Old software compatibility in Windows 7

We all know, almost all programs that can run on Windows XP and Vista will have no trouble if run on Windows 7. This is because Windows 7 was designed by Microsoft so that Windows users do not have to bother anymore looking for the latest version of the old software.

Even so, there is some software that runs normally on winows XP but do not go well when installed on windows 7.

If you experience this, may need to visit the website of Windows 7 Compatibility Center to find further references about the compatibility of software that you use. Other alternatives, visit the official website of the software that you use on old software availability and compatibility in Windows 7.

If you do not find the problem either from the Windows Compatibility Center official website or software, but software is still experiencing errors when run, perhaps a brief explanation below can help you solve them.

1) Use Compatibility Mode.

The first option, use the Windows XP Compatibility Mode. The trick, right click on the Short Cut software, and then click Properties. Continue to click the Compatibility tab. On the Run this program compatibility mode for, give the "check mark" in that section and select Windows XP (Service Pack that you wear). See the Properties My Computer to find out how many service packs that are used. Finally, click OK or Apply button.

2) If using Windows 7 Business or Ultimate, use the Windows Virtual PC.

Try downloading Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode and then install in your notebook or desktop PC running Windows 7. That way, a Windows XP can run on Windows 7, and of course all Windows XP can run programs without having problems.

Another function of the Virtual PC, if you have 16-bit-based programs because of its function and its benefits can not be replaced by another application, Virtual PC is able to use old programs on new computers.

3) Use a Dual Boot Windows.

Dual booting can also be an option if you want to wake up with a good software compatibility. You can still use the Windows 7 and once when switching to Windows XP if the software used is not compatible and have errors.

This option is very good for who like to experiment with Windows and increase your knowledge and experience with both operating systems.

4) Replacing the old software with new software that are different but have similar functions.

Sounds like maybe not so good, because you have to familiarize first with a new program that will be installed. But when it comes to the needs and daily activities, this option is still good enough transactions are carried out.

It is also an alternative, if you do not have a lot of "the bag" to purchase a new version of software that will be used and want to replace them with cheaper yagn software. For example, you want to change their old versions of Microsoft Office with a new version but did not have enough money to buy lisensiya. Alternatively, you can use software such as "Open Office" which can be obtained free of charge. Only need an Internet connection costs to download the application to your computer.

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