tips for you to choose a good Android tablet PC

Android Tablet PC heat up nowadays. More than hundreds of Android Tablet PC on the market. Which one is the best for you? I can give you some suggestions.

What will you do with an Android Tablet?

This question is very important. It all depends on yourself. There are many application for Android Tablet, so it can complete many tasks. The main functions of Android Tablet are: surf internet with WIFI or 3G (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, email, etc.), watch video and listen to music, reading ebook and documents and play games. Almost all the Android Tablet have above functions.

Main specification

1. Operation system

Different version of operation system can support different function. However, many application require the system should be above Android 2.1. Therefore, at present Android 2.1 is minimum requirement. My suggestion is Android 2.2, because it can support Adobe Flash, you can watch video on a normal webpage. Android 2.3 does not have big difference with 2.2. Android 3.0 has been released, but in my opinion, it takes time to test and not stable as 2.2. (I am writing this article on April, 2011)

2. Screen Size

7 inch, 8 inch, 9.7 inch, 10 inch — small size is lighter but image is small when you watch video or webpage. Big size is heavier. It depends on yourself.

3. CPU

CPU is the most important. It decides the reflection and the price of a Tablet PC. The CPU with cortex A8 or A9 is the best at present, such as Freescale and Telechips. CPU VIA is the cheapest one. The difference of CPU can have more than US$50 difference of price. My suggestion is to take CPU with cortex A8 or A9, it works much faster.

4. RAM

RAM is another important element which decides the reflection of Tablet PC. The bigger RAM is the better reflection of Tablet PC. At this moment, 512MB is the most popular size on the market.

5. Touch screen

Resistive touch panel is more accurate when you touch a point. However, more and more manufacturer use capacitive touch panel because it is faster (no delay when you type on the keyboard) and support multi-touch. Therefore, capacitive touch panel is the better choice.

CPU, RAM and Touch screen decides the reflection of a Tablet PC. They are the most important specification when you are looking for a Tablet.

6. ROM

ROM is the memory. It is like a hard disk. So the bigger the better. But this is not very important, because you can extend the memory capacity with a TF card.

7. Camera

The camera is almost useless unless the Tablet PC is with Android 3.0 operation system (Android 3.0 supports video talk).

Main function

1. G-sensor

G-sensor is the great creation from Apple company. It becomes the basic function for all Tablet PC. With this function, you can not only rotate the picture or menu, but also play G-sensor games such as racing car etc.

2. Adobe Flash

Tablet PC which support Adobe Flash can enable you watch video on www webpage. I think you don’t wanna buy a Tablet PC and still read small webpage like in a mobile phone.

3. Multi-touch

Multi-touch is another interesting function. With this function, you can enlarge a picture or webpage or documents by your two finger. It is also another basic function for a Tablet PC.

In the end, I personnally recommend two models of Android Tablet PC for your reference —2011 New Android 2.2 OS Tablet PC with 7 Inch LCD Touchscreen and WiFi  and Newest 9.7 Inch Touch Widescreen Android 2.2 OS Tablet PC with 2.0 MP Camera They are the best China cheap Android Tablet PC at present. You can visit website to see more details.

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