68 Percent of Harmful iPhone Applications

Applications included in the category "Most Popular" and "Top Free" in the App Store.

According to recent reports about the security of the iPhone, it was revealed that most third-party applications available for iPhone-based devices is dangerous. They transmit the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) that is not encrypted can be used to steal personal information of users.

From a study of incoming applications in the category "Most Popular" and "Top Free" in the App Store, it is evident that 68 percent of software
UDID transmits the user's device. In addition, 18 percent of applications encrypt their communication so it can not know what data they share.

The findings were disclosed by Eric Smith, Network Administrator from Bucknell University who twice won the title in the arena of global security experts, DefCon.

Conclusions are drawn based on the 57 applications available for iPhone and note that personal information is sent in plain text form, the more potentially unsafe.

For information, UDID is given a unique identifier to any IOS-based devices including the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. This code is used to prevent piracy of software in the App Store.

Smith compares, UDID on IOS-based device similar to the Processor Serial Number given Intel in their Pentium 3 processor. When it was Intel's decision to invite controversy and anger from the security group. Unfortunately, similar things do not happen to Apple.

Some applications are known to transmit UDID iPhone include software from Amazon, Chase Bank, Target, and Sams Club. CBS News even more severe applications. He sent UDID its user-assigned name for the iPhone, which generally includes the original name of the owner.

"Most of the iPhone application makers to collect and store data UDID from afar, and some manufacturers also have the ability to link users UDID with original identity," said Smith. "For example, Amazon's application communicates the user's real name is logged in the form of standard text, complete with UDID, allowing Amazon and tapper UDID network easily match with the phone owner's name," he said.

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