Fuel Cell for Notebook Power 14 Hours

Battery is something very vital in the notebook. Without batteries, the notebook is not powered (unless it is plugged grid). Therefore, this news would have been nice of notebook users who always mobile, especially the military.

UltraCell, a company in California, USA, has just introduced a mobile fuel-cell system is 25 watts which is specifically designed to supply power for notebook hardiness (ruggedized). By using a cartridge with a capacity of 250cc, XX25 cell was able to fill the notebook battery to 14 hours.

In addition to durable weight 'Battery' is about 65% lighter than regular Li-Ion Battery. Because hydrogen fuel-cell ready in XX25 is made from methanol solution with high concentration.
To generate electricity with water vapor byproduct, the fuel cell uses oxygen and hydrogen. The electric power generated will continue until the fuel source runs out.

Conversion of fuel into energy here takes place through an electrochemical process, not combustion process methanol. Therefore classified as environmentally friendly fuel cell and also not as noisy generators that are powered by gasoline.
Unfortunately, the use of methanol fuel cells is limited to military circles that use of specially designed notebooks resilient. So civilians will not enjoy it

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