Blackberry vs iPhone vs Smartphone Android

many are wondering who among the three products that will dominate the smartphone market. Previous competition only between the Blackberry and iPhone. Maybe in terms of sales, the Blackberry is superior to the iPhone. However, after Android is present, its presence can not be denied simply harass the iPhone and Blackberry.
Many people believe that Android will be the winner, while the Blackberry would be a caretaker. Actually, not really! Why? because it is actually three different share and functionality.

Blackberry, Canadian producers is the focus of targeting their market share is among the corporates. admittedly, the Blackberry excels in security, and push mail service for mobile professionals who can and can receive hundreds or even thousands of emails in one day because it is supported by a capable server.

While the iPhone and Android is almost the same in terms of functionality. Apple's goal is for users who want a complete multimedia experience and do not want to be bothered in their use. However, in terms of innovation, it's just a variant only makes consumers can not freely choose, and only consumers who could be categorized UNCLE HUSSAIN who can afford. Not to mention, an application that can be said to be very commercial price is quite expensive. Unlike Android, which the variant is very diverse because of various hardware companies to intervene in it....

Different functionality and different markets does not mean each running on a track without a hitch. All three compete even though they are different markets. Very strong shocks felt the RIM (blakcberry). The analysts who assess business performance Research In Motion (RIM) fell below forecasts, said that the latest achievement of this BlackBerry manufacturer should be alert to problems that may befall him. 

As is known, with his BlackBerry, RIM dominates the smartphone market is recognized in corporate circles. Companies that in the first quarter of fiscal year 2012 is shipped 13.2 million BlackBerry is then increasingly broaden its appeal to consumers in a wider audience. 
But lately, RIM began to attract consumers because of cell phone difficulties, not considered 'sexy', especially when compared with its main competitor, the iPhone and Android smartphone. Analysts rate, the achievement of RIM shows how Canadian companies are struggling in competition with the iPhone and Android smartphone

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