How Much Storage Space Do You Need From An SD Card?

When you have a flash SD card or micro SD storage card there are various different things you can use it for. People tend though to use them for the same few select purposes which includes things like camera storage for digital cameras, mp3 players and just for transferring data between devices. A lot of people will just use one or two micro SD memory cards for this purpose and swap the data over depending on what they want to use on there - they might bring back their camera, transfer the photos over to the computer and then put their music on to listen to on their CD.

Of course to an extent the size and the type of card you need will depend on what you need it for. However, as we can confidently describe this as the main use that most people have for their SD cards, we should be able to predict how much capacity the average Joe needs for their SD card.

SD memory cards come in many different sizes and it's possible to get them as small as 128MG or as large as 64GB. A 64GB SD card then is something that will mean you can fit countless photographs on your camera, can transfer sometimes the entire contents of your computer, or can listen to your entire catalogue of albums on your MP3 player. Some people though feel that they may not need a 64GB card and might feel as though they won't be able to fill it.

When you consider the amount of data in a photograph (they are unlikely to be more than a megabyte) this means you are never likely to need even more than 2GB just for a holiday. At the same time, if you think of your CD collection, you probably don't even own 64GB worth of music. In these cases you might instead opt to go for a 32GB Micro SDHC. This will offer you half the storage but has a different advantage of being smaller and also cheaper. Others might decide to go lower still - you can get yourself a SanDisk Extreme Pro CF in a range of different capacities and that includes 16GB and lower.

However that doesn't mean you can't benefit from a larger card at all? If you have a 16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro CF then sure you will still be able to fit your whole song collection on the card. At the same time you will probably be able to take all the photos you want to on holiday. But will you be able to do both? At the same time what if you do happen to fill all of your photo slots - how frustrating would that be in the middle of a holiday? This is particularly possible if you decide you want to film video footage. Similarly you might decide you want to back up some items and still use your SD memory for filming. As such then you may be surprised at just how much space you find you do need, and even if you don't need it now, you'd probably find it to be very helpful.

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