way to match your room design from bold, modern colours through to ‘antiqued’ effects.

* Size – you can now get cast iron radiators in a great range of different sizes. This will allow you to choose the right size to heat the type of rooms you have. You can even get some very compact designs for small bathrooms and cloakrooms. 

Modern Uses for Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators are starting to get much more popular again as a heating solution for homes. In the recent past they were largely rejected for modern homes because of their bulky design. However cast iron radiators are actually one of the most cost effective heating options for the home. Their heavy weight design is highly efficient and will heat rooms using relatively little energy. 

These days with energy prices rising and fuel supplies under threat many people are turning towards more efficient ways to heat their homes. Reproduction cast iron radiators can be run using standard boiler systems and this provides homeowners with an easy way to make their home heating more efficient. 

Many people are also coming to appreciate the classic bulky design of cast iron radiators. The timeless style of these quality pieces of engineering means that they look just as good in a modern design setting as a period one. You can now find cast iron radiators in many ultra modern homes including high-style city apartments and minimalist modern family homes.

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