Laptop Accessories - Choosing a Wireless Mouse

Although laptops are facing some fierce competition with tablet devices, the laptop is a device that is still needed and desired by many techies and professionals. Many newer model laptops come equipped with features such as bluetooth. One accessory most laptop users can not do without is the mouse. Touch pads are of great use, but the mouse is the input device that will allow you to play games and use many programs with precision and control not offered by your built-in touch pad.

Wireless input devices such as mice offers more flexibility over your wired mouse because you don't have to get frustrated with the wire getting in your way or entangled with items or your desk. Wrapping up the mouse cord can be another annoying feature of these wired mice. For those dedicated users of technology who are using a late-model laptop, you can still enjoy the use of a mouse without the wires. In my experience, I prefer Logitech or Kensington wireless mice. When choosing to go without the wires on a mouse, I would avoid using those mice defined as micro. These small devices can be somewhat frustrating to use if you have medium to large size hands, If your hands are small or the device is for a child, then a micro wireless mouse would make sense.

Many vendors have wireless mice with micro receivers, these are a great investment because these small receivers will fit nearly flush with side of the laptop while plugged into the USB port. You can leave these micro receivers plugged into your laptop and your wireless mouse will reconnect when your laptop is powered on. When choosing your new wireless mouse for your new or older model laptop, I would recommend choosing a device that offers the micro receiver.

Remember to select a wireless mouse that feels comfortable in your hands and one that will shut off automatically when not in use for an extended period.

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