Notebook Battery Recharging of Suitcases

This metal suitcase can be used to recharge mobile phones and notebook batteries. Understandably, solar cell panels form a cap over it.

TAIPEI, TUESDAY - IT eco-friendly on the rise. Almost no day passed without issue. Computex event in Taipei, Taiwan who had just finished this theme. In the event we can see a variety of products emerging solar power cell. Understandably its potential is quite large, especially for notebook peripherals products.

One of them offered by the Opti which is known as the product of optical drives (also used for sound cards). This company has developed into Opti-Solar and offer solar products (solar-based). One product is a suitcase that can recharge some batteries laptops, mobile phones and other portable electronics products.
Metal suitcase made by Opti-Solar consists of two main components. The top panel is a solar panel. While the base incorporate Li-Ion battery and charger.

In North America, briefcase charger will be available in the third quarter of this year. But in Indonesia, this product seems not to be marketed. Moreover, the price is quite high: U.S. $ 1,499 for a suitcase-paneled solar cell can charge up to 75 watts. Maybe we do need to wait until the price drops.

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